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    My Dog Eatting My Pussy


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    mmm my dog was licking my pussy so good. shes such a good girl.. if you become a fan of mines ill upload a video of me eating her pussy

    Uploaded by DogLovers101 · Rating: 4.3 (280 votes) · 35627 views


    very nice

    thedane1, posted

    Hahah her pussy either juicy because dogs also like candies or smell of BBQ steak =D

    JoJo220, posted

    anyone near ohio wanna help a girl get her first dog fuck?

    ily6464, posted

    Great licking

    namauke, posted

    i fuck u baby

    rezaul_rm, posted

    very unstaged and the shot of just seeing her glasses is very hot

    phatcock79, posted

    I love the sounds she makes while the dog is licking her, such a turn on

    animallover1981, posted

    anniewilson, I tried to go there after seeing your ad several times. I got to 'My Dog and I.zip'. And when I tried to download it, my computer gave a virus-alarm, saying if I download it and I get a virus in my computer, it's my own fault. I was warned. So I didn't download it. I like women lying on their belly. I like looking at their cunt, while they're lying on their belly. I like fucking their cunt, while they're lying on their belly. Another angle I like, is seeing them from below. Lying on the ground and them standing straddling me. Or to take pics like that from below. Beautiful cuntpics you can get that way. Hardly see them made like that. Not even 10 (different) times out of all the billions of pics, that were made from naked women. I am a homophobe and I have an aversion against men. I don't like to see men in pics with women. That's why I like to see women and animals alone in a clip. As soon as there's a man there, I don't like it. I'm like: wtf is he doing there? Just let him fuck off. The clip can be made without him. And often it is so. Sometimes she needs help. Like keeping the dog on top of her. And then he can help. But does he? No-o-o-o-o! Well wtf is he doing there? Just being macho? 'Hey, that's my woman!' So? Most women are a man's woman. They're not all Macho. Thank shit. Enough said. I like this woman lying on her belly and the dog licking her from behind. I like the audio. Her sighing and the dog's lapping and slurping. The way, she's lying there with her head and her fine ass in the air. Well, not really a fine ass. It's a bit pointy. But maybe it's just the angle. Mine is like that too. Maybe that's why I don't like it. I don't like mine either. And she is beautiful and got nice hips. animalpsychologist.

    cleclego, posted

    That dog has a cold nose.....I don't!

    resther, posted

    awesome vid, VERY hot!!! i wish i got to see her cum...

    doggy1234512345, posted

    Longer movie plzzzzzzzz ! Loved the moaning ! Great although short !

    WOW2009, posted

    On another note more related to the video. I enjoy the angle a lot, because you get to know what's going on back there, while it still leaves something to the imagination. About the description, you say that you'd like to "see more from this user in the future." Does that mean you got this video from somewhere else? And if so, where?

    KittyLicks, posted

    I love this video...makes me wish I were her. It just needs to be longer. Or have a loop button. This site should add a loop button to it's videos.

    KittyLicks, posted


    tyty0608, posted

    very good video,love the way she's got her ass up to him,wish we could see it from that angle...the way a woman's presents herself is always a good indication she's gonna get a good licking or a good fuck...please post more of you...love it...

    twelveinchfeet, posted

    she need to turn around for the dog to lick the pussy clean

    sexynegar, posted

    i'd lick her pussy too

    megaan38, posted

    i'd lick that dumb bitches pussy clean too

    hornydog6910, posted

    yup, hot all around

    hornydog6910, posted

    I liked this one. Looks like she's really enjoying it. I would have like to see more of her face. Video quality is good.

    hedbngr666, posted

    Damn, she's hot.

    steekee9, posted

    Never thought i'd be jealous of a dog! Love it,

    samualj, posted

    i would love to eat that girl out :P mmm tasty

    pieguy555, posted

    God i would lick you out aswell mmmmm

    keith962, posted

    Such a knotty girl...luv watching her get licked out :)

    oregonpetsex, posted


    gwenwalker69, posted

    กะจอก ไม่เป็นตาสีแตก

    santo_tep, posted

    very nice.

