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    Woman Takes Horse Cock


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    We see a woman with her hands against a wall and sticking her ass out. A stallion comes over and after several attempts, manages to fully mount her and begins plunging his cock as far up into the woman's pussy as he can. Finally, the horse cums. This is real bestiality, because both parties are into it. Using a dog or horse cock as a dildo is molestiality (see what I did there?), not bestiality.

    Uploaded by johnnyjohnboy · Rating: 4.6 (437 votes) · 46049 views


    nice video she took it like a champ that pussy was gaped open after that

    shawn2185, posted

    If only ALL of that horse semen had jetted up into her ravaged pussy....

    jayko, posted

    Le aloI'd sure like to have a couple of those Hot Loads deep inside y hungry Man pussy !!! I know that !!!! But who the Fuck am I kidding !! Let alone a horse ap !! sorry about the poor spelling folks

    Openmindedguy, posted

    I'd sure like to have a couple of those Hot Loads deep inside y hungry Man pussy !!! I know that !!!! But who the Fuck am I kidding !! Hell I can't even find an owner that will share his experienced male K9 with me !!! : (( let allow a horse !

    Openmindedguy, posted

    I love watching his huge cock jump and pulse while its buried up in her guts!

    jayko, posted

    Sooooo hot! Wish the quality was better, but everything about this vid was amazing. She took the whole cock up to the medial ring causing the stallion to pump a large load in her. The close up shows the stallion pumping his cum multiple times, just wish he stayed inside to finish filling her instead of wasting his cum all over the floor.

    hefadog77, posted


    mybigauntylover, posted

    loved the view of the horses cock pumping its load

    hefadog77, posted

    this is real and awesome! great ig cock and lots of cum!!!!

    jayko, posted

    very good indeed,wish he had cum in you,to see him drip out of your very well used cunt:-)

    shaker69, posted

    there are a bunch of these on BF Struppi and another woman have some of the best woman/horse clips ever. Struppi is the camman, he fucks them with his partner welsh poney!

    beastsexbill, posted

    kuken satt fint i fittan

    A-Z07, posted

    I love this one. This is exactly what I was looking for when I came to this site.

    homevet, posted

    I love those sexy stockings!

    Prasak, posted

    I love the way you can see the cock pulsate cum inside her for so long time. Guess it has been a while since this horse last has fucked. So much cum!

    Dk-Animallover, posted


    tlaide123, posted

    Why was movie cut? See write up!

    RoboRoberto, posted

    fucking awesome and the rating above is absolutely correct. I would so love to see more of her hot videos as she is beautiful and so sexy exciting;) Thanks!!

    CherriesD, posted

    she has a big pussy....

    Zekeweed, posted

    God i so wish this big cock was pounding my male ass right now this girl is so damn lucky!!!!

    horselover192, posted

    Holy shit.

    da_mutz2000, posted

    this is an amazing video

    grizz2009, posted

    To "ou81288"; damned right about the retarded cameraman; but he could NOT BE HANGED by his own dick......his nickname around his regular hangouts is probably 'stubby' or 'pinhead'. BTW, you can catch this same clip on '3animalsextube.com/videos/pony-enjoys-slave-pussy/'.

    Carstairs, posted


    paulbaby_01, posted

    Super Movie ! I Love IT

    Animalsexlove, posted

    OMFG!!!! I so could NOT take a cock that size inside of me!! BUT the idea of all that cum all over me, OMG!!!

    gwenwalker69, posted

    Good film

    Russellb, posted


    ciombe, posted

    damn i wish i was her

    mydogeatsme69, posted

    it was just so hot love the cum

    stevesick, posted

    loved it.. horse exploded in her pussy, wish i was there.

    jhock56, posted

    super minihorse cum

    Humboldt, posted

    wish i was there to drink that and eat her used pussy!

    butterrick, posted

    loved it....perfect...awesome clip...I'm sure most of us imagine/fantasize this is how it would happen...

    Gandolph70, posted

    yeah thats good

    Aerohorse, posted

    Nice clip, good detail and content. Fun to watch.

    hardflare, posted

    definately one of my favorites wow. need to see more of this big woman and her horse

    tonloc173, posted

    i saw this clip a few years ago, allegedly the woman filmed here died of massive internal injury.

    serise, posted

    Is that what you call open for inspection?

    bredmare, posted

    Awesome fucking movie. Would love to be mounted like that!!!

    mrsbiggirl, posted

    Why didn't they keep his dick inside her just a little longer so we could watch The Best Creampie Ever? :'(

    sexyjenny16, posted

    That was one of the best fucks i have ever seen on here. I loved watching the cum running threw his cock and pulse with every squirt. I could watch her go threw that every day of my life and still get aroused every time. Thank you.

    jamieboxer, posted

    QUICK stop filming the biggest creampie ever ASAP so you can watch a horse cock go limp. Fucking retarded cameraman, go hang yourself by your own dick and spin.

    ou81288, posted

    Marvellous, and clear evidence that when physically possible sex with animals is normal,natural and enjoyable to both species,

    delille, posted

    no to jest to!! VERY GOOD

    dyzioanimalsex, posted

    WOW! Thank you very much! I love your clip ;) Hopeing to see more of you in the future hun!

    mehoff, posted

    superfemei.net for you

    ciombe, posted

    aaaaaaa wat een heerlijk geil wijf is dat en wat een lekkere geile hengstige kut heeft die merrie

    janwillem, posted

    je l'ai revue encore

    a_lodie, posted

    One of the best horse-woman fuck clips ever. Real penetration, gallons of REAL come, right out of her cunt and his cock, and a wet, gaping, stretched, dripping pussy. It doesn't get any better. I'd love to take sloppy seconds. I have to jerk off right now. Gonna come like that horse.

    heiferboy62, posted

    quelle bonne baise j'aime j'adore

    a_lodie, posted

    omg i got to try that

    pinkcunt, posted


    steelernation, posted


    Bigbear2000, posted

    awesome want more pliz

    totopapi, posted

    Wow, she got demolished xD

    gearbox, posted

    The best part is that the girl won't become pregnant!

    dude7198, posted

    If I went to all the fun of letting horse fucked I would want all that cum to stay deep inside me for as long as possible.

    BiJack55, posted

    i would say shes experenced the horse is deffinatly trained well and they were both into it as everyone who viewed it was great camskills and lighting 100% great would love to see more Dickhead01

    dickhead01, posted

    This has pirated from Beast.com

    nedkelly, posted

    wow..ces hot....il en avait du jus..hum...moig au quebec

    Nickstfelicien, posted

    OMG!!!!!!!!!! I would love to feel that big horse cock up my wet pussy,that is one lucky girl.

    k9kim, posted

    •Aluzky• I'm reporting this video, I know for sure the video is copyrighted, clearly you blurred the part where it says "Not to be uploaded in other sites" PS: You are a thief and an ass hole.

    Yesilovedogs, posted

    I can cum over and over to this clip.......awesome

    riderbass, posted

    Awesome vid! "stuppi" why not tell us the website or repost original vid? appreciate you making it and it really is top notch

    216dog, posted

    loved the vid alot. loved all of the cum that came out of her pussy when he pulled out.

    bestialitylove1, posted

    This is me, "Struppi" - beleive it or not! And as I did this movie, I have to tell you, "johnnyjohnboy", it is people like u why "we" wonna share any furture footage with da masses! I gave some edited inserts into this flik just to make sure it will not be stolen by any other (pay-)sites (like it happens usually). You did blure the site name we were releasing! On one hand I´m happy our work pleases u, but on the other hand I´m most pissed off having u to flitch my work! So, be happy with all da left comments, BUT u can be assured: No new stuff will be released by me ever! Many people will be thankfull with u....

    Struppi_, posted


    vespamanfred, posted

    all i know is i've seen this one before and still can't believe how loose and deep this sluts pussy is. she could certainly take a couple fists up there and maybe even a few feet! quite the short clip, like dogs better but this is still something good.

    browneyedog, posted

    wow fuckin lucky girl, i wuld hav swapped places wiv her!

    bootedskinhead, posted

    this is what we need more of,so horny.

    lookerlooking, posted


    bigarse, posted

    HOLY HORSE COCKS! She was braced and ready for him and the pony walks upand after a little guidance he's fucking her pussy! Love when he cums deepin her and fills her to the hilt as he blasts her cervix with his seed !!!!!!!! Loved seeing the aftermath and his cum dripping out of her;)

    mehoff, posted

    geil das brauche ich auch im loch

    dirk2305, posted

    einfach nur "GEIL!"

    PinkSheep, posted


    xashx, posted

    wow soooooooooo wish that was me being pumped any one got a pony 4 me plzzzz

    lesley, posted

    Sehr geil!! Aber nicht ganz ungefährlich, wenn der hengst zu tief eindringt ist es für die frau nicht mehr so schön ;>)

    capricornus, posted

    Hell Yeah! Bring him in there again!

    stangin, posted

    WOW that stud gave her what she wanted and maybe even just a little more? Very hot clip made me so hard! Just wish he hadn't pulled out till he had pumped all his load in her but very good clip thanks for sharing with us! LOVED IT!!! :)

    bigdog49, posted

    That was so fucking hot, definitely a bonus that both were into it, along with a gaping cunt dripping with a fresh load of horse cum :) would've loved to have it afterwords

    Agog89, posted

    Totally agree with the original description/review. If the animal is not into it or is being forced, it is a complete turn off. This is willingness, and that is appealing.

    achangeofmagic, posted

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    MissHoe, posted

    i loved this movie, its so rare that you see a horse really monting a woman, they are almose all using the horse cock as a sex toy, \not so hear , hear you see the woman waiting for her mount in sexy hold ups, then you can hear the horse being lead in( a nice touch) wow then up he goes and slipps his whopper deep inside her , she moans as he diggs in deep, this is a deep moan as she takes what he gives, you can see close up how big and harg he is, when he has had his way he slipps his cock out of her and you see just what she was moaning for , wow what a big lad, he leaves her girlie parts so big yu can see inside her, she will have o be serviced by horses as no man could fill her pussy in the same was as her stud, wow what a movie

    chrisoz, posted

    This would have to be one of the most awesome clips I've ever seen on here,the woman and the horse were both clearly enjoying it the sound and picture quality were great I loved the way that the camera angles captured all the action and you could see how much of the horses cock was in her pussy she was clearly getting off on having such a huge cock inside her as you could tell by her moans of pleasure, you could see how much of his cock that she had in her when he cums and his cock and flare come out of her pussy as well as a lot of cum I loved the way you could see the cum dripping off his cock as it goes back in after he had finished and the after shot of the woman still bent over in position with his cum still dripping out of her pussy and down her legs you could see just how much he had cum in the final shot as the camera moves back and you see it all over the floor I'd really have to give this clip 5 stars.To sum it up in two words "FUCKING AWESOME!" hope to see more of the woman and her horse in future,Bestiality at it's best.

    bigarse, posted
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