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    Blonde Girl Play With Her Dog 3


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    very cute girl play with her pet. nice video very short but i like these stuff. the girl is very beautiful and hot, a real sexy bomb. i hope you like

    Uploaded by Cluuuuu · Rating: 3.2 (143 votes) · 77569 views


    cute sexy nude blonde girl! Love her very nice hand job she gives her dog! MMMM!

    DogHorseSukr, posted

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    anaughtyguy22, posted

    I'd like this blonde bitch to jerk me like that, she's get a hard on that would surprise her!!

    harperreese, posted

    would love to see that hot bitch with dynamite legs take a knot !!!

    ultrastud1, posted

    should be longer !

    starrynights, posted

    They're both beautiful.

    1billy4unow, posted

    I thought she was trying to get up the courage to kneel down and put a lip-lock on the cock. but hey, I could be wrong!!!!!

    ynnel, posted

    Anyone want to chat out there? Email me at junglejohn295@yahoo.com. I love this stuff!

    junglejohn, posted

    Browneyeddog - he/she is the moralist movie critic of the beastiality site - that is hilarious.

    ThisMan, posted

    Hot girl and lucky dog

    antsmarching80, posted

    how do you download these videos

    JamieBill908, posted

    Browneyeddog you're either an idiot or 12. You'd kick this girl out of bed for having a spastic free hand? Jesus!

    flynewguy, posted

    dupa muzica si usa de termopan cred ca esti de a mea.laba nu prea a iesit dar esti tare si superhot

    neverseven75, posted

    Nicely recorded, but the bitch either doesn't know what she's doing, or doesn't want to get her hands "dirty." Either way, it's not a clip worth viewing. ;-(

    different, posted

    don't like professional beast vids... the thought of a girl having to get paid to fuck animals doesn't turn me on at all. like to see the amatuer homevids where the girl is doing it for enjoyment and nothing else... this is just lame. oh, and i would hope a porn slut would have a nice body so she doesn't do anything for me either... look at how spastic her free hand is when jacking the dog with the other, what a spaz!

    browneyedog, posted

    Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous girl with golden hair and pointed nipples that bounce as she plays with her dog. The dog looks like he just wants a good pet on the head, but she reaches down and starts to manhandle his privates. “WTF” the dog’s thinking, but she continues jerking and jerking with not much affect on the poor pooch … but her tits keep bouncing nicely. Short clip with amateur lighting. Too bad it isn’t slightly longer with her kneeling over the dog and getting some good results. I bet this film was made on a lost bet from her boyfriends and she did it just to tease the poor lad. The dog, of course, doesn’t care, and take in all the quick jerking in stride.

    Lesterhomil, posted

    Well. It was recorded on an amazing camera. Great Resolution. I Could See Everything. But nothing happened so it was a bit boring. Im pretty sure ive seen much much better. But if you do something more exciting next time im sure it will be worth watching.Great Hand movements. Next time please do something more im sure it will be great. I think i may have wasted a bit of my life by watching this video. I expected more. Well for sure it had an amazingly great resolution the best ive seen on the site. That’s the end here. Bye

    swolfsong, posted

    Really sexy teen blonde plays with her pet dog.The dog lays there pleasantly,while he lets his sexy young owner do all the hard work.Watch the smoking hot blonde,stroke her dog,into an erection,hoping that it will get hard enough so that they can have some more fun.Maybe she will bend over for him on all fours,and let him have a little fun of his own.Video may be a little short,but still great. All i know is that this video is a great way to get yourself started up for some more action.

    erwkejrweor, posted
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