    1of13c, posted

    I love this shit :D" I wish to see more stuff like this... maybe full penetration too...

    canecavallo, posted

    Now I know it's not much of a clip as far as long, but I realy like it a lot I wish more girls would do simple little movies of a dog behind them with a shot of their face just getting eaten, love the sound too so natural no back round noises just her getting excited ,reacting to the licking love it all they have to do now is make it longer,make her cum once or twice ya can't you just see it

    mcnesby, posted

    great would of liked a little more face though

    clitnipper, posted

    Good girl. love to see more x

    Belinda402007, posted

    Why does the title say "MY dog eating MY pussy"?

    dude7198, posted

    Excellent video, I found it very sexy, probably because it is natural and unstaged.

    paulo100, posted

    Love the moaning! Plez post more, maybe show that snout in your snatch!

    littlemongeral, posted

    I do hope they enjoyed each other..I sure did!

    resther, posted

    whew, that was way beyond cute, sexy and arousing. wow, what a good licking pooch and the young girl surely enjoyed having it lapping at her backdoor while on cam. would love to see more of this hot pair, all kinds of positions. what a very good, awesome, short clip! why i come to this site

    browneyedog, posted

    this short (but sweet) clip was worth my time, just to listen to her very enthusiastic moans of pleasure. you don't find that very often...one can only hope to view more from this attractive playmate!

    deexx, posted

    You don't need that dog, hunny. I will lick you longer and better

    mordick, posted

    Again ???

    VERMILLION, posted

    Pretty cool!

    blackcaesar0169, posted

    I like it. The girl look hot. Cute little dog too.

    jim_41_70, posted

    sound like u hving a great timne like see the dog lickin your wet pussyy

    lilcock1, posted

    OK but to short and needs better camera angle, would like to see a little more of everything we got to see a little of dear! But give you an A for effort :)

    bigdog49, posted

    Exquisite! 5 Stars! ***** More, please!

    dirk20200, posted

    That was soooo hot. Love your glasses and ass. I wanna see more. Also show your feet.

    cofers, posted

    This video was pretty good.It sure did get me horny.I can tell the girl and dog have done this before.The lil buddy seems to enjoy her wet pussy very well.She also seems to love her k-9 eating out her pussy as she raised her pussy in the air and moaned like never before.By her moaning you can tell she was starting to get wet and more wet.If the vid was longer I know we would've witnessed the dog fucking her.I can tell this is a regular thing for her because she lays in the bed naked and apparently lets her dog roam around and if the dog finds the soft treasure he will go for it with his tongue and make it as wet as possible.

    paradox1282, posted

    i luv this video... its so perverted... i luv the fact shes on her tummy with her ass and tight young pussy are wide open, u can tell shes trying to be so quiet so her parents cant hear shes about to have her first orgasm being licked by her dog. oh so hot! i luv the way she starts pulling her ass up so that the dog can twirl and tickle that virgin clit.i laid there watching this video over and over again playing with my pussy, i wish i could be that dog and suck and lick her pussy... im so wet right thinking of this video, i wish i would of thought of doing this when i was a horny teenage girl.

    sexygirl209, posted

    very good movie the girl is looking very cute and horny if she get licked by the dog but the movie what a marvalous movie all the sceanes from the dog ramed up to the hilt till the girl squirts at the end it isatotal turn on, it got my attention straight away with the dog panting like a champion & the giel moaning with delight till the bloke fingering her till she squirts her load was pure magic highly recomend thi movieb what a marvalous movie all the sceanes from the dog ramed up to the hilt till the girl squirts at the end it isatotal turn on, it got my attention straight away with the dog panting like a champion & the giel moaning with delight till the bloke fingering her till she squirts her load was pure magic highly recomend thi movie

    hatcherderian, posted

    first off i love the title "My dog eating My pussy" i love it.. that right away got my attention. second the girl is fucking hott! i love the glasses and what an angle!! by far the best angle iv seen of a girls pussy getting licked by a dog! i wish the dog would have mounted her in the video! or if she would have squirted in the dogs face! keep up the good work girl and i hope to c more videos of u and ur dog! also if she wouldve been more vocal for the veiwer it would have been hotter and i would like to see her tits next time as well!

    stephangut, posted

    This is an amazing short video. Just a pretty girl enjoying the wide tounge play of her dog. What i like about this is its so natural and sexy. She is recording the video herself which in my opinion is a million times better than any production film becuase you know it is just her doing what she enjoys. The angle is perfect!. Lying on her stomach, pants off with her great bum slightly lifted in the air and and the dog positioned behind her licking her pussy and ass. I can't even begin to imagine the sensation she is feeling. Wish the video was longer but i'm very thankful for what i got. 9 out of 10.

