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    German Shepherd Licking Pussy


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    very nice when he licks his mistress ... her delicious pussy with that, see how she likes the warmth of your dog and I hope you all enjoy!

    Uploaded by VERMILLION · Rating: 4.3 (278 votes) · 70288 views


    You must taste like sweet cotton candy melting into his hungry mouth! That was fantastic!

    FurBella, posted

    This reminds me of my moms sheperd when I was 15, first time ever my pussy got licked. And boy could that dog lick... mmmmm. Getting so wet just thinking about it. Makes me wanna cum right now!

    DesiBitch, posted

    OMG I am now soooooooo wet!! Going to go n grab my shephard Sampson to have him do this tttttto mmmememme... uuunnggg... bbbbabbbig o comming affter watching... cccannt wait for my shshshephard.. cummm sttttatartiing toooo cumm....yyyyyess

    doplzcuminmeg, posted

    So far bravo lick on big dog lick on! :-)

    clkeatonjr, posted


    mistrezz1, posted

    i really liked this video, he was giving that clit some nice attention, very nice clit too!!!

    sdc82370, posted

    Wish that was my german sheperd, what a licker, pussy looked ripe for picking. Dog was licking deep to get all her pussy juices and I bet she was giving her load to him. You could see her pussy lips were swollen and red but that pussy was enjoying it, she was jumping and jerking when he hit the right spot. The dog had a long nose for cunt and he used her well. the movie was only a 1:05 minutes but the dog and his pussy slave was in for the long haul. All I can say it sure made me wet and I had to go get my german shepard.

    joepearl, posted

    Girls in Iowa Nebraska or Kansas message me

    doglover0869, posted


    Chanice, posted

    Very nice

    Colt45b, posted

    Man, if she would have juss stick her ass out a little an actually get on her knees, he would have knotted her very quickly... you can see he wants to pump his seed inside his women... so im kinda disapointed with her!!.. the dog juss wants to love his mate.. an she teased an denied him the whole way... Shame on her!!

    HoneyMaster, posted

    tres bon chien bien dressé j'adore faire ça

    a_lodie, posted

    He licked that shit right...damn.

    sallysuzy, posted

    I'm looking for married couples in the Los Angeles/SoCal area with K9 who are seeking a guy to fuck your wife while dog slops at it. Pics/filming welcome. Handsome, built, hung, huge loads. Hit me back and we'll do it.

    LosAngelesGuy, posted

    Hope she got her happy ending

    happieo, posted

    Very nice, wish I was her.

    626fan, posted

    I love the sounds and the red shaved pussy! mmmmm freaking hot

    smiling4mares, posted

    enter ten only

    jameswar, posted

    Very hot!

    bxboy, posted

    Luvit! That big nose rubbing her pretty clit and his huge tongue making slurping sounds were a turn on.Her cunt was so swollen and red, as if he was licking all her juices off. She was breathing hard and moaning like crazy. I wish it was me.

    mamaboots, posted

    Sexy sexy sexy :)

    rock19star, posted

    Love seeing that dog dig his tongue between those pussy lips

    Sondie, posted

    Her moans are really hot!!

    toeties, posted

    Very nicely done.

    jayko, posted

    Makes me wet, just hearing her sounds....mmmmm...and that dog's tongue, what a good boy......my pussy is wet right now...

    Islandgirl4u, posted

    Wow! If I had a dog like that I would stay at homw all day with a wet pussy ;) Anyone in FL with a wonderful dog?

    terenia, posted

    Her Liszt was ready for that tongue

    cards4567, posted

    Best I have seen yet. I know how good that must feel. I love my dog licking me. He loves that pussy.

    loveit32952, posted

    Watching that got me so so wet, brings back memories of my dog licking my sweet young pussy at 15yrs old

    Ruditrue, posted

    Very nice

    bluedestiny, posted

    What a beautiful pussy...pink and all open....and that dog a sopping u all up like bisquits and gravy....this is my first favorites and u came very close to ebony but the moans u make got me wet and I watched thus video over and over....I've never let a dog suck my pussy but after this.....I sooo want to....Mmmmmmmmmm

    bigmomma11, posted

    I wnna get in that hole

    canecavallo, posted

    Nice lick, nice pussy

    youaremalakas, posted

    Beautiful and erotic

    jonniekay, posted

    Mmmm those sweet soft moans of pleasure and lust combined with the intense licking of the pup... got me off real good :))

    DesiBitch, posted

    What a beautiful pussy. I loved the way the dog stuck his tongue deep inside her spread lips. Next time I'd like to do it for you with my tongue.

    pinkgarter, posted

    me is a gay and wnt to be fucked by a dog.

    sohailmirza, posted

    Must be a fault with the server...nothing seems to be working.

    HOLBECK, posted

    must be a server problem....i can only see a couple here and there...most arnt working......MODERATORS.....WTF

    Estiouss, posted

    LOL retarded...i cant watch anything

    MrOwnagePranks, posted

    Dang I can't see ANY movies! :(

    DoggieStyleFuck, posted

    Nice video

    abglongkatana, posted

    Nice! Please post more!

    littlemongeral, posted


    hornylady55, posted

    Thats a very well trained dog.. and I should know Ive had the pleasure of perhaps a dozen.. Not many were as good at doing it as that one is..

