• read the title!! lol says it all really.. sorry its abit blurry my cam fone is crap..comment if u like/dislike plz i love hearing from you all :) x x x x x x

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    flynewguy, posted

    love it hope to see more

    hottster, posted

    he LOVES it..... he must be down there all day! a pussy eating machine!!

    Spinelli69, posted


    Parcheapache, posted

    what a turn on to watch

    t700, posted

    14 year old male beastlover here, message me!;)

    Kristian8688, posted

    ooooo, yummy yummy yummy

    HornyPerv101, posted

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    williamc, posted

    great vid! x)

    Bestthing, posted

    Im a bi male looking to chat and maybe trade pics, feeling very horny ^_^ message me please :)

    young_one_65, posted

    pretty pssy for me n tinkerbell

    nailmesweet54, posted

    jacked off alot

    hornyiam244, posted

    Fantastic video. Sexy voice with the moans makes it complete. I'm new here and must say I'll only be back for one reason only......You!!! Nice to see a hot chick enjoying herself. A++++

    spikemike007, posted

    I want to meet a girl like you!

    woodsa1, posted

    fuck yeh mooooore

    comegetitnow70, posted

    great vids

    tld1970, posted

    sexy pussy, love your moans!

    itsasecret88, posted

    Would lick til you came, txt me....I want your beautiful pussy! I also have a very attentive collie!

    scootermom926, posted

    Loved the sweet moans and the shaved pussy being licked.

    wineman123, posted

    That moan sounded abit young, but i liked the video like hell, keep the good work up :)

    _godspeed_, posted

    Please post more. That was really hot!! You are a bad girl. ;)

    fatjr, posted

    loved it.

    shaggis12, posted

    Nice moans from you. Would be nice to see you fuck that boy sometime.

    wineman123, posted

    Mmmm. Love hearing hearing u moan as u are being lick from ur lil pup. Would love to see some more action. Like u letting him fuck u or u suck his cock.

    mrbeast247, posted

    wow you are gorgeous,such a sweet young shaved pussy and your dog is lovely too ,he has such a great cock for a little dog.lovely,would love to pleaseyou both with my tongue xxxxx goodboyk9@hotmail.com

    goodboyk9, posted

    let him mount it would be a treat to see that

    wak111, posted

    the title sure says it all :) don't worry it's not blurry - I loved it! x

    rikk469, posted


    Juicylipsdog, posted

    I want to lick ur sweet pussy... love your video very much... love how you talk to your dog ... make more videos ..

    310310tt, posted

    you've got the sweetest little pussy

    annika_pink, posted

    you make the most perfect sweet little noises in this one, i really like when you get into them

    alexdelarger, posted

    hmm i am so turnd on by your vids i got a pit bull dog i love suckn his dick and jackn him off you should try suckn your dog he will love it lol

    00012kevin, posted

    Wow, love hearing how much you enjoy feeling puppy's tongue on your cunt. Really love hearing you say, 'Good boy!' So cute and so dirty...

    bullsfan1981, posted

    I love the moaning! I hope this is just a teaser :p

    kiko75, posted

    Looks damn good to me! I love watching a woman and her pet. Anyone out there care to talk, email at junglejohn295@yahoo.com. Hope to hear from you soon!

    junglejohn, posted


    dxxdxdxdxd, posted

    Thanks dogsluttt, that was great. You've got a beautiful pussy :)

    resident2l, posted

    We think this is a good video of you! make one yo show us your nice tits and face?

    AshleyAndDaichi, posted

    waitin for a vid where it will be you cleaning your pup's dick ;) as we seen he has an ok size, so lift him up baby, and get it going :D im sure he will enjoy some nice good sucking.

    ZeroSeventy, posted

    love it sent me a message :D

    Sabotage2005, posted

    Wow, this is the first time I hear your voice and as I expected, she is as hot as your vids and pics :)

    TylerDurden, posted

    never disapointed in your vids. the little pups are always so eager, you so sexy, and clearly every single being is enjoying the interaction. must be really nice having well trained pets who are there to meet your needs. had to go back and watch some more of your clips... you are one of my favs. thanks again!

    browneyedog, posted

    Exquisite! 5 Stars! ***** Wow! Wow! Wow!

    dirk20200, posted

    Please keep posting videos like this of you! I love them! You're the best :-)

    sjacker, posted

    U have the nicest pussy on here :) I like ur nails too:) I would like to see u doggystyle. I wanna lick ur phat pussy with the pup :)

    Lilric83, posted

    I loved it

    patricia6961, posted

    My god baby you are the best, thank you so much, nothing sexier than a hot girl having fun with her little puppy. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU.

    eric141520, posted

    cant complain with that DS. Even though its a camera phone you still did better then most others on here. Loving your work and your cute little friend ^_^

    Estiouss, posted

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    lucky you and more so lucky little dog :-)hope you submit plenty more of your pleasures? he looks and you sound as your having lots of pleasure? it is a good short clip to watch, def turns me on with the noises!, you and your little boy lickin your lovely sweet pussy,hope he makes you cum?and he loves the taste, he wants more!please can you submit more clips so we can see more of your lovely moaning as he enjoys licking out your lovely honeypot.i wish i had a lovely puppy like that for myself,keep up the good work:-)

    dorothy69, posted

    Wow this was a hot video! I loved hearing your moans and the sounds from the dog licking you, I sure wish I could have been a part of that erotic seen!!! Your pussy is so nice and trimmed, I bet the little puppy really enjoyed tasting and licking your clit! Maybe next time you can make the video longer and show us if the little pup can make you have a nice orgasm, while he's licking on your pussy! I really enjoyed this video, and hope that there will be more videos like this from you in the future.

    lovelysss, posted

    Wow, I wish the video was longer - had me pretty close but I need to hit 'replay' lol. I liked how you keep everything trimmed and your puppy seems so cute.. and well-trained ;). You seem very beautiful and your moans are so hot. Definitely getting this girl going :$ I'm just so happy another girl who likes to take care of herself enjoys man's best friend! <3 Just a question, how do you train your dog to be so attentive? I'm planning on getting one myself but I don't know if I should start him as a pup or wait until he reaches sexual maturity. Also, is a big dog or little dog tongue better?

    LOZ, posted

    Very good movie. Nice licking action, the little dog seems to know what he is doing and likes it. The girl also sounds like she enjoys the doggy tongue on and in her pussy. The sound and picture quality are very good as well. Definitily a favorite video. This is one lucky girl, and i would also have to say the dog is lucky as well. I love the sound of a very petite girl moaning loud while she is getting licked like crazy by such a tiny little dog. i would love to try my hand at getting her to moan like that.

    heavypetting420, posted

    Movie was good, love the girls pussy. Watching made me spread my legs and let my dog give me a lick. I let her lick it till I came and squirted all over het face and head. Then I took my wetness and finger fucked my dog till she came. I watched as she cleaned herself up. I love the moaning on this video it made my pussy get instantly wet and start throbbing.... Mmmmmmm as I write this review I have my dog lickimg up all my cum and she's making twitch cuz it feels so good. Watching this video made me wanna fuck a dogs nose

    Juicylipsdog, posted

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    hotoatmeal, posted
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