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    Msn Girl Dog


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    girl getting licked on msn while some other girl is looking on, it is very hot, it is the first time the girl is getting her pussy licked by a dog she also has really big boobs!

    Uploaded by lineh21 · Rating: 2.1 (255 votes) · 82598 views



    cazanowa1, posted

    cant see anything its fucking crap

    judasfanny, posted

    ban this shite ffs

    madcyril, posted

    waste of time

    Bushpilot1, posted

    if you wanna be a porn star mail me temmyvincent@yahoo.com

    mamaooo, posted


    jayko, posted

    this is just lame.

    jayko, posted

    girls that wanna talk or message me? :] 20/male/florida

    ray8110, posted

    mmm not really like it but hope she can show some more..

    mipita, posted

    Bad bad bad, READ the fucking manual, or at least test it before placing it on the net. You are wasted, FUCKABLE PRETTY HORNY BABE, I would luv to get down with you and your hound, FUCK.And would love to teach you how to use your equiptment.Regards (Billy's bitch)CANDY xoxoxoxxx Billy's GF; billyg2008@live.com.au

    BGoodall, posted

    not MSN, web cam video border was edited to look like msn. the female in the bottom half is frozen

    wilder2371, posted


    alex06, posted


    austin4971, posted

    Technical hitch. Picture is split in two and requires to be edited.

    RoboRoberto, posted

    This is so bs. ou81288 is right: This shouldn't be allowed on this website. it's a wast of anybody's free movie. We demand, we get our free movies back, we wasted on this bs. Even though we saw a woman get undressed, a dog licking (something), no cunt and some tits in a bra. animalpsycologist.

    cleclego, posted

    That was so dumb.

    civicgurl1982, posted

    Nice Tits

    Boloman66, posted

    i think its a fake discussion !!

    voilavoila, posted


    pencabrava, posted

    Any girls in md for this?

    chevy-723, posted

    the screen is squashed up. can't see any licking.

    malder46, posted

    wtf? this isn't real, unless the girl (and I mean GIRL) getting licked is so dumb to not know that the blonde isn't even live, a pic capture. As she never once moves... have no idea what's going on here, who's fooling who but I can't believe any of it... better luck on your next post?

    browneyedog, posted

    well.. at least its for the girls we know whats going on! ^_^

    kitten2, posted

    The split picture was annoying, but I got the licking, and you enjoyed it, so props to you.

    bluedestiny, posted

    This shouldn't be allowed on this website.

    ou81288, posted

    Split Picture ? Sexy Girl , but nothing to see. Please better next time , you looks great. Ineh21 you can write me ,Denmark is not so far from me. MFG

    betsy69, posted

    lol 2nd girl aint moving..

    rhrhehrearhea, posted

    Also was gibt es zu erzählen: Das Video ist irgendwie nichtssagend! Auf dem oberen Teil des Splitscreens läßt sich eine ansehnliche junge Frau mit schicker Oberweite von einem, vielleicht ihren Hund lecken, allerdings sieht man es nicht richtig, es könnte auch Nachbars Katze sein die die/der da sauber macht! Auf der unteren Hälfte wohl eher ein Kerl der ein schickes Profilfoto aus dem Netz statt einer live Übertragung onstellt und sich somit einen Haufen Videos mit Girls erschleicht welche er vermutlich irgendwo hochläd um damit Geld oder Credits zu verdienen. Die Qualität ist ganz ok, es könnte auch gern mit Ton sein!

    gamestar01, posted

    As good as you might think this video is, you will be sadly disappointed. Being a rather big fan of beasts and girls, I was looking forward to this video when I clicked it, but believe me, stay as far away from it as you can. First off, you don't really get to see anything other then a dog between some girl/woman's legs, and even that is hidden by the webcam, so if you were looking for a dog licking a woman you wont see it here. Secondly, the other person in the video, the one with the pink and white shirt never moves, at lest, I never saw her move. It just seems so very fake, which is a shame because I'm sure it would have been very hot if it had been done in a different way. Thank you for taking your time to read this before looking at this video.

    CainFelwind, posted

    The video is ok... msn, some other girl watching, very nice. but the screen is squashed you cannot seen everything very well. i still say this is a pretty good video. The girl has some pretty good boobs too, love them.... maybe next time you should try to edit the video a little bit better. But other than that, great job! Keep on making videos, i just love all types of animal movies and videos. Keep on licking you dogs! Once again, love the dog, the woman, and even the other one watching. great job keep up the good work

    ebajake, posted
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