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    hot teen lets pet dog lick her pussy on bed in front of webcam hope u all enjoy JOIN MY FANCLUB to keep the video coming

    Uploaded by mungal · Rating: 3.5 (289 votes) · 55887 views


    i m dog for woman 09399027675 hosini458@yahoo.com

    ahmad_x200, posted

    good movie but the dog need hump you better

    camechupas, posted

    Great self vid., way to go!!! both of you are eager and enjoying it. bless you. love to see many more. kisses

    1robert, posted

    Oh yum yum beautiful ass lady

    fidos_ladi, posted

    not a bad show at all, but the angle could of been better, and not so jumpy, but over all nice work.

    nikki4u2, posted

    awesome movie the girl is hot

    vampire28, posted

    The girl is definitely a Hottie,mmm, wish we had seen more dog-cock penetrating her sweet, nasty cunt, maybe even some dog cum dripping afterwards, but I would Love to fuck her when she's done ... mmm, fuckin Nice !! Thxxx

    Kitty4horndawg2, posted

    Nothing like making it hard for him.

    Zumbska, posted

    i so wish i was the dog right now

    kyuuby, posted

    can i fuck after dog lol

    Rippedraymaster, posted

    at this rate he'll never have puppys

    hotsin, posted


    ziotobia, posted


    chemg, posted

    that dog has some cock and balls on him , she is fit . but let me in after he finished shafting that fit body mmm

    mookaa, posted

    I think, she already succeeded in letting the dog fuck her. But if she succeeded this way? With him on the bed and she standing before the bed? A difficult way. Not impossible. Just not easy. But the broad is beautiful. animalpsycologist.

    cleclego, posted

    sweet woman.intimate scene.

    digitallover, posted

    Was good

    eaglesbabe2001, posted

    very hott

    HoneyMaster, posted

    this one really turn me on! wanna see more of that girland the dog;)

    mikko99, posted

    i love that dog, he is hot damnit!!

    gayboy88, posted

    Keep trying that old boy sure does want that sweet pussy of hers!

    breeder09, posted

    very hot body , please baby girl make another on eof him inside you very deep :D

    trentc2, posted

    Nice girl has a very nice ass, but not showing dog´s dick in ass or pussy. Plase make another one.

    vancouverboy69, posted

    ah poor doggie - she has her ass to high:(

    lilbeaver, posted

    Nice did he ever get to fuck you x e mail me plug.in4321@hotmail.com

    keith962, posted

    I believe this is famous Shylark

    Bober, posted

    well all i can say is she has nice ass love to lck it

    lilcock1, posted

    как вкусно ему,как приятно ей,смакуют!!!!!!

    rashen, posted

    That sucked

    isotoolman, posted

    Very nice girl i like her and very nice dog!

    dogsexloverrr, posted

    So in the end it's yet another video of the dog doing absolutely nothing.

    ou81288, posted

    pity the camera didn't show more. lovely looking bitch, but did her lover get it in or not?

    hamilton2, posted

    wooooooo soooooooooooo hung damn

    bigcxc10, posted

    Pax and Thea?

    Xaven, posted

    nice ass and beautiful legs :), just wish she had gotten that cock

    love_mature88, posted


    dirk20200, posted


    dogfucker03, posted

    Yes, pretty cool, but where's the delicious doggy cock ?

    triciagreen97, posted

    And me!

    jollyjim, posted

    Both of you will be the happier for it!

    jollyjim, posted

    Hot stuff! But come on, let a poor dog get some already!

    jollyjim, posted

    very good try! i'd like to give you a little advice! when your kneeling letting him lick that pussy on the bed, let him mount you in that position so he can give you a good time! capture it on cam and share when he hits it! I know your gonna love it!

    hornygrandpa, posted

    compare to first uploads is this good

    phantom1991, posted

    Aredafilm Ka ml Earsle the amyl

    nshwan, posted

    i hate trolls >.<

    shadowmarka, posted

    you are fit hun and what a set of balls that dogs got yowch he goin to make your eyes water mmm

    mookaa, posted

    I wld love to help u train that dog,,and finish what he started,,,ur hotttt,

    dedo55, posted

    very nice girl with hot ass and titt´s

    Dododergraue, posted

    It looks like they are just learning. Pretty hot, in my opinion. Hope to see more.

    h.meltzer, posted

    a few good moments when the clearly eager and interested pooch appeared as if it was going to get what it wanted but all throughout the hot bodied girl seemed to be fighting off or resisting the dogs advances on her body. not sure why this was captured on cam as she doesn't seem to be interested in what her pet is really attempting to do to her... what a shame and lost opportunity for this clueless girl.

    browneyedog, posted

    In this short film we have a young, skinny girl bent over and waiting. Behind her stands an old golden lab. He is eager to get what he wants and steps forward and begins to lick the woman. The girl, whether out of liking it or disliking it, pushes her pelvis forward several times while the dog licks away. After about 45 seconds of the dog licking her, the girl gets up and readies herself for the dog to mount her. As she requested, he follows through and tries to get up on her. A couple times he seems to get distracted and wanders off. Now, I liked this film. The girl was very sexy and everything that happened was wonderful. I can't tell, though, if the clip at the end was repeated. Every time the dog jumps up on the girl it looks like the same thing, which leads me to believe that every cut in that movie was just the same scene being played over again, but I digress: I simply don't know.

    rair123, posted

    This is a good video, the girl was so sexy and she was taping this herself. The girl should be in her 20's and she looks amazingly slim and uses her dog to satisfy her needs. She should train the dog some more and she can make great movie. If she can show her boobs that will be more exciting too. I was so hard watching this video. Train the dog and let him knot you in your pussy and ass too. Tape it and upload it and it will be a great spectacle to watch. Wish my wife does this too and I will be going bonkers.

    sriimsingle, posted

    Great start to what promises to be a nice little series the retriever in this video starts out very enthusiastically licking out his girl's pussy, so well in fact she pulls away. You can tell she is inexperienced because when she went to let Fido do her she didn't know how to encourage him for the dead and after a lot of air humping the dog gave up. However, you see several cuts as she is trying to get the job done. It sucks that the video cuts out before she gets him to mount her; however, if that had happened I imagine it would finally get her to make some noise. All and all not a bad video I just hope we see more of her.

    knotnormal621, posted

    Yes, I love this. Dog licks and then mounts... hot. It starts with the dog beautiful ass of the white chick getting the muzzle of a golden retriever shoved in, amd the dog licks her pussy. After a little lickimg, the dog mounts her and starts diving into his lover's hot cunt. Personally I would like to see her pussy, and maybe have her shirt off, but it was still extremely hot. I hope this uploader keeps 'em 'cummin'. Maybe next time you could also have the girl giving the dog a hand job, or something of the sort... it does seem kind of amateur at the moment.

    dogpuss1, posted

    I never would have thought of letting a dog fuck me doggy style now I am really considering it. For some reason all of this really turns me. Seeing that I am currently single and I am really thinking about getting a dog because of this video. I have had a dog before but I had to give her away even though she gave me much comfort and company. Your dog looks like a pro. I love getting my pussy ate out from the back but I have never seen it be done like that. Because dogs have longer and fatter tongues this video was very enjoyable.

    horniani, posted

    Oh god that was a hot movie! I love how the dog starts licking her wet pussy at the beginning of the video and she looks like she loves it! And then he hops on top of her and tries to hump her from behind. She tries to get him to Fuck her hard and throws his paws over her shoulders. She wants it bad in either her pussy or ass. She tries over and over again to get his hard cock inside her so she can moan out loud then his cum to squirt all her sexy body! All in all, this was a sexy movie that I will watch and have watched over and over again ;)

    kawasakiguy, posted

    The beautiful bodied woman is clearly holding back... If you're going to take the time to film and post, get the pup interested. The poor pup never gets out of his sheath. It seemed as if he was going to make his way into her but never did. Unfortunately the hot bodied girl never took the time to warm him up in her hands or mouth. It w. as however a huge turn on to see that lab going at it with his tongue. I just wish we could have had a better camera angle on that. All in all i think its a good "clip" and i hope she uploads more. BEAUTIFUL BODY and BEAUTIFUL PET

    maxwells354, posted

    make another one with your tits out and a better angle and you will be on top. its great seeing these because they seem real and probably are real. this woman has a great ass and probably has a great rack too looking at her white shirt. this dog must have been trained pretty good or he just knows what he wants. i know anybody would want that. if she took the camera and angled it a little better this video would really be something. she still would not have to show her face or maybe even wear a mask if she is afraid of something.

    beavisshadow, posted

    wish she made some sounds but overall very well played homevideo. wish she show her face also. but seems like their both enjoying it tho. i hope to see another video soon simliar too this video. very nice video overall tho. she seems to really want the dog to stick it in her. i would if i was the dog. thats for sure. hot chick tho, nice body and very nice butt. gosh i wish i was the dog! lol. loving all of the video. more practice the dog will be able to do her all night and all day. im sure she would love alot

    baseball882, posted

    The clip is decent enough, though the camera angles are fairly fixed being from a mounted webcam. While the actress in it has a nice lower body, we aren't privy to see any other part of her, which is disappointing to me. There is sound in the video, although she never seems to make a noise and there is some background static in addition to the dogs panting. The opening sequence is of her having her pussy licked by the dog, at an angle that doesn't show us anything other then the dog's snout shoved against her - admittedly hot - ass. As for the rest of it with the dog mounting her, I couldn't help but notice the dog never achieved an erection which was a major turn off for me in this case.

    AlvasterRoman, posted

    Very beautiful and big golden labrador retiever eating out two fairly young girls from the back. Girls and dog look to be in good shape. He is really into it. Stops for a moment to lick her juices from his snout. Looks delicious.We really appreciated and loved that there was no globs of peanut butter in the shot or anything. Just simple lab enjoying eating (bent over) girls. mmm.. I enjoyed it. You will too. All in all a good watch.Could have been longer though. And next time you could show more of the girls, or possibly some mounting. But keep up the good work.

    huppybumpy, posted

    the pups nose buried deep into the lovely girls ass was truly exciting to imagine that being all of our own cunts and asses. the hot breath of the pup as he licked and prepared to fuck the little bitch he is going to mount. this is a good little video to get us all going. the girls breasts look very beautiful even covered as they sway to and fro while she is being mounted by a pup that seems to be learning just like she is.. when the young lady and the pup can get more organized it will be amazing the things these two will be able to show us..we all look forward to seeing the dogs cock and knot and her pussy and bewbies.

    ayasha, posted
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