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    Chubby Gets Dog Cum


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    A Big Girl Getting A Nice Filling From A Black Dog, Believed to Be a Black Lab/ shepard mix With a Nice knot and cum load

    Uploaded by Barcahnoff · Rating: 4.2 (287 votes) · 52884 views



    getcrunk15106, posted

    Again this BIG ASSED women took doggy dick like I like to see.. this is why i pay my little dues..to watch fat assed women like you to do it right .Of course the DOGY was not bad ethier. I could hear you moan..even in slow motion you are HOT.HOT HOT..GEMMIE ME SOME. Is there any more of you????!!!!!

    letmeecmor60, posted

    love to eat com out of your pussy

    imskul, posted

    top vid

    nassin, posted

    This video shows a great example of how every sexual woman wants to be fucked whethere it is from a man or a good dog. The cock pummels the inside of her pussy giving her a nice load of watery cum. Now, if a man could just form a knot inside the woman and rub her g-spot like the dog does in this clip...

    marthap, posted

    a beautiful big ass need a very big dog cock

    cactusrealitus, posted

    Not bad at all

    Jaydogg88, posted


    bhendapa, posted

    Very nice to watch. Like the big ass.

    idesire, posted

    He had her knotted good but it slipped out. Lots of cum dripping out too....

    ffa67, posted

    nice i could see the cum running out

    girlgonebad, posted

    All I can say is that was fuckin hot!

    breeder09, posted

    black labs have the bigggest dicks

    doggiedick09, posted

    wow did the dog get you pregnant

    nizzyD17, posted

    very nice indeed. wish i was licking her pussy as the pooch's wet justran down my face

    sweetdesire, posted

    OMG! that is amazing...mmmmshe has the best legs and thighs...i wish it is me mounting her..

    smiling4mares, posted


    liss-101, posted

    Very hot I want my g'f to try this

    one2have, posted

    How it shpould be done.

    bitchboy, posted

    Now that was HOT....

    freakndskys69, posted

    She definately got some doggy cock.I bet that knot felt incredible for her humping and filling her with his seed not to mention that huge set of balls slapping off of her cream filled pussy,very nice!

    breeder09, posted

    lucky dog!!!!

    noejenger, posted

    That was fucking HOT!!! Sweet full ass too! Would love to face up under her!!!!

    tazman99, posted

    Nice to see a dog keeping his dick in a pussy for a good long time. Gave me a nice hardon.

    wantdoganal, posted

    now i really wanna try this it made me so horny im thinkin ill go buy me a puppy to train i just hope it feels as gud as it looks. i want that dog he knows what hes doing

    amberlee, posted

    That was incredible

    troyv7, posted

    nice cream shot.

    wheelman41, posted

    nice cream shot.

    wheelman41, posted

    I'd like to eat her out after the dogs done then breed her myself.mmmmmm

    Dave60, posted


    lilly18, posted

    Nice, all though I am sure she would have enjoyed a larger dog better.

    MSBETH088, posted

    I would worry that she was getting scratched.Might detract her pleasure from being fucked by that eager dog mmmmm

    davedeprave, posted

    Our K9 pal really drilled that porky bitch!

    different, posted

    An excellent movie for sure. It's nice to see that it doesn't matter if you're small and skinny or a bit more on the thick side, you still love to get a big knot inside of you. I couldn't tell if the movie was being played in slow motion or not and I have to admit, either way it was as hot as hell!

    galak, posted

    классно залил ))

    formazon40, posted

    Nice shot of her cunt getting pumped by that K9 cock! I love it! Anyone out there like to talk about animal sex? My wife and I had all sorts of experiences. I love to share stories and chat. My email is junglejohn295@yahoo.com. Hope to hear from anyone, male or female, soon.

    junglejohn, posted

    It was horny seeing its knot i had cum running down my thighs imagining that dogs knot inside me wish i was her - LOVE IT I NEED MORE mmmm

    cheekylioness, posted

    good job.

    bakaboy2011, posted

    very good,good load,nice knot,really well shot nice up to date post hope to see more,lucky dog' lucky girl

    bigduck54, posted

    Very nice. Good cut/edit nice camera angle, sound was good and zoomed in a the right places. Very steady. Good job. Certainly quality amature quality.

    nck9dom, posted


    spookshowbaby, posted

    How come all the big girls have all the fun?!

    terenia, posted

    Great ass. Would love to be face up inder her....

    tazman99, posted

    great movie wish i was there to help keep um cumming

    k9lover71, posted

    That was lovely. I'm cleaning up my mess now

    reallynicenhard, posted

    did i just cum to this? yea i did :)

    germansherperd, posted

    loved the vid. love the cum running down her pussy. would love to fuck her after he is done

    bestialitylove1, posted

    Crazy good

    Silakka, posted

    love the cum running down her pussy.mmmmmmmmmmm

    fishlover, posted

    too cool ,I would love to have been laying under them between her kneeswathing close up while his cum dripped on me

    elwood9x6, posted


    gujkg, posted

    Holy crap....I don't know how this dog actually FELT anything in this huge, gaping hole :-> But it was kind of erotic to see his knot sliding in and out like this. I don't believe I've seen a video like that before. It would have been better though NOT to be in slo-mo!

