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    Horny Babysitter 1 (Webcam)


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    A video of a girl fucking a dog. There are peneration and the girl really seems to be enoying it to the end. The quality is not great but it is really watchable.

    Uploaded by xaragon · Rating: 4.2 (954 votes) · 90275 views


    good girl

    whsepop, posted

    great pussy. it´s my dream for fisting !!

    viancaro, posted

    I want in on that... I'd like her to "babysit" for me!

    KennyCopafiel, posted

    I loved watching her fuck that huge red dog cock! The sound of her cum-filled pussy as well her moans were so hot! Got very wet watching this video! Anyone have a dog that would fuck my wet pussy?

    lynn7272, posted

    wow great clip, would lve this to be me x

    shygirl1985, posted

    love this video. anyone know if theres more of her and where it came from?

    getcrunk15106, posted

    She looks so young.......and delicious!! pedrodick61@yahoo.ca

    666pedro666, posted

    looking for female that loves big dogs and would like to play

    henchman71, posted

    add Vampirebloodspill@yahoo.com if you have a dog and would like to recieve a blowjob while the little doggie fucks me ;)

    Darlingkitty, posted

    babysit my dick c:

    chuckygal6969, posted

    id love that dogs cock up my arse n cumming up me

    doglover696c, posted

    This is so fucking hot! Anyone near Nassau County, NY who has a dog to fuck me should get at me ;) You can vid and watch!

    Kinkychick313, posted

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    maryam_maryam, posted

    dog cock is more important than the baby at the moment it seems

    diesel19531, posted

    very hot wish i was the dog

    nelogoneykid, posted

    Omg!!! The baby is in the room with her while shes doing this!!! Instantly blew my load!!!!

    666pedro666, posted

    she can babysit for me anytimeshe likes :-) bring the pooch to :-)

    gemini69er, posted

    pretty well-endowed for such a small dog. what a lucky dog at that.

    mike99_5, posted


    ZEUS2105419, posted

    if anybody in melbourne fl. has a well endowed dog or pony. and wouldn't mind me haveing sex with them please message me. ps i wouldn't mind being recorded.

    boatman6969, posted

    Any girls masturbating message me. Wen i was a kid my sister use to suk me off

    oocumoo, posted

    WOW i wish i had a babysitter like her id love to watch and help her get off id really love to eat her sweet juicy pussy before during and after the dog knotted in her pussy michaellj1972@yahoo.com if any 1 wants to chat and trade pixs

    michaellj1972, posted

    This is one of the hottest videos on here. A horny young girl eager to taker a dog cock, and loving it.

    abcd1986, posted

    Damn.... That's HOT!!

    Crazy1469, posted

    hot horny little cunt!

    eatmypussydaddy, posted

    i love it its the best i have seen

    sexfreek25, posted

    wow she was so hot would love to chat with any of u women out there,, i saw some of ur comments,, wowwww,, made me so hard ,, and this girl was hottttttttttttt

    dapiggy, posted

    I don't know if that was mom or the baby sitter.But one thing is for certain...after he smelled that pussy he took care of it missionary style and she loved it and you could tell the way she held him in her wet pussy!

    breeder09, posted

    love it, where can i find a girl into that..

    auzstar, posted

    I'd love to have that dog fuck my ass.

    adminasst1, posted

    Was there a baby there? Because if you're seriously fucking a dog, rather than taking care of a baby, you are sick. I approve of bestiality completely, but children come before sexual pleasures.

    Shadows124, posted

    i love this babysitter she is hot !!

    arh1tony, posted

    Wow, I let my friend dog licked my pussy once and that was one of the best orgasms ever. However, in a few days I am getting a large dog and would love to train him to fuck me...I am horny in anticipation. Any ideas?

    vivalafrida, posted

    One of the hottest flicks I have seen. If it were less grainy it would be over the 5 mark. Big dick on little dog. Chick noisy when coming, Made my dick hard!!

    nativeiowan, posted

    I adore this great clip. Young horny girl loves that beagle`s hard cock!!

    jayko, posted

    very very nice, she looks like a great babysitter. i would love to see more.

    lastatnbarbie, posted

    i want a little doggy dick to hump now my pussys throbbing :(

    mwd68, posted

    Damn it girls that made me hard!! I dont think that that was there first time at it,they knew what they was going to do!!! Fuck the shit out of each other,and did!!! Very hot clip!!!!!

    ydal, posted

    That was hot! That little guy was hung and that sweet young pussy took him knot and all of that cock,great hot flik!

