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    Teen Let Dog Hump Her


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    drunk teen girl lets pet dog hump here with her panty on with her friends watching and video taping her. hope all like the video

    Uploaded by mungal · Rating: 2.8 (334 votes) · 171398 views


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    shawn2185, posted

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    054083, posted

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    michaellj1972, posted

    am so into this stuff... would love to film someone doing this

    gemini69er, posted

    i luv how they're all in on it.. naughty and i'm totally into that!

    kitten2, posted

    if anyone is in dove creek CO and has a gril dog and are willing to let me fuck her plese e-mail me at redbig10@hotmail.com im only going to be here untill friday morning.

    ghantry10, posted

    she liked it really and i think she done it again with nothing on

    horselover7654, posted

    i love to watch

    curtislong, posted

    Just some things girls do when they're alone,let's go to the next step.

    1billy4unow, posted

    nice i want to hump u like that message me james.janes13@yahoo.com

    haloface, posted


    balckburnazerty, posted

    The dog wants the pussy bad she should give it to him and stop taunting him!

    breeder09, posted

    I love it when the girls is truly enjoying her self. The quality could have been better and she could have been open for him but I enjoyed it.

    36024, posted

    nice wish that girl in the video would come to my house!

    dalilama198, posted

    sounds like a couple of older gals trying to talk the other into trying doggie sex. the mouthy one might have some experince or seen a few movies. she should have demostrated her doggie's capabilties, before trying to get a couple new gals interested. they sure are having a good time. i did like the vid.

    1robert, posted

    ya love too see her nude fucking him.... mmmamazing try spreading food on your pussy something your dog likes.

    wheelman41, posted

    should never been posted

    bigbigjohn, posted

    very lame video

    x_pac6969, posted


    hhdjhhfxcb, posted

    pretty funny

    dkmaxmax, posted

    Not sure this girl is a teen, she looks a bit older than that, but it also seems that the dog knows just too much for her not to be fucking him when they are alone. Hope she gets over her shyness and makes a video of the dog fucking and cumming in her.

    kaaty, posted

    oh what fun!!!

    kitten2, posted

    go all the way

    ellie2911, posted

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    mayadion, posted

    :>( :>(

    capricornus, posted

    pull your pants down and let the pup bust a nut

    bob_saget_bitch, posted


    Italianmeat, posted

    cute! ^_^

    kitten2, posted

    how can i get my spayed female dog to lick me? she just wont not even after masterbating

    mmmamazing, posted

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    MarnORZ, posted

    could have been better.

    simplyme1999, posted

    stupid girl should take it

    yoitsdisguy, posted

    Good start, now she just has to let him finish the job and they both will be happy...

    jardypop, posted

    the lady is quite attractive, the talk with the other between the other women in the background made the film more interesting, the partner in the woman experience was a surprising choice, usually we expect some large brute, the smaller fellow was deserving of his reward, she was dressed for the event, with her pj bottom pulled down, and a fun smile and a shyness about her, she wanted to help him get want he was after, but let him pursue it on his own, perhaps following the lead of the other women. were the encounter longer, or had it had a secound part, I would have followed on to the end.

    BECC224, posted

    This movie was the best video i have ever seen! I love the way the dog wants to fuck her and the girl is just teasing man i wish i was that dog. All in all this was an epic video i really really loved i hope i can watch more videos like this one because this one was really cool. It turned me on on the first instant i saw the dog try to hump her. Continue uploading videos because if you dont i will die . Also you should try and fix the quality of video it was good all you needed was better quality and it would had been the awesomest video ever.

    hassan777, posted

    This is a video of a young girl showing off her secret life with her dog. She lets family members or friends tape her and her little lover mess around with her clothes on. The dog trys to pull her pants down and just sits there waiting for her to help him in so you know that he has done it before. If the family is willing to watch them play around they should help her film the real deal. The person filming the video even says he can put his red rocket there and they are ok with it! Just take him on and then they will all want a turn with the little sex toy.

    misfit89, posted

    What can one say about this, not too much humping going on. three woman are involved, would have loved to have heard what was behind this scene. Liked the idea it seemed to be a joke yet the girl in the clip was not too disgusted, hence we know there is more to this on her part. I do hope there is more to be seen from this woman. one gets the idea it was done for a joke, yet none of the woman seem to be surprised by what is going on between the girl and the dog, very open minded lady's and I would love to find out where this went. how did this start? this clip shows a little about how a woman cant start joking around and taking it further, makes ones imagination grow.

    viewerforfun, posted

    Great start! The girl was drunk but not drunk enough. Her friends keep laughing and urging on the dog. The dog keeps trying to get her pants down and stick his nose and cock in her pussy and ass. She keeps pulling up her pants but the dog will have none of it. She seems to be enjoying the game and if she has a few more drinks the dog will win the struggle. I would like to see the rest of the movie and see of she drinks more and with her friends encouragement the dog mounts her and knots her

    bobawhile, posted
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