    Hamerman99, posted

    There is no doubt she and the dog have done this before. If it's possible, these two have real sexual chemistry together. I love how much she is into it and how you can hear the dog lapping at her pussy. Her moaning only makes it hotter. The only thing that would have made this hotter is if she would have cum on camera. Would love to see more of this hookup and wonder if the dog does more than lick her pussy. It leaves you thinking the dog mounts her and finishes the job. Definitely give this a four star rating. I hope this woman has more experiences that she posts.

    MrUpNorth, posted

    1 it wasnt that great, you couldnt see the dog actually eating her pussy. 2 the camera view wouldnt let you see her face eithe. Was a very short video nothing to really draw you into the video, yes the name draws your attention at first, but after that u get to the video u wont wanna watch the first 2 seconds all in all I give it a 2 out of 10!! And the girl moaning i dont know but to me that seamed fake. And like ive said before the camera angle was horrid you cant actuatty see the dog eating her pussy out and when u first turn it on u dont know whats going on at first that bad of quality, view. Like I said 2 out of 10!!!!!

    Jlc1992, posted

    nice vids! cute girl! i really like to see how she enjoys it! i love her moaning! i wish i could lick her then let my dog fuck her! she really seems to like it alot! i have tried to get licked once. it felt so great! it was at a friends place he didn't find out. i wish i had my own dog!! i wuld let it lick me every day!! i dont know if i dare to let him fuck me.. dam this vid made me sp wet and horny!! i wanna get licked rght now! doet it hurt a bit to be fucked by a dog?

    sofusbi, posted

    The first few moments are kinda sucky because you can barely see the girl, but it's a great video. The dog seems to be having the time of its canine life and the woman is having a great time. I also love the fact it has a webcam feel to it. The woman in the video is really good looking, which gives you some bonus points, and the audio is perfect quality. The only things that I can think of that would make this better would be if the dog just jumped on that pussy, instead of just eating it. But in the end overall it was great video for how short it was.

    dramaqueen2, posted

    the title says it all very hot young girl loven her dog lickn her tight young pussy , you can tell tht she is really into it in this one with all that sexy moaning going on very hot video i would love to join her and her dog sometime for some playtime again very hot to watch love it i would like to see more of this girl with the dog and see some close up action going on the best would be a facial or that dog cock being sucked or even better deeptroated mmmmmmmm hellz yeah or a body cumshot cant wait to see more

    dezzz420, posted

    I'd love to be there right then, getting horny just watching it lick out her sweet core, she's also really attractive. so i'm really jealous right now, that dog is getting all the fun. you can even hear her start to moan! which is a great turn on. it a shame you cant see her face though, i'd have loved to see her moan into the camera or bite her lip! or maybe a close up of what the dog was doing to her, but besides that for a free movie clip its a pretty good viewing of her

    princesssfifi, posted

    I really enjoyed this video because it didn't seemed staged and the sound was on so we heard her enjoying what was going on. the position that her body was in allowed us to see her in a sexy pose while hiding her identity which is really hot to me. I would really really like to she more from this user and her wonder dog again. She has obviously trained this pet to give her what she likes and she really seemed to enjoy it which made watching her that much more fun for me and other users i'm sure. The fact that it also seems like she just went into her room and shut the door quickly and all alone with rover because she had to have her pussy liked right then and there made it that much hotter. overall this video is great.

    kmoney1, posted

    One of the best clips in a while. Although you cant see what the dog is doing, you can obviously tell this girl is totally loving it. That raspy tongue going soo fast over her clit and between her wet lips, im sure she would cum hard. I often wonder how a cute girl like this realised she wanted her dog to lick her like that.Maybe one day just siting around in her panties and he satarted sniffing, either way a moaning girl like that is great. Only thing that would be better if my cock was in her mouth as she was having this done to her..Awesome clip

    ducatiaus, posted

    I really liked this movie, it was so down to earth and great vs some of the ones that seem pretty staged. You can tell she just wanted it and it felt good,and decent quality to boot. Overall I think this is one of the better movies, would be good if you could see more of the action, but that doesn't change that it is still great. I also found the girl in the video a lot more relate able because of the fact that it seemed so un staged Would really love to see more from this user in the future.

    bbygurl88, posted
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