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    Webcam Girl Fucking A Small Dog


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    A cute young girl experimenting on her small dog. The quality is what you call webcam-quality I think, but it is a nice video. There are penetration I think at the end. There is no sound and that's a shame because I would have loved hearing her moan.

    Uploaded by xaragon · Rating: 3.3 (12 votes) · 3438 views


    am tipsy

    mature99, posted

    its nices

    mature99, posted

    lookin for male dog. Message me.

    shangjii, posted

    A lot of great elements in this clip, but too many problems with it to make it worth while. No sound, horrible frame rate, and blurry long distance action with shitty angles... Would have been epic with those things fixed.

    doggiephan, posted

    This is a very brilliant and well done video. Congrats to the uploader for a very good and well done video. The uploader should really add more videos. i would recommend this movie to all my friends and i will watch more videos uploaded by the person. Small dogs make really good movies because its just sexy for a small dog to get it on with a woman. The woman is beautiful and she needs to do more videos with the dog. The dog itself was a very beautiful dog and he was very well hung and i loved this video. It is the best video I've seen in a long time i give this video a 10/10.

    footer676, posted
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