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    Dog Fuck Girl


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    amateur girl lets pet dog fuck her homemade video taping hope u all enjoy the video it is very hot hot hot hot hot hot hot hot

    Uploaded by mungal · Rating: 4.2 (283 votes) · 50429 views



    jwo7804, posted

    This is an example of raw SEX. that pullout shows how large his cock is. Wish i could have been there. that doggy erection was great.

    LAWRENCELLC, posted

    coup the tail and give a view on the insertion while fucking!

    badboogy, posted

    Makes me horny every time i watch this, really love it when her pussy is dripping doggy cum after he pulls out, so fucking hott!!

    FlickLickMyClit, posted

    Fuck me! that was so hott watching that dogs balls pulse as he cums inside her pussy!! i really enjoyed the part where after he pulled out, he was squirting cum everywhere.. such a turn on an his size isnt bad either.. i want him to mount me next

    FlickLickMyClit, posted


    tcw, posted

    I wanna try this, message me

    peachesluvsex, posted

    love this video i need to find a hot girlfriend that will do this her pussy looks so tasty i wanna fuck it too and looks pretty good with that dog dick stretching her out

    HPIraacingpimp, posted

    Wow the girl looks very young. The dog is hammering her tight pussy ;) She doesn't get knotted but slowly pulls his cock from her pussy so as not to loose any of his seed!

    mehoff, posted

    love the dog cum leaking out of her pussy thats what i call a very good vid, he's welcome in my pussy any day

    chubbyladie, posted

    mmmmm i want all of that and everything else i can get

    yungandhorny, posted

    I say, I cant grasp the look of that thang.....

    Quiril, posted

    she could just give me a call if she wanted to get fucked like that...id let the dog in on it as well

    futtbuck3rs, posted


    jalilnik, posted

    lovely looking bitch. properly bred, too. pity she didn't strip, and pity the dog's cock hid her ddripping pussy!

    hamilton2, posted

    @doggylover98765 r u a 16 yr young f as your comment says or a 30 yr m as your profile shows? if u r 16 yr female and need a dog dick to dig deep in your cunt, my great dane would love to do it to you.

    bhendapa, posted

    this is the best dog fuck love it

    spuiter57, posted

    Wow this makes me wanna fuck a dog

    ILoveRedRockets, posted

    Mm I'd love to try this out. I'm 16 f call me 786 973 6375

    doggylover98765, posted

    i get hard everytime i watch this lol

    damtrav, posted

    Really hot. All you need is sound.

    kdogk, posted

    wow....so hot

    gushin, posted

    very hot

    ershyuij, posted

    Very lovely video! ;) Want to see more ASAP! ;)

    tercel, posted

    رائع جدا

    habeb, posted

    as i said before i am not a fan of reposts, actually a member of the site this vid was taken from too, but do have to say that this girl and her pooch are looking really sexy here. love the view of her very smooth pussy and his fuzzy ball sack!!!

    browneyedog, posted

    That was friggin awesome you got my 5 stars keep it up

    dice44, posted

    What a lovely pussy. That is one lucky dog, I'd love to slide my hard cock in that gorgeous girls body. I'm in Essex and feeling really horny now!

    reallynicenhard, posted

    so very nice, mmmmm

    gushin, posted

    i would love to be her boyfriend. cause i'd be eating that pussy right after he pulled out

    nothere555, posted

    Awsome anyone in missouri want to have fun message me

    sgarrett, posted

    i so like this had to watch again

    damtrav, posted

    Sweet! Nice looking couple! Her mate had a nice tool!

    harleypoor, posted

    wonderful.My dog ​​stays inside until his balls are emptied into the uterus.

    puccipucci, posted

    I got my dog to fuck me i loved thank you for this video.

    horsedick12395, posted

    Anyone in Maine want to have fun message me

    summitkid96, posted

    love to see dog cum in pussy yeah

    chubbyladie, posted

    If anyone out there lives in Texas and has a good hung dog. Please help me out XD I dont mind being recorded.

    SiberianSoftie, posted

    join my fan club for more video

    mungal, posted

    greattttt movie!!!!! post more

    gingerlee02, posted

    wow!! beautiful!!thank you !!

    cool_zxcvbnm, posted

    it got me soooooooo wet

    lovedogydeep, posted

    good petsex movie

    gkhushi, posted

    would have been alot better with sound!! but very nice vid.

    bigdamo09, posted

    wOW THANK YOU!I was really impressed the dog pounded his woman and she held her tight pussy as he pulled out and held his seed in her! ;)

    mehoff, posted

    If anyone lives in tx send me a email. Siberian_Softie@hotmail.com

    SiberianSoftie, posted

    Oh I just love the dripping cum from the cunt and the K9 cock! I love talking about animal sex, male or females welcome! Email me at junglejohn295@yahoo.com. Hope to hear from someone soon!

    junglejohn, posted

    Very nice.......JEALOUS MUCH!!!!!!! Cant wait to try this out myself, just need to find a willing male dog..... ; )

    shelby32, posted

    Nice shaved cunt mmm I am a CD and I love cunt.I love being dressed up in nylons and heels and bra with a woman and men mmm I love to suck dogs mmmm and love to get fucked.Great movie girl.Love you Louise CD

    Louisecd, posted

    good dog, i bet everytime she puts the socks on the dog he knows hes gonna get some , and i agree with i love dogs lol

    damtrav, posted

    very nice angle really wish there was some audio but all in all dog and girl both look like they are enjoying it love to see more.

    Swweet, posted

    I am actually a 15 year old girl, just a preteen when I joined and today had my first sex act with a dog. Loved it. I am so glad that I can share my experiences here. No other site will let me becuase I am a minor. Thanks petsex

    airborneterry, posted

    very nice i would fuck the girl and let the dog do me

    ilovedogs24, posted

    I would love to fuck that sweet pussy myself

    justhavingfun96, posted

    No question she was bred when you see the cum dripping out of a bitch's cunt

    St88man, posted

    Look at the cum drip out of that bitch! Beautiful!

    different, posted

    sướng lắm

    anhditem, posted

    This movie has almost everything you could want in a woman and dog sex scene. The girl is hot, thin and athletic (a real plus for me), nubile (a plus for most everyone), and willing. The dog is certainly willing, and, as it appears, quite able. The penetration is great. You get the side view first to get the juices flowing, then, just when you're yearning for more, the behind view. No pumping from behind, and no knotting, but still super hot. I certainly hope to see more of both of these performers in the future, especially the girl. Highly recommended!

    cherub, posted

    Truly nothing missing from this video. Amazing shot, great lighting, awesome girl, with great body, and one of the best dog on girl actions I have seen. I don't know how they have the nerve of calling this an amateur video. The girl, the dog,and the video were all on par. The only thing truly missing from this video that everyone would totally and secretly desired, was themselves inserted somewhere in there to see it first hand. 5 stars. Also wouldn't mind if it was a little longer and some moaning would have made this video even better.

    diablowlk, posted

    This was one hell of an amateur video! The camera work and lighting were much better than most amateur videos floating around on the internet, which for me really takes away from the experience. But this was absolutely fantastic! This was so hot. I don't know about anyone else, but I would have been right under her eating that pussy after he furry friend pulled out. I'm thinking in this instance dog is most definitely woman's, not man's best friend. It was a bit short for my liking, but the attention to detail and the absolute hotness of the video more than made up for the lack of length. All in all, I would definitely recommend this video to anyone looking for a quick jerk off video, this is about as good as you'll find.

    nothere555, posted

    Young sexy hot bodied girl, getting her pussy screwed beautifully by her dog. This amateur babe lets the dog ride her and pound away at her, eventually letting him cum inside her cute little pussy all in this homemade video. Pulling out letting the cum drip down and holds his cock for the ending. Overall great video, the video quality is excellent only problem being there is no sound to the video, hearing some moaning with that great body would be awesome. But great and a sexy video. Good Job hope everyone enjoys watching it to their hearts full content.

    Pepsrock, posted
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