• hot teen girl play with pet dog her friend video tape her nice homemade video hope u all enjoy it hot hot hot hot hot

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    You just KNOW as soon as friend left she took off those shorts and had some fun.

    mtlgirl2meetk9, posted

    This video is a waste of time.

    Ismokeweed83, posted

    früh übst sich-hab auch schon frü die esten erfahrunegngemacht

    petfrau, posted

    very good hun . Next time take those clouths off and let him do you for real .

    houndog69, posted

    ok really why is this even up here

    mommalove15, posted

    in training

    knottyandnice, posted


    Edalmo, posted

    woulda been better with better video quality

    thundermoon99, posted

    vote poor

    Pokerkill944, posted

    What a FUCKHEAD, utter sexless dumb lamed brained fool. Pure waste of a freebee. Hidious, laughter and stupidness have nothing to do with sex. Grow up, IDIOT.

    BGoodall, posted

    This movie is stories should be on a different site

    blackjack27, posted

    foi assim que comecei a sentir tesão por cães.....

    vesati, posted

    not a good quality

    Diskret51, posted

    Wonder if she lost her k9 cherry yet?

    mehoff, posted

    You can hear a male voice at the end asking what are you doing would suggest that that person may be the father catching them.

    Quest4fun, posted

    The girls are just being silly now, but wait and see, because that dog is going to have his way with them for sure probably every day after school.

    Sandi9947, posted

    Keep your body like it is, and don't get fat like all these other fat asses on here. Can't wait to see you penetrated girl

    dogsmyfavanimal, posted

    whats up with shorts pull them off and let him have whats his

    betosal, posted

    I think jjohns right--that dog is finding the right place for his cock when he and this girl are alone, and if it's not exactly happening now it will be very shortly!! I like it lots!!!!

    kaaty, posted

    i luv it.. its how the hunger for pet sex all gets started. ^_^

    kitten2, posted

    Where's bestiality?This site is worse every time i come back , i think that the good stuff wich is in possession of these guys(petsex owners) will never be shown to us.They have it , but they don't post it , i dunno why..maybe they will ue it for an eventual future paysite.............

    Brughel, posted

    "he, he, we are so awesome, like seriously, we rock and this is so LOL..." No, you are stupid, stupid girls and this is child'd play. In no way should this clip be on a beast porn site!!!

    browneyedog, posted

    it needs to be taken off of this site.. those girls are not of age and probably didn't even want this on here.. they obviously don't even like beastiality.. it's just a joke to them

    beastialitygirl, posted

    this stuff sucks

    Brughel, posted

    You know that dogs getting some real action when she's alone.

    jjohns, posted

    bore me to death

    yoitsdisguy, posted

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    Not a very good video. The quality of the video is horrendous and there is no ACTUAL beastiality. The dog starts off by dry-humping one of the two girls while the other one film. They're both laughing as the dog furiously attempts to break the barrier that is women's shorts. The content of the video is similar to what you could find on youtube- even without the NSFW tag. The quality of the audio in the movie was quite good in comparison to its content and visual, though the laughter is a bit of a turn off. I will admit that the ending of the video with (presumably) the girls father asking what they were doing was more than mildly hilarious, however this does not make up for the rest of the film- especially when it is on a site where petsex is expected (or in this case is the name). I give this a 1/5.

    ThePhinsOdDol, posted

    two hot young teen girls start playing with the horny dog laughing the whole time letting him hump her the whole time while the other tapes it they really seem into it as hes try to push his hard dick through her shorts wish the other one tried to play with him to bad they were not really fucking and sucking him the whole time before her dad walks in to the room and ask what the hell are you doing turned me on watching this teen making her dog dry hump her i give this movies 1 hard cock up

    silvercock74, posted

    This is a good video of two, clearly inexperienced, girls. One allows the dog to mount her while the other videotapes. Clearly this is a first time thing for both of them, seeing as how the girl being mounted is still wearing most of her clothes, preventing any penetration, and from the fact that both girls are laugh hysterically through out the entire video. The reaction from both the girls and the dog shows that this is a real video of amateurs trying something new, possibly liking it. Would love to see them actually have sex with the dog in a future video.

    vellum99, posted
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