    TZwolf, posted

    How about keeping the camera closer to the action rather than so far away. I want to see close ups!

    lonesurvivor, posted

    I gotta tell you that was hot,that big pussy holding in that knot while he pumps her full of hot cum!

    breeder09, posted

    the stud knows what to do and she takes it nicely; very good

    jaru, posted

    Sweet! Big momma took a nice pounding from her pup! Looked like a good time!

    harleypoor, posted

    sehr geil

    sascha4711, posted

    whew what a great pounding and pull out... bet this sexy assed woman would like a bigger doggy dick though... slow motion was kinda lame :/

    browneyedog, posted

    wow hot vid looks very exciting - but as always the Vid is to damn short :(

    lilbeaver, posted


    stevesick, posted

    ugh this slow motion bullshit is so lame

    knotloverbbw, posted

    Awesome Video !! Ove to see the cum dripping from the pussy !!

    carl777, posted

    I am a bbw lover as well as a lover of women with animals. This has the best of both. I love it.

    zenthnab, posted

    wow ! super !!

    tonyjameson, posted

    MMMMMMMMMMMMM I wish that was my cunt dripping full of his cum

    Belinda402007, posted

    chubby plumbers made for love making.great video!

    digitallover, posted

    That was a lot of pussy to fill. Good job

    dclapper, posted

    mmm i would love to join both women nd dog to fuk her very good nd cumm in her as he enjoys the good fuk .i think a 3 summ would b good dog women nd men at eh same time so we could all have a good fuk nd enjoy as we fuk but yess i enjoyed this video gave me a hard on made me jerk off till i came so good nd hard mm feels so good to jerk off with a nice video nd lookin at it at he same time while u try to cum hard ;) mm i liked the video of her wich i could see more nd jerk off to it ecerytime i see it as she gets fuked

    ladyfucker, posted

    Talk about a turn on. Her dog was going to town and just pounding away at her pussy. You could see his cum dripping down her pussy lips. Thats one talented dog.what an amazing view. I dont know who enjoyed it kmore the dog or the woman. Where can I find a dog like that. I wonder if she trained him or it was just basic animal instinct. He seemed to know exactly what he was doing. Gives a whole new meaning to training a dog.I guess you can teach an old dog new tricks. I want one just like him

    redsoxlover, posted

    the dog rammed his cock onto the fat chick. she seemed ready and wet for him. once he got his footing he began plowing her and kept fucking her until his cock begins to stream cum inside of her. he pumps faster and faster while spewing cum inside of her. the cum drips over her pussy continuously while the dog rams her pussy. both dog and woman appear to be having a wonderful fuck. as the dog reaches climax you see the speed of his thrusts and the depth increase until he pulls out, wipes his cock on her ass and walks away.

    baadbeyotch, posted

    In this clip shows a big beautiful woman in what appears to be her living room, going at it doggy style with her furry friend. The angle that is shown is quite nice, showing him working her, and his semen running out of her pussy, between her puffy pussy lips and down her belly. You can tell they both enjoy it as he thrusts into her repeatedly, finally pulling out his knot and his member following. His member then rubs slightly along her slit, giving anticipation he may reenter her. This sexy and erotic clip is worth giving a look.

    hotinheat, posted

    thats just amazing did you use a condom, hahahah, just playing but still i think you could do better but nice. next time try oral, or vaginal, or anal. but seriusly becareful before you end up pregnent with a dog ok. no hard feelings.wtf i just thought of something my first video is going to show a dogs pussy. come check my new video it comes out on thursday. no wensday. no tuesday. no monday. no sunday no saturday.no friday,nothursday you know what ill do it today.shit. what the fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. this is my sisters acount but i came up with the name. and its my dog. please dont tell my sister or she might tell my parents to come pick me up.

    nizzyD17, posted

    wow that as something els to see a fat girl get in in with a dog in doggy style. u kno she was loving it the way she was dripping. she had her head down cuz she ddnt wana sho her reaction cause it felt so damn good to her like wow that dog put in some damn work. jus think bout what she could be thining in her head right now like no man that sshe met could never give her that type of pleasure that she is getting right at that moment. she is really loving that dogs cock. and u know its not the last time for her

    qazplm44, posted

    This is a pretty good movie, showing full penetration, come dripping out of the womans pussy and a good pull out of the dog's dick. I enjoyed watching the clip very much. Although the woman is so called chubby, it really does not take away from the sexiness of the fucking. Her pussy looks as if it in motion with the dog's dick and that she is really enjoying the sex. I would enjoy watching any movie that is made with girl and her dog. It would be a plus to see her from the front to see the expression on her face and view all of her body.