    Di1957, posted

    Looking for a male-female couple with k9... I love fucking cunt with a dog working its tongue on the action. HUGE cummer here. Let's do this. Los Angeles/So Cal. Handsome, built, muscular, fit/trim, and clean. Discreet.

    LosAngelesGuy, posted

    nice one i woulda love to be right up that pussy right after the dog. and licked up the rest of those juices while that dog give me my i nice job and licked the my nice orgasm all up because i got it from that sweet pissy and that soft dog dog tounge mhm

    soraaiu, posted

    Very nice..lucky dog

    runabout, posted

    ummmmmm.... nice !

    hornylady55, posted

    Nice one ....like it

    oz33oz, posted

    Now that was very hot!!

    indigo75, posted

    wow i do like watching this stuff wish i could watch it live would be amazing

    cluelessv1, posted

    Great clip....

    twister14, posted

    Well I enjoyed that, hope you were able to cumm! and thanks alot!!

    badme123, posted

    Very narrow snout on this Shepherd, but perhaps there is Collie in the mix also....'course you cannot tell because all the video is focused on is a snout with a licking tongue and a raw-meat looking gaping woman pussy.......UCKY! That gaped cavern reminds me why I have sex with bitch dogs :->

    TZwolf, posted

    Looks like he's enjoying!! Can't get my dog to do that.... maybe cause it's a female. should have got a male dog... I'm missing out :(

    Ruditrue, posted

    Hot. Handsome and hung male looking for couple with k9 who want a third to fuck her while k9 slops all all over the action. I cum HUGE loads. Let's fuck. I am looking and for real. EXPERIENCED. Husbands are encouraged to film it and take pics. SoCal area.

    LosAngelesGuy, posted

    hes all up in that fat pussy idd love ta be too

    bighoss1986, posted

    •Aluzky• Awesome, would love to be that girl, even that I'm a guy. XD

    Yesilovedogs, posted

    Fucking Hot! She has a nice fat pussy ! The dogs loves every minute of it !

    horsedick78, posted

    Fucking loved it!

    lickmegood92, posted

    that was great made me horny use to have my ex do my collie all the time now cant find anyone else to do it can anyone help me out?

    sgarrett, posted


    DogLovers101, posted

    ill bet that dogs touinge is long and goes deep would love feel in my ass

    lilcock1, posted

    mmmmmmmmm love it. i use to let my dog lick my pussy he did it over and over again every cahnce he got he would be there doing it. god i miss my dog

    gillett, posted

    Exquisite! Pure beauty! Pure perfection! Pure pleasure! 5 Stars! *****

    dirk20200, posted

    amazing ^^ this doggy likes pussy ;)

    Dastardly-Dawg, posted

    I really like your videos! Please keep them coming! ;)

    Mike2133, posted

    Wowww, that was great.. Made me want some too...

    jardypop, posted

    Excellent !! :-)

    roverover, posted

    oh yes! great red raw pussy getting licked by this attentive pooch. seems both beast and woman are into this action, well trained pet. love how he digs his tongue in to her delicious looking hole and run his long nose on her clit, must feel really good. nice short clip, aroused the hell out of me!

    browneyedog, posted

    Really enjoy it. Keep posting them video. It really turned me on to hear moaning. I was attempted to jackoff while watching this on repeat. Please post more off these thank you. you jersey man loving.i can't wait until you posted for more videos up thanks for the post and keeping adding those sexy videos. I waited to be the dog so i could be licking that pussy all day long. I alwsys wonder how they got the dog the do that. Keep posting sexy mama. You have one hot pussy. You have lucky dog. Keep posting. I love the video hot thing

    hornypadwan72, posted

    This is a very hot clip!The solf whispering done right into the microphone reveals how much she loves doggy licking.You see this beautiful pussy swell.At first you think it'll be a typical dog lick clip but as u stay with it ,because of her passionate moans .You the viewer gets drawn into the action,as this German Shepherd continues to lick her .You hear her get more and more turned on as evidenced by her passionate increased moaning.You actually feel like you are there.The clit then begins to swell.Swell it does and its a huge enormous sexy clit placed in between these beautiful pink pussy lips.A must see and watch and hear!

    coolake, posted

    The dog's big nose rubs her clit and spreads the woman's pussy lips apart. As he licks her cunt with his huge tongue it sounds like he is drinking water. Her lips and clit are red and swollen from the dogs constant lapping. The dog seems to know exactly what his mistress wants, and wants to please her. He seems to LOVE the taste of her pussy and knows just how to make her cum so he can have more pussy juice. The dog is definitely drinking all the juice from her pretty pussy. She is breathing hard moaning with pleasure. Both dog and girl enjoy themselves. I loved it. Wish it was me.

    mamaboots, posted

    At first I was shocked to think something like this could turn me on. Now I am addicted to this. I can not stop watching. It makes me so horny and wet I want to get banged by anyone or anything right now. I love the way the dog licks that pussy and I love the way that pussy blossoms, wanting more and more...I am going to approach my hubby tonight and show him this video. I know he will enjoy it as much as I do. Maybe he will let me try to get my dog to lick m like this and I am going to try this tonight. Maby I will get lucky.

    marishiavandyk, posted
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