    breeder09, posted

    This was so fucking hot!!!! She rode that doggie cock good and loved every stroke!! Got my pussy wet and twitching wishing I could babysit at that house next!!! :)

    missi35, posted

    i had a little dog to lick my pussy once and it was the best oral i had ever gotten... after watching this, i wish i had fucked him now...

    iwanna23, posted

    Ah see, that's hot. Proves it's not about how big the dog is. I'd like to see more vidoes with smaller dogs. Five stars....

    croke, posted

    mmm, she fucked that dog real good! I hope she got a nice load of cum at the end, she deserved it.

    marelover2000, posted

    We need more from our little baby sitter, she's hot!!!!!

    rightcoast, posted

    She can't get enough of his big cock ! Good babysitter !

    mehoff, posted

    Disturbed motherfuckers.

    loki3404, posted


    MR_MAXMAN, posted


    ming2211, posted

    i'll say it again. Homemade is just better. This was hot. My pussy go soaked listening her enjoy it. He moans excited me. i'm ready to touch my wet pussy until I cum

    texme713, posted

    That is sooooo hot!!! I can see the knot so good, i haven't fucked a dog before, my dog when i was about 13 i used to take in the bathroom and spread my cunt iwth peanut butter and get her to lick...and come with her tongue deep inside me...god it was kinky and i tho;ugt i was very depraved, like no-one else would ever be doing it..god was i wrong!! (In so many ways!!)...sometines i would finger her pussy, but i don't know what i would have done if she had a cock..and a knot..i probably would have lost my virgiity to a hound, then...god i want a dog between my thights now and i really want to feel a knot up my pussy...anyone got one for lend?!!..You can watch!

    pussywillow69, posted

    It awesome the girl know what she want's and she can fuck the dog without any man to see her fucking with the dog.

    samsonsam123, posted

    agreed, hearing the kid in the background made me instantly soaked. wonder if he/she was watching the action?

    concave_scream, posted


    ballsblue, posted

    wow good looking girl and so hot she really wanted his cock

    billymean, posted

    Mmmm very hot, made my pussy wet

    gabriele40, posted

    what a sexy horny nasty girl. love it!!

    charmingpets, posted

    I love watching this video...hearing the girl get off by fucking the dog with his huge cock and knot made my pussy so wet! I wish I was her! And what made me even wetter...was hearing the kid in the background. Anyone in north carolina got a k9 companion that could help make my fantasy a reality?

    lynn7272, posted

    this is the best of all time

    villain99, posted

    Loved this, nice young hot pussy getting filled full of hot puppy cum and she enjoyed every drop!!!! Good girl!!! You made my pussy as wet as yours!!!

    missi35, posted

    this is really hot. any girls masturbating? inbox me

    oocumoo, posted

    Love the bit where you hear child in back ground go girl wish I knew where you are .I have a bulldog you can have a go with

    alanjohn, posted

    Very Good I would like to be a member of her webcam

    BUTTMAN257, posted

    Now this young lady knows how to enjoy the good things..

    lab2go, posted

    Loved watching the cum drip from her beautiful pussy.

    wineman123, posted

    Always so hot and welcomed to see a beautiful woman satisfying her needs!

    breeder09, posted

    Great video, just needed to be sharper imaging!

    Roadstar2003, posted

    This is so hot! Even though the video isnt the clearest, the audio rocks. That is a well-hung beagle...he fills her horny teenage cunt well. The kid will hafta wait until his horny sitter cums on the nice doggys cock! lmao!

    jayko, posted

    She seems pretty young, perhaps less than 18 years old.

    DaddyDJ, posted

    I love horny babysitters;)

    Bigjohn232323, posted

    that's pretty amazing... hard to say if she just likes dogs or is just that damn horny, either way, i envy that dog. and damn, he looks pretty big for no bigger than he is

    mike99_5, posted

    Wow, I really wished she had the camera in a good angle as the dog was fucking her. But, to be honest I couldn't contain my load when she started dildo-dogging herself and making those sounds. Such a nice vid.

    slice0man, posted

    that dog can fuck

    mac248, posted

    Great action. Good sound. This girl has a career! Did you see where see could view the video live and adjusted for better view? Everyone should use it!

