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    Mounted Dog Sex


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    She takes this dog from the doggystyle position and the camera view is from underneth. You can see the dogs cock enter her and cum dripping from her pussy. Great scene

    Uploaded by ChicagoGirth · Rating: 3.6 (251 votes) · 86231 views


    omg yess

    mybigauntylover, posted

    yes it s a great view, but she should take him a bit longer. dont be so nervous. kisses to you

    annapa36, posted

    Great, but way too short. I would love to see all of the movie

    killerbee3, posted

    That was Bilara. Gee none of you are experts really are you? Plenty full vids online of her.

    findu, posted

    please let him knot you next time

    FunBrenda, posted

    holy fuck that was awesome! Throbbing now wish it was longer

    sjhot, posted


    LadyUndead, posted

    if anybody in melbourne fl. has a well endowed dog. and would not mind me haveing fun with him please message me. ps i would not mind being recorded

    boatman6969, posted

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    bbvon88, posted

    Nice video

    joeytrib, posted

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    lookinside, posted

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    akaxora, posted

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    oocumoo, posted

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    phantomlover007, posted

    it awesome to see such a hot video, she was take the dog cock to her pussy and let the dog fuck her pussy fast and she enjoy the cum in her vagina too.hearing her sound she was happy with the cock in and out of her pussy.

    samsonsam123, posted

    fucking hot pussy i want to drill that hot girl to O.O

    dudemannn, posted

    great looking dog and pussy, want to see much, much more...

    tonyhywels, posted

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    Idomares, posted

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    that was great awesome sex with the dog cock enter her cum but without knot her pussy.

    samsonsam123, posted

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    Zoofuchs, posted

    that was a good looking vaj, hope to see the whole video someday

    evangelion89, posted

    that juicy pussy was way to wet for the knott......

    kutha, posted

    Oh wow! Wonderful clip, would love to see all of the scene, mmm

    ash319, posted

    great pussy and stick.

    obelix1664, posted

    Good just not long enough

    sexygeek, posted

    ummmm she sounds like she enjoying the heck outta her pup!!!!

    fxygrl10101, posted


    PralayDhal, posted


    PralayDhal, posted

    Pure beauty! Pure pleasure! 5 Stars! ***** More, please!

    dirk20200, posted

    thank you for another snippet-could you explain why these clips are so short. I guess, I'll never get that she is so beautiful-even without the dog ;-)

    dirtdevil, posted

    Gawd!!! I love this short clip--just the sounds this girl is making indicates how much she wanted that cock inside her. Pleeeeaaase make another vid like this but longer!!!!

    kaaty, posted

    little pussy big cum

    tony-dog, posted

    thats some wet n wild sexy cum blasting action but wish it was a few min longer (:

    browneyedog, posted

    Nice wish he could have kept his knot in her!

    mehoff, posted

    it would been nicer if it was longer but i did like the cum shoot, he's welcome around my place anytime

    chubbyladie, posted

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    lordsantox, posted

    The next day, Susan moved in and we started our doggie search. I found a woman that was giving away six male dogs. Her husband had passed away and she couldn’t keep the dogs. I called and made arrangements to see the dogs. We arrived at the womans home and Susan was very excited. She asked how many dogs the woman had before we got out of the car. I told her she had 6. Susan said, “I hope we can take all 6″. We went up to the house and the woman opened the door and greeted us with a big smile. She took us out to the kennels where the dogs were.Susan walked up and down the kennels, looking at each dog intently. I knew she was looking at their sheath, trying to guage how bigf there cocks were. The dogs became very excited and the woman got a knowing look on her face. The woman took Susan aside and spoke to her. Susan shook her head yes to wahtever the woman said to her. Susan then told me that this woman knows what we want the dogs for. She assured me they are very well trained and they are all well hung. We told the woman we would take all 6, but I had to setup a kennel for them.A week passed and we picked up the dogs. The woman waved and told us to enjoy the companionship the dogs would provide. I put the dogs in the kennels and went to the house. Susan was so excited at the idea she would have her choice of dog whenever she wanted. She told me she wanted to get it onThat night I gave Susan the cards the woman gave me with the commands for the dogs on them. they were in Spanish for safety when she wasn’t getting it on with the dogs. Each dog would respond to different commands to perform Susan went out and brought in one dog. His tail was wagging and he came over and licked my hand. Susan took off her robe and laid on the floor. she gave the command to lic and the dog went to town on her juicy cunt. He brought her to several orgasms before she gave the command to stop. The dog stood there. His cock already out and Susan took hold of it and turned it between his legs. She started by licking the entire length. She them proceeded to give the dog a blow job. She was already moaning and had her hand between her legs with four fingers in her cunt.She stopped and looked at me. I told to do whatever she wants with the dog. She got on all fours and gave the command to fuck. The dog quickly mounted her, and after a few thrusts, his cock was buried in her. He started going like a jack hammer. Susan was maoning and cumming a lot. The dog gave one hard thrust and Susan yelped. His knot was in and swelling fast. She cried out he was cumming in her and it felt fantastic. They stayed tied for almost a half an hour while susan orgasmed almost constantly. The dog finally shrunk enough to pull out. I caught all of the dog cum in a glass that flowed from her cunt. Susan laid there with a smile on her face. She sat up and reached for the glass and drank the dog cum and smacked her lips. she said the fuck was great and the dog cum was delicious. She also said she wanted to fuck all of the dogs the next day. I spent Saturday morning setting up what we would call the doggie play room. I built a custom bench for Susan to lay on and placed absorbent padding all around the room on the floor to soak up the doggie cum. Little did Susan know I also installed video cameras, so I could watch and tape her in action. We ate lunch. Aftr lunch, Susan told me to bring in the dogs. She kind of disappeared into our bedroom. She came out with a robe on and all made up. She looked extremely hot. I told her, her lovers awit her. You could smell her wet pussy and I’m sure the dogs did too. The dogs were whinig and scratching at the door. I asked susan if she wanted me in the room with her. She said no, she could handle as much dog cock as they wanted to give her. Susan entered the room and immediately took of her robe. She looked great. She had shaved her pussy smooth and she was literaly dripping cunt juice. She walked over and laid down on the padded bench. She gave the command to lick to a dalmation. He went right at her. She was moaning as the dogs tongue went into her cunt deep. She gave the command to another dog to get over her head so she could suck him off. She stroked the sheath and was rewarded with a large dog cock spraying pre cum. Susan moaned and took the dog cock into her mouth. Her head started bobbing on the cock, swallowing the precum. Meanwhile, the dalmation mounted her missionary style and his cock entered her. The dog went at her with gusto, trying to knot with her. He didn’t succeed, but fucked her good. She had several orgasms before the dog came in her cunt. The dog she was giving head to came in her mouth. She swallowed greedily, but some cum trickled out of the side of her mouth. Both dogs moved off and she smacked her lips reveling in the taste of doggie cum. She got up and lowered herself to the floor on all fours. she wiggled her ass to get the next dog to mount her. The first dog to mount was a Springer. He drove his doggie cock deep, seating the knot on the first thrust. She yelped at that, but started moaning as the dog fucked her. The dog stopped and started cumming in her and she cried out, I love doggie cum in my pussy. The dog turned in her so they were ass to ass, locked tight by the knot. She waited half an hour before the dog shrunk enough to pull out with a loud plop and a stream of cum flowing from her cunt. She didn’t move because the next dog was on her in a flash. She was still giving the commands to each dog to fuck her. The dog she chose was a Rottie. He was bigger than the last dog, so his knot didn’t go in on the first try. She was crying out for the dog to fuck her good. The dog was humping so fast, it was a blur. The dog stopped once and shuffled a bit closer and thrust several times before being successful in driving his knot home. This time, there were tears in her eyes because he was so big. She grunted and said, ” damn he’s getting bigger but I love it.” The Rottie pumped into her and started to cum. He calmed down and turned in her. She then gave the command to a Great Dane that was prancing around. The Dane moved to her head and laid down. She took his cock, which was already exposed and proceeded to suck it. She even deep throated him. The Rottie finally was able to pull out and she gave the command for the Dane to mount her. By this time, her cunt was gaping. The Dane mounted and entered her. He was more gentle than the other dogs that already fucked her. He fucked her for a good fifteen minutes before he drove his knot in. He started to cum right away at that. Susan was now in auto mode, cumming constantly. The Dane was able to pull out right away and Susan quickly turned and took his still cumming dick into her mouth. She savored every drop of cum. Susan kept at it all afternoon and evening, where she finally had enough. Every dog had he several times and she must have swallowed gallons of dog cum. I took the dogs to the kennels while Susan cleaned up. Once she was cleaned up, we ate some dinner. We talked about how she felt. She said she was a little sore, but not sore enough to not do the doggie gangbang again. She said it was the greatest sex ever. I told her we would wait until the next weekend. PART 4 Susan and I talked for the next few days. I wrestled about telling her about the filming of her with the dogs. I finally decided to tell her. When I did, she got excited and wanted to watch it. She watched herself with all of the dogs and got wetter than ever. Her cunt juices were just flowing and he clit got hard, red and angry looking. I took her myself right on the floor and then we went to the bedroom for a night of incredible sex. She told me she really enjoyed sex wit I then told her that the guys were asking if they could gang fuck her again. She told me no, but that they could watch her with the dogs. I explained everything to the other guys, and they were excited to be able to watch her. We setup web cams in her doggie room and setup a date for the show.I told the guys the day and time, which was Saturday. Saturday evning finally arrived and at the appointed time, the guys came online. Susan said hi to all of them and said, “I hope you all enjoy the show because she was going to enjoy herself immensly”. I turned the webcams on in the doggie room. Susan entered with the Dobie at her side. His dick was already showing. She stripped off her robe, then waved at the camera. She stood with her legs spread apart and called the dog to her. She commanded him to lick. The dog went to town, licking her slit from one end to the other. His tongue snaked into her canal and she shuddered with pleasure. She then lay down on the bench, drew her legs up and the Dobie went at her again. She was moaning as the dog licked furiously. She had a massive orgasm and the dog stopped his ministrations to her pussy. She gave him the command to fuck. This was his first time in the missionary and seemed to not know what to do. Susan grabbed his forelegs and pulled him onto her. His cock touched her opening and he went at ther. He plunged his cock into her a little at a time. The dog started hammering her as only a dog can do. More and more of his doggie cock disapeared into her until his knot banged at her cuntal entrance. The cock pistoned in and out, while the knot slowly stretched her cunt. The Dobie gave a hard lunge and the knot was in. He started short strokes but fast. Susan was moaning and putting on a great show. She gasped when the Dobie stopped moving and started shooting his cum in her. She orgasmed at that time. Now the dog was tied with her. She humped up at him and his knot rubbed her “G” spot making her cum multiple times. This went on for a good 20 minutes. Finally the knot shrunