• sexy woman, straddling her lucky doggies cock, in her living room. It display's her from a distance view as well as zooming in close up view of dog cock penetrating into her lovely pussy. yummy...

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    I bet dad wishes mom would ride him like that! LOL

    mehoff, posted

    Nice she wants his sperm in her milf pussy ;)

    mehoff, posted

    She is a sexy well built woman satisfying her sweet furry pussy,what a beautiful kitty she has too,I love the hair!!!!!

    breeder09, posted

    Extremely sexy,you've got me for a fan.

    1billy4unow, posted

    great vid.. lookd like her waited for him to cum with her. kisses for her. thanks for sharing.

    1robert, posted

    I can just see myself laying there and being used in the same way.

    tangalooma, posted

    Yes he's a good boy he's proudly spraying his sperm up in your pretty pussy!;)

    mehoff, posted

    so did the dog cum in you?

    x_pac6969, posted

    so did he cum ??

    lilbeaver, posted

    any kansas women into this? near wichita?

    voyeurone, posted

    how natural xx

    Nakedaddict, posted


    Svensi, posted

    Lucky You.....wil@southshore.com

    anniefanny2, posted

    SURE MAKES A WOMAN WANT TO KNOW MORE.....wil@southshore.com

    anniefanny2, posted

    oh, even if he does go limp and leave her left out to dry... ha ha ha... didn't notice that the first time. lol

    browneyedog, posted

    see movie number one for my comment. all else i will say is she has a good body, and the "good boy" is very well behaved.

    browneyedog, posted

    any sexy babys who wanna talk! add me in skype flowerd3 i wait

    rfcedx, posted

    Ja - Geil ! Video etwas zu kurz. Erstaunlich, das der rĂ¼de mitspielt. Dies ist nicht die normale hundestellung ;>)

    capricornus, posted

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    This is the continuation of Straddling Dog Part 1. It starts off with a close up as the MILF rides on top of a cute, medium sized black dog. The angle is great and the viewer gets to see some nice penetration into her ready pussy. The MILF is pretty good looking and she encourages the dog with a "good boy" as she slowly and sensually rides his little doggy cock. She is really into it and that makes her so much sexier and makes this video worth watching. The black dog has a very small cock but he is very well behaved as he lays on his back and lets the lady have her way with him. As the camera zooms out, you can see the dog is laying on a foot stool to get him to the proper height for the woman to ride. The woman has short brown hair and is totally naked on top of her lover, with breasts exposed. They are apparently being filmed in a living room as a couch is visible behind the action. The sound cuts out about half wa through, and around that time she all the way down on the cock and holds it there. She may be letting him cum, or maybe she feels he is getting soft. She stands up and the doggy dick flops down limply as the clip ends. The film quality isn't the greatest but it's not bad. The only other things that detrat from the clip is that the sound cuts out and it is only 24 seconds long- but an enjoyable 24 seconds they are.

    apollocreed1911, posted
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