    Lilith1, posted

    any girls masturbating? inbox me

    oocumoo, posted

    looking for people from new brunswick canada for some fun male or female

    steviet136, posted

    Very nice he took care of business right away! I love the way she tilted her pelvis back to accomodate all of him in her hungry pussy.Vey vey nice!

    breeder09, posted

    Bowwowwowwow! Exquisite! The hottest ever! She's hot! More, please!

    dirk20200, posted

    Loved the movie, Thats one hot babysitter!!! I wish I had a babysitter like that. A few pics stored in a safe place and I'd have her right where I wanted Hee!! Hee! I bet she'd do anything so her parents would not be told or see the pics. Of course, I'd get her to entertain the dog, wife and me very often. Would love to see MORE!!!

    momdaddog, posted

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    rolrex, posted

    And that people is the way it is done Very very good hot video Thanks for sharing

    fidos_ladi, posted

    very hot

    pal4u, posted

    Stacy from UCLA webcam girl , great job , i wish i was there

    MG1487, posted

    my wife fuck r dog all the time and love it

    imskul, posted

    awesome !!

    kitty777, posted

    a hot porno

    johnnypotsmoke, posted

    A horny babysitter with no regard for the dog, just as long as she feels good and can get an orgasm. FUCK the dog and FUCK, what the dog wants. He needs to feel good, because she stuck his dick in her cunt. And her cunt is like heaven. So the dog needs to feel like he's in (doggy)heaven. That the dog does not feel, like he's in heavenOr that the dog does not like, what she's doing, does not occur to her. If the dog cannot do it himself, he doesn't like it. He only likes, what he can do himself. And... when being held behind his knot. That is what cunts are supposed to do. animalpsychologist.

    cleclego, posted

    The video was good I could see pretty much everything that was in front of the camera. The girl liked it and the dog was patient... He knew what he was about too get... lucky dog! Anyways good clip thanks for posting.

    bluedestiny, posted

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    rolrex, posted

    wow such a hot video..

    ryanslarge2, posted

    the doggie got lucky heheeeee :)

    lilbeaver, posted

    wow.. that poor lil dog..

    FlickLickMyClit, posted

    ja der clip ist ja richtig geil

    Omafan43, posted

    It's a horny scene! animalpsycologist.

    cleclego, posted

    defo need to meet women like this where the hell are you!!!!!!

    fuzzy55, posted

    This is one of the very best clips on all PetSex. Thanks!

    pullatrain, posted

    Omg. this is the same girl and dog in my favourite all time clip of her being licked by the dog! she absolutely loved it in that clip evidenced by the fact her little pussy was gaping open! I always wanted to see her fukn the dog and now with the free bonus film my wish has accidentally come true! I wish i could see more clips of her!

    dogfan31, posted

    now that is some good action, beagles tend to have thick pricks, you can pretty much see how stretched out she is towards the end, very wet too. i loved how the pooch mostly acted on his own once she got him into place. ha ha if this really is the babysitter she has spent many hours "working" with this dog on the clock, when the kiddos are asleep. good stuff i'd say!

    browneyedog, posted

    I wrote a review of more than 100 words on this very very hot movie when it was in the free bonus area before and my review was never posted I just wanted to let you know that and wondered if this happens to others who want to compliment on fine videos

    fidos_ladi, posted

    mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm oh yes

    lillyfrench, posted

    hell if i was her would hv let him lick me more 1st lol

    lilcock1, posted

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    NowOrNever, posted

    She seems to have gotten what she wanted,,,,Sure think she fucked that dog before.....GOOD BOY!

    resther, posted

    mmmm so hard over her

    lorpy, posted

    She can come babysit me any time! She didn't want to let that cock leave her pussy!;)

    mehoff, posted

    Shit! This is some horny shit. It made me beat my meat! Made me cum! animalpsychologist.

    cleclego, posted

    delicious passionate womam.

    digitallover, posted

    Only gets good half way through when one finally gets to see the penetration. Too bad it's very pixelized and a bit dark.

    jackf9, posted

    lame!!!!! cant hardley see nething wish he woulda licked her longer

    sinderella69420, posted

    It amazes me he big these dogs are. They are as big as some humans.

    jennygartha, posted

    that pup one horny dog good stuff got me hard

    damtrav, posted

    I am a CD and when I was young I would babysit and suck all the dogs off.I love to get them off and suck their cum mmm To see a girl do it is even more exciting mmmm LouiseCD

    Louisecd, posted

    This is awesomely hot! I want to hire her, lol.

    jayko, posted

    Wow. This is a very hot video. I got horny when the girl is moaning by lust.

    zoodom, posted

    Wow that was extremely hot! still cant wait for my wife to do this !

    jrob918, posted

    That is hot! I wish my babysitter was that fun

    anaconda76, posted

    thats very hot!Thanks

    colorado1, posted

    totally kool!

    kitten2, posted

    mmmmm sooo hot, love it

    oldman60, posted

    this is amazing

    BiGaMale, posted

    wow now thats hot

    dunlop123, posted

    The parents coming home would have sent this scene into the stratosphere , clearly not her first rodeo.More face - time would have also been a great enhancement.Will the first ever alien/human sex video ever show up here? who knows, maybe it already has.My most cum erupting video I have seen here was the extended director's cut version of"Us Girl Gets Licked" pickup a fifth of scotch, an 8 ball, and put the video on loop for an evening, WOOHOO!............anyway, as that man of many words Aero23 said, and I quote. CockDog CockDog CockDog CockDog CockDog CockDog CockDog CockDog CockDog CockDog CockDog CockDog CockDog CockDog CockDog CockDog CockDog CockDog CockDog CockCockDog CockDog CockDog CockDog CockDog CockDog Cock

    tones, posted

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    viancaro, posted

    Very awesome! Love this session with dog on girl. This one is the best fuck scene! I have came to this over and over and wished I could watch and fuck this beautiful, young pussy. The young woman is so very aroused and positions the little dog who is just loving plowing her cunt. Then she uses the hard dog cock to fuck herself to oblivion. Good sound as she reaches orgasm. Would love to see more of her in the doggy style position. Also, would be great to see the girl's face and tits as well. A close up of her swollen clit would be a good sight at the beginning of the licking scene too.

    zooless, posted

    AWSOME , what can I say ? just totaly F---ing AWSOME . The girl is gorgious ( what we could see of her , would love to see a lot more ) the little beatle is cute as hell and oh my god what a cock and knot for such a little dog . I loved the way she let him lick her and took him in the misionary position ( some how that is always hotter than seeing a girl and dog doing it " doggy " Only sugestions I could make is maby let us see the girls face more ( espachly when she is cuming , which she obviously did , no way she could have faked that ) and maby she could give him some head next time . All in all it is one of the greatest videos I ever saw . Plese, please , plese make us a sequil

    houndog69, posted

    The title "Horny Babysitter" isn't fully correct as the babysitter isn't the only thing horny. This video opens with the lovely lady sitting down and with her cunt spread wide for us to see and for that doggy to enjoy. She is obviously wet and the lapping noises of that rough dog tongue eating her wet pussy out prove how horny she is. But that dog-licking action doesn't last for long as she is so horny she needs that doggy cock inside of her. She helps him up and he humps hard, knowing what he wants the instantly he's over her. He penetrates her slick pussy with ease and fucks her hard. The woman gets over-whelmed and falls back, letting her doggy fuck that knot into her. Soon, that knot is too big to fit in her pussy but that doesn't stop her as she brings the dog and her pussy skillfully closer to the camera for our view pleasure. She grabs him by the base and fucks his cock, riding him upwards and using his cock like a dildo. Moans from both the dog and babysitter can be heard during this hot mess of love. Definitely worth cumming to.

    Epic111, posted

    holly crap this was awsome girls watch this.this is how it is down this has to be the greatest movie ive seen in a long time the both enjoyed it i liked the part were they were tied even though it was a little hard to see this clip is definatly a 10 does not get any better then this u can tell the girl was loving it and didnt want it to stop.i hope she makes some more movies.i hope she gets to babysit alot her and that dog are great toghter.the dog has a big dick and her pussy is so pink and wet.u can babysit for me anytime

    steviet136, posted

    This is hot! The woman invites the dog between her spread legs to lick on her moist pussy lips. But her temperature rises rapidly; we soon find her ready to be penetrated and pulling the dog on top of her. As they fuck in missionary position, the woman is constantly repositioning her body for deeper penetration, her hand reaching to pull the dog further into her wet, sucking hole. The dog is reasonably well-endowed and the woman has an attractive body. While she doesn't show her face, her moaning sounds clearly indicate her enjoyment; the dog also required no prompting. I would have liked to see her face and to have seen her suck the dog's dick; nevertheless, I think this is a very good effort.

    thurmond, posted

    Very good. got me nice and wet. She is hot and the dog was nice and hard with it. She obviously knew what she was doing. More videos like this should be posted from other angles. I agree with all of the other comments. I can cum from this video over and over but others would be nice. I think this should get an awesome rating. Mmm. Yes. My pussy is nice and hot and wet now. I wish I had a dick in it to thrust inside me until I came as hard as she did. Nice dog. Very good breed for fucking. Anyone know what kind it is?

    kwoww, posted

    great show its starts out a bit rough but ends great!!! The babe is compleatly ready for dog dick and she knows how to get it. She is very experienced. i wish it showed her body and face more, but had some very nice shoots. I would defently pass this video around it is worth watching over and over. I would like to find more videos of her anyone know where they might be? I like this type of videos, web cams cause its reall girls at home having a great time, not that i dont like the produced movies its just something about a cam movie that "real"

    joecards54, posted

    This is one of the very best clips on PetSex. The video quality is standard webcam. But, the audio and content is over the top! It shows a girl with a dog who mounts her missionary style. The dog is very enthusiastic, and appears to have been down this road before. The dog fucks the girl hard and she slides around so that you get not only a view of his back as he humps her, but then from the side as he keeps thrusting away. The action is realistic, and you can hear the sloshing of his cock in her pussy with all the cum. AWESOME! She cries out in pleasure - not fake at all - and then he apparently ties with the girl. The dog stays in her wet cunt while she tries to get him out. Finally, he pops out - juicy. This is a great clip that encompasses most of what we come to see here! I could watch this again and again, and so will you!

    pullatrain, posted

    One of the best videos that i have seen in a long time as soon as she pulled the dog up to her he just went to town kind of made me wish that i was that lucky dog it looks like he has done that before. I wish that she would have had a full body shot that would have just been the best end to the video. I wish she would have used the same view for the whole video it would have been nice to see that dog pumping away in that sweet little hole it looked so nice when she played with it.

    jokerjoe, posted

    very good movie. The babysitter has a really nice ass and pussy. The knot is going in and out at times. A very hot video to watch. It made me cum again and again. I would love to see a longer version of this with a cum shot at the end. The girls nice ass and pussy make up for any lack of a cum shot. She looks as tho she is really enjoying the dog cock sliding in and out of her hot shaved pussy. This video is a real turn on. I could watch it over and over until my cock is so sore i cant touch it anymore.

    hivedlikehoney2, posted

    If you have a dog, chances are he is practically your best friend already. He is more loyal than any man, and loves you completely, unlike many men. He doesn't talk back or argue, and he's always there for you. Why not take it a step further and let him become your sexual lover? Male dogs are naturally horny practically all the time, so helping him relieve some sexual frustration is just a demonstration of your love for him (and a lot of fun for you)! Unlike men, dogs are almost always ready to have sex when you want to, they won't tell all their friends about your experience together (and who cares if they do?), they can't expose you to AIDS or other sexual diseases, and, perhaps best of all, they can't get you pregnant

    carmen1, posted

    That was one of the best videos I have yet to see on this site. The lady and her dog are very experienced at it and it is obviously not their first time. I loved the way she moved her ass pushing up when she needed to so she could get all of the doggy inside that sweet little pussy and the doggy stayed right with her to give it all to her. I loved the way she kept putting his knot back in her when he would slip out because her pussy was so full of his cum. I loved it as much as she obviously did This video gets a 10+ for my rating

    fidos_ladi, posted

    Thought the video was well done good quality and sound. LOVED the camera angles except they kinda went out of the picture a little in the beginning. Maybe would have liked to see a different position or the dog eating her out longer sort of just jumped right into things. But not complaining still a very hot video. Really turned me on when she was moaning out of pure pleasure because the dog was deep in her. Would have loved to see some oral from her. She really is babysitting cause it sounded like you could hear a baby crying in the background. Overall good video. Hope to see more from this horny babysitter.

    mhiggins, posted

    Fucking great!!!Good Job girl...Nice keep it good!!Try it with a bigger dog cock.Such a beastiality bitch.You are very horny.Doggy be good!Next time try to make a better audio.Fuck.You have made a choice.Dog Cock,Dog Cock, Dog Cock,Dog CockDog CockDog CockDog CockDog CockDog CockDog CockDog CockDog CockDog CockDog CockDog CockDog CockDog CockDog CockDog CockDog CockDog CockDog CockDog CockDog CockDog CockDog CockDog CockDog Cock Dog CockDog CockDog CockDog CockDog CockDog CockDog CockDog CockDog Dog CockDog CockDog CockDog CockDog CockDog CockDog CockDog CockDog CockDog CockDog CockDog CockDog CockDog CockDog CockDog CockDog CockDog CockDog CockDog CockDog CockDog CockDog CockDog CockDog CockDog CockDog CockDog CockDog CockDog CockDog CockDog CockDog CockDog CockDog CockDog CockDog CockDog CockDog CockDog CockDog CockDog CockDog CockDog CockDog CockDog CockDog CockDog CockDog CockCockDog CockDog CockDog CockDog CockDog CockDog Cock

    Aero23, posted

    i actually saw a small part of this on another site but i sure am glad i found the whole thing here! the visually quality isn't amazing but you can still see everything going on, and whats going on is great! the girl looks and sounds like she's younger (18-25), the sounds she makes, her squeals and moans are so HOT, and towards the end you can hear her and the doggy's juices going. and you can totally see the knot popping in and out of her tight pussy throughout the whole vid :-) this is a top 10 amateur favorite of mine.

    alwaysabigdog, posted
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