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    Bitch Licks Pussy


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    A nice plump woman decides to enjoy her dog while she's alone. The dog seems to really enjoy licking up her juices too! mmh listen to the wounder sounds as the dock licks deep into her wet pussy

    Uploaded by maduraelorith · Rating: 3.3 (171 votes) · 27428 views


    She;s not moaning because she keeps moving the stupid camera. BORING

    peepeelick, posted

    shes not moaning because she is dreaming about eating more food!

    Spinelli69, posted

    Suche im Raum Bayern/Tirol gleichgesinnte Tierhalter und Bauern. Bin 24, habe 19*5,5, große Eier mit viel Saft und bin für alles offen. Meldet euch.

    chang1, posted

    how is she not moaning and squealing?? if i had a dog licking at my little pussy i would be cumming all over his face

    yourmammaaaa, posted

    Mmm looks and sounds yummy, love how when she spread her pussy open the dog dove right in and didn't stop.

    GSD777, posted

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    michaellj1972, posted

    that was nice im a BBW that would love to get licked like that

    xts3000, posted

    id love to find some with male dogs or horse or female horse that they would let me play with any age any looks male or female owner michaellj1972@yahoo

    michaellj1972, posted

    please let me lick you like that please

    suckmycock87, posted

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    BlackBiTop, posted

    Straight couple in the NJ area. My girlfriend wants to watch me have my first time with an animal. We can come to you. Message me if you can help! :)

    topshelf, posted

    nice licker

    ms.nasty, posted

    wery wery biuuuuti leydi mmmmmmmmm super plis kontakt jamil5@onet,pl

    tadek1699, posted

    Very nice licking! Starts a bit bad video wise, but after thins settle down, it's quite nice! I love sharing stories about animal sex, so if you would like to email or chat, my email is junglejohn295@yahoo.com.

    junglejohn, posted

    18 y/o black guy here any girls out their watching want to trade pics, cam or talk dirty msg me

    animalfucker23, posted

    pretty cool to see video.

    samsonsam123, posted


    SnuggleWuggle, posted

    loves ur fat juicy pussy and the sounds of licking and of ur wet pussy

    oocumoo, posted

    wooooooooow thats awesome

    erie1974, posted

    good licking

    akaxora, posted

    It's a nice pussy, but also too much close-up. And that was some nice licking from the dog. hope you have lots of more fun with him licking you. animalpsychologist.

    cleclego, posted

    Fuck me!! thats fucking hott!!... Love her dog no tasty treats needed here.. her dog obviously loves the taste of her owner..

    FlickLickMyClit, posted

    was das wohl für ein Gefühl ist? Ich hätte bischen Angst, einen Hund an meine Muschi zu lassen. Dauert sicher lange, bis man seinen Hund soweit hat.

    kidpussy, posted

    I wish, I had a tongue like that dog. Or better yet, like a giraffe. Then I could shove it in a cunt. Any cunt. animalpsycologist.

    cleclego, posted

    I'll tell 'ya what. This bitch can lick her pussy while I lick HER little bitch pussy :-> I love the sound of a dog enjoying her human partner, and girl-on-girl action between a human and a dog is kinda rare. Goes to show that butter, sauce, ect. is not needed when you and your dog are connected! And I know these two are because the dog is quite old by the looks.

    TZwolf, posted

    she probably smells like a fish left out in the sun for 3 days, dogs dig that

    tones, posted

    that was so hot that now i m very horny

    inuyasha86, posted

    you ca see the dogs really enjoying that

    weekes, posted

    nice licks pussy

    akaxora, posted

    and just to make it know, i like some bbws but for some reason this bitch is just gross, nice big clit but just something about her turns me way, way, way off...

    browneyedog, posted

    no reason not to do this. especially if your body looks like an unmolded lump of clay and your fingers like sausages. probably really hard to get a person to...

    browneyedog, posted

    Some horny girls out here? Add me if you wanna cam! :) hornydutchdude@hotmail.com

    dentamana, posted

    what a person won't do to be there licking a long side the dog, why should the dog have all the fun let me have a taste i'll even throw in a big bone.

    chessrocks, posted

    her big horny clit loves it

    strays, posted

    I'd love to be in the dogs place !

    dogboone, posted

    This bitch is well trained, its hard not cum instantly as she laps up that pussy, licking up tjat cum as it oozes out, mmm i want to get in that pussy too, im jealous....that pussy looks so sweet and jussy and that dog keeps licking! Nice , chubby, plumb lady with a big fat pussy, listen closely to the sound as her bitch licks that clit over and over...i miagine sticking my tongue in it, tasting it...best clip i have seen in awhile, the dog just does not stop, 2:23 thats when the bitch goes for her pussy hole , drinking up that cumlisten to her moan quietly as she trys to fight it.

    buggie20, posted

    I just love this movie, There is nothing better than waching a dog that loves to lick pussy and and owner who reall seems to enjoy herself. The only think that would have made this movie better would have been if the beautiful and plup woman would have expressed her enjoyment through moaning. I love the way she would prop up the camera so she can use both hands to sread her yummy wet pussy open so the dog can lick right in the clit area. Thats what lets me know how much this chick enjoys her clit being licked by a obeying dog. All in all a very good movie. I have watched it about eight times already ha ha.

    molly321, posted
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