    mr121650, posted

    Ohhhhh from the sweetest BF nectar comes knotty once more Staring in her wonderful and sexy K9 movies that we all adore wub.gif I saw something new that confirmed what I thought about you A most beautiful face from a peek you let us see through angel.gif What a wonderful smile coming from those pretty smooth lips I almost forgot about your long shapely legs and desirous hips cool.gif Although I could'nt view the last clip at all, I have no complaint It's the first time I hear your sweet laughter and it sounds like a saint angel.gif Ohhhhh knotty what else can I do..... I wish there was a higher score... just made for you Instead I'll just pour hugs and kisses like rain from above As I give you a 10+++++vote to our most sweet love wub.gif Knotty....you're the best heart.gif wub.gif

    asshole002, posted

    You can always appreciate a video that looks natural.This is probably the best video I have seen so far. You can clearly hear all of the noises as the knot goes in and out, having clear sound is a plus. The video is not jumpy, and you can see penetration. The dog is doing it on its own and is stable and not jumping around. The view from the bottom was great, she was at the right angle for the dog to get in her pussy very easily. The quality is very good, Wish the video could have been longer.

    zysil, posted

    it was good it doesnt matter that the dog didnt go fast but fucked hard i i i i i i i i i i i i ii i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i ii i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i

    7momo1999, posted

    this was actually a very good movie. loved watching the chubby girl getting fucked by a dog wit a huge cock and man what a knot. it was inside her big hole. and she seem to enjoy it. when he pulled out of her she didn't seem like she was in and pain. loved it. and to see all that cum coming down her pussy awesome. where do these women find these dogs would love to have one with a big cock and not to mention knot. I have a big pussy, so the dog has to have a good size cock and a big knot so that we can tie. and be locked together for a while.

    lynnnottone, posted

    Short and sweet offering here, bitch in position for the taking gets taken. Good video, I liked how he walked all over her calves and she did not move. She could have been more vocal but all in all a good offering. A tighter close up of the cum and cunt should be on the to do list for next time.The quality was good as well as the lighting.The female and dog have obviously done this before, he gets right to it while she remains still and submissive to the end. It could have been a bit longer showing more of the after effects of the fuck.

    Mastertpe77, posted

    estupendo, un video de los que gusta ver una y otra vez, que se ve bien cómo la tiene clavada y que le gotea todo por el chocho. solo el imaginar la sensacion de la tia teniendo ese pedazo de polla del perro dentro es para excitarse hasta el final y ver cómo el perro no cabe de gusto dentro de las piernas de la tia es una gozada. un video de los que gusta tener guardados enel pc porque no te cansas de verlo y el estupendo final, con la polla del perro y el nudo, y el culo de la tia chorreando

    cartagines, posted

    This movie is great! first the camera hand is impressive. it is steady and that starts out the movie in a great way. second the camera angle is awesome. it starts with a back top view that captures the dogs penetration, then it swipes downwards to bring the woman's pussy and the doggie dick into full view so you are able to be right behind the action. that is wayyy cool. now the action is phenomenal. this dog knows how to fuck. even though the movie is just a short clip, you can see clearly that the dogs dick is moving in and out of the woman's pussy pounding away. the action and clarity of the video enables to view the doggie knot also being pumped in and out of the pussy. the woman woman gets a full satisfaction and thoroughly enjoying her dog. the dog comes with inside of her pussy and the flow of the dog's cum out of her pussy is a great joy to watch. finally the woman has a great big ass! that's just perfect and seems to handle the dog action well. she gives all of her booty to the dog and does not squinch in pain or anything. you can tell from the way this dog fucks and the way the woman takes him the former is well trained, does this regularly and the enjoyment is real. i would like to see more action of these two! it's that good.

    camrx, posted

    Very sexy, this BBW took that knot like a pro! One of the best i've seen in a while, too bad it was so short though. I would have liked to see alot more of her and doggy playing around. Also to get a better close up of her dripping in the aftermath. Aside from the short length of time and the not so close close up this is still a good clip of a girl and her dog. Not to mention I would have liked to seen her face as she took that big hard dog knot inside her.

    sinfulartisan, posted

    This is a great clip of a Big Beautiful Woman with her black dog. Starts off with her getting fast and hard from her k9 lover. You can really tell how he is enjoying it from the enthusiasm behind his thrusts. You can see her breast swinging from the power behind them! It then zooms in to show him thrusting in his knot and the final pull out, or more appropiatly "pop" out with the cum running out of her. Amazing short clip, it really got me going. Even though it was short this clip got me very wet. I wish there had been more length on this clip it is so hot! Also there is no sound which is a big dissapointment. I wish I could have heard the dog panting and her moans as he pounded her so fast and hard.

    dingdongmaster, posted
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