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    Dog Licks His Cock & Gets Wanked


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    all in the title!! hes quite big for a lil chihuahua.. i hope u like my vid plz leave a comment, sorry its abit dark though :) xxxxx

    Uploaded by dogsluttt · Rating: 3.8 (90 votes) · 38856 views


    would love to see a video of him knotting you missionary position XD

    dunlop123, posted

    que pau delicioso

    adely, posted

    horny little devil aint he

    t700, posted

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    anaughtyguy22, posted

    williamc message me more on your message and offer I liked watching the dog licking his cock and the woman stroking his cock. They feel so good.

    forfun19, posted

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    williamc, posted

    female, looking for FEMALES to talk dirty too!! message me!! ;P

    iriebliss, posted

    yummy mmmm

    madcyril, posted

    That little guy has a pretty large cock on him and likes to have it jacked!

    breeder09, posted

    Holy hell that Chihuahua is hung like a moose o.o

    Macdonald97, posted

    New to this...but not to animals...been licked,but not pounded...this is making my tight,smooth little pussy appoint wet...

    soakingwet29, posted

    I just love the way your hand caresses his big dick!

    kennedyxiv, posted

    luv it

    billyboy3112, posted

    any girls masturbating? inbox me

    oocumoo, posted

    have you ridden that yet? omgosh huge and hard!

    chachagogo, posted

    Have you sucked him yet ;)

    rimyou, posted

    what a very fortunate dog you have dogsluttt - wish I was him :) x

    rikk469, posted

    This is why some of us wish we were your dog XD Good video!

    AshleyAndDaichi, posted

    well, you can lift him up and service him nicely with your mouth whenever you/he wants if thats the case lol :O

    ZeroSeventy, posted

    LOL callum.s..i know..its so big for him its thicker than his leg ha he stands there humping his own mouth

    dogsluttt, posted

    haha the dog can lick it's own dick

    callum.s, posted

    Wow you are so hot! Hottest movies on here! Next episode, some nice sucking? Or ride him or ur bull terrier? Keep up the good work! Keep them shorter than 2 minutes..than i can watch it for free.

    pfqwerty, posted

    i cant wait to see a video of you sucking that dick, let him take a ride ;)

    boredomtalks16, posted

    You must stick that cock insede your hot pussy! :)

    babbsan83, posted

    sexy little vid

    k911, posted

    Luck doggie I must say. Have you ever tried to give him a bj? Too bad its just a chihuahua, to do anything sex related with him you would have to use him as a dildo i guess... not the biggest pleasure sadly :( Keep going girl, your one of the best :) Hope to see you soon with some bigger boy to play ;D

    ZeroSeventy, posted

    love it

    haggis63, posted

    I really enjoyed this. Lovely cute cock. Thx DS :)

    KnottyLady, posted

    When are we going to get to see you fuck that sweet cock? Better yet, we would love to see him fuck you! My dogs penis stays hard but it doesn't come out of his sheath. Any tips?

    starlumps, posted

    would really like to see him licking you, or u sucking him. then again would like to see you and your body first.

    amandanrocky, posted


    ciombe, posted

    yummy as ever

    madcyril, posted

    when are you going to fuck him?

    cellphonesecret, posted

    Finally, I was waiting for that. Awesome video, thanks, you made my day ^-^

    bigb90, posted

    •Aluzky• Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. Finally we get to see it. :D

    Yesilovedogs, posted

    You are the best, thank you, and your dogs cock is so sexy. A video of of you sucking him would be great. Please keep up the good work. Thanks again.

    abcd1986, posted

    Omg ! u have done it again Dogslutt. Thankyou for your sexy videos. Would love to see you gloss your lips up and suck him off mmmm :p xxx

    jpm, posted

    yes please, make a long one video. u are the best

    Cluuuuu, posted

    Oh fuck yes, what a hot wet cock. Would love to suck him off.

    mrsbiggirl, posted

    This is one of the hottest videos i have ever seen, thank you for sharing, nothing sexier than a hot girl and her little puppy having some fun :)

    eric141520, posted

    Have you ever thought of having him cum over your model body?

    Delxam, posted

    Was him done humping in that?Wonderful vid!! Please make a loooong one ,like 5 minutes, you have so much to show :)

    Delxam, posted

    A truly amazing young girl who gives hope for us all in these austere times of manly brazzilians and hairy germans. Here we have a true English rose who's beauty is unsurpassed, i for one wait eagerly for the day this goddess gets her wish of a big dog and can only hope she may share that experience with us mere mortals. I have only recently stumbled upon her work and as much as i enjoyed it i was also touched by her honesty and wit in what for some people can be a very confusing time. But this goddess among men gets on with it regardless...and dies a very good job may i add

    loupgarou84, posted

    Loved the video. The lil Chihuahua has a cock almost as big as his body is. He went right to town licking his throbbing red dripping cock and knot. Oh the advantages of being a dog. I loved when she started to stroke his cock wished there was a lil more sound on the vid. Probably just me though I am an audio guy. Would of liked the video to be a little longer. Overall i loved the video shot well and was easy to see. Made my cock start to throb which means it.was working for.me lol. Can't wait to see more hopefully some licking suckin mounting either way I'm ready for it. Keep makin and I will keep watchin

    mrnastazio, posted
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