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    She Takes Huge Dog Cock


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    She scoots to the end on the chair and leans off so she can take this huge dog cock in her pussy. She takes it all the way to the knot and all the way back out

    Uploaded by ChicagoGirth · Rating: 3.4 (254 votes) · 68176 views


    love to see girls take dogs misioniary , but she should lay on her back on a cusion to make him the right height and let him realy throw it to her

    houndog69, posted

    Great video but she should've been mounted. Looking for any UK girls in London or Surrey for some zoo fun. email me brett_williams@aol.com

    BeastBoy1983, posted

    very good, would be better if it wasn't sped up and sound.

    punkdude1445, posted

    Very hot to see her hungry pussy riding his rail.

    breeder09, posted

    really attractive,down to earth white 20 yr old male in FL looking for female whose into beastiality, hit me up im interested in finding someone to have some fun with, i have a big dick too... pimpn_ska @ yahoo . com

    lightnin01, posted

    Hi London guy here anyone know of Great britain girls who on are on this site? mail me at buxton54@hotmail.com

    buxs1953, posted

    Very lovely a nice skinny woman with a tight wet pussy shoving that long hard dogcock into her starving pussy,very lovely indeed!

    breeder09, posted

    pretty cool she was dido with the dog cock ,and she was enjoy with it,she was young too,by the look.

    samsonsam123, posted

    can u say packing? nice dog - whats the breed?

    fuckwhorefucker, posted

    omg i want to drill herrrr

    dudemannn, posted

    Mmmm, he is a BIG boy!!!

    gwenwalker69, posted

    hum..jeme ferais fourrer comme sa moi aussi...moi g au quebec..écrivez moi

    Nickstfelicien, posted

    How in the hell is this SPAM samsonsam? Were you born stupid. Learn your network definitions and learn how to identify spam and then you can freely make your comments

    ChicagoGirth, posted

    Who the Hell is 'Fearkiller'? Spouting off about what they saw in this film......maybe, they can see in the dark? Someone there should PAY THE LIGHT BILL!

    Carstairs, posted

    She should have been on her knees.

    ffa67, posted


    Fearkiller, posted

    Subject matter OK but movie is far too dark.

    RoboRoberto, posted

    Not a huge fan of dildogging, but this is ok. Huge cock!

    jayko, posted

    it was a nice cock though

    iswallowcumjr, posted

    Hi. Where are all the South African beast lovers? mail me at george_herman@ymail.com

    NowOrNever, posted

    Dog wasn't compliant. It's better to start them young and train them, then just using them like a dildo.

    formathe, posted

    film to dark.

    locknuts, posted


    chemg, posted

    she might done better if she was on her knee's the dog would have got the whole dick inside that wet pussy

    chubbyladie, posted

    Honestly, I found it to be a bit boring. She doesn't actually take the dog, and its extremely short. I think she could have treated that dog cock a whole lot better...But yeah.. I think the dog deserves a lot better.. and also i think the woman could have at least been moaning, like she enjoyed it. gdb fsv dfsv vsf dfvs dsv dvsd vsdf vd dsv vd sdv dvs dv vd vsd dv vddv vd s d dvvd dv vd vd vd vs d dv sd dvvd vd dv vd dv dv dv d dv dvs dv dv dv dv d dv dv dv v dv dvd v vdd vds vsdvs sd dfgsd fs fd fsd ds f s df d ret ghr tg fhfn nbg fgf gf gh hgf hgf hf ghf

    horsefucker2die, posted

    wow that girl didnt really take the dick she just gave that dog quite a gift that day. and might i add that that dog has one loving owne. I think that this is a worth wathching video. gdb fsv dfsv vsf dfvs dsv dvsd vsdf vd dsv vd sdv dvs dv vd vsd dv vddv vd s d dvvd dv vd vd vd vs d dv sd dvvd vd dv vd dv dv dv d dv dvs dv dv dv dv d dv dv dv v dv dvd v vdd vds vsdvs sd dfgsd fs fd fsd ds f s df d ret ghr tg fhfn nbg fgf gf gh hgf hgf hf ghf

    iyuvbvfsc, posted

    A really nice, albeit short clip. The video quality is moderate, and certainly gets the job done. The high points: indeed the dog cock is "huge", especially long, with a good view of the knot. It certainly leaves you wanting more. Great penetration view given the camera angle, which seems to be from the left hand of the woman doing the fucking, though it could be a bystander. The penetration is deep and enthusiastic. There's no real sound to let the viewer know exactly how the woman is enjoying it, but you can well imagine that she is. Most importantly, the woman herself is pretty hot, nice legs and stomach. I appreciate letting the imagination run a bit as far as the rest of her goes (face and all), though some breast action would have really upped the ante. Overall a great clip!

    cherub, posted
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