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    Girl Straddling Dog Cock 1


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    sexy woman, straddling her lucky doggies cock, in her living room. It display's her from a distance view as well as zooming in close up view of dog cock penetrating into her lovely pussy. yummy...

    Uploaded by drazenli · Rating: 3.7 (90 votes) · 33507 views


    Now we know why the dog follows mom every where ! ;P

    mehoff, posted

    Jungs und Mädels aus Bayern am besten unter 18 (ist aber nicht notwendig) Hier in skype melden: poati.dream7

    GeileStutex3, posted

    Thank you! Very attractive woman ! I love seeing a woman enjoying sex with others or other animals very sexy=)

    mehoff, posted

    Any one in Suffolk got a pet I can Fuck

    lookinside, posted

    beautiful woman!!! don't believe doggie's dead at all. he had to have a big grin on his face. thanks for sharing. great movie.

    1robert, posted

    Kurz -- aber sehr geil :>)

    capricornus, posted

    That was hot and yummy! I hope he knotted and loved it

    kanilikit, posted

    mhhhh nice- so did you cum ? did the Dog Cum ??

    lilbeaver, posted

    no trim or wax you idiet looks hot thae way she is .wonder if he came in her

    crewmen, posted

    if anyone wants to get naughty on cam add my skype! jackjones807

    wwwwwewew, posted

    Exquisite! 5 Stars! ***** Wow! Wow! Wow!

    dirk20200, posted

    Pretty attractive woman and with a body to go with it, but needs a trim & wax job to make it look sexier!

    rodeotexas, posted

    ha ha happy horny housewife making her pet stay for reasons that her neighbors need not ever know... oh boy... you just know women all over the world are doing this. but if you ever told anyone you love it as well they'd throw you into the insane asylum. what a crazy, crazy, two faced world we live in!

    browneyedog, posted

    This sexy lady and her dog share a trust.... you can easily tell this isnt the first time they enjoyed this wild moment. How her lover rests there as she slowly slides him in and out fulfilling her needs is the best. Her body is amazing and to think the dog is satisfying her needs is hot to say the least. I would enjoy taking a razor to her hairy bush - cleaning it slippery smooth. One can only imagine her holding on top of him after he plants his knot deep into her. Imagine your legs trembling - aching - and her pussy filled with his seed. This is one nice vid which requires additional viewing.

    eric80hunt, posted

    This clip starts off in what appears to be a living room, with a sexy MILF riding on top of a medium sized black dog. The camera is back far enough so the viewer can see the all of the action. The woman has shorter brown and is totally naked on top of her lover with breasts exposed. The doggy is on his back on top of a foot stool that gets him to the proper height to be ridden. He is very well behaved and lays still as he lets the woman have her way with him and his little red cock. The woman encourages him by telling him "good boy" and commands him to "stay". She looks very sexy as she moves up and down slowly and lustfully. She is definately enjoying it. The camera zooms in at a good angle and the watcher gets a great view of some nice penetration into the woman's wanting pussy. The clip ends soon after, but watch Girl Straddling Dog Cock Part 2 for the end of the scene. Although the film quality isn't the best, it's not bad. But the sound cuts out about half way through and the clip is quite short, only 27 seconds. Those 27 seconds are very enjoyable though!

    apollocreed1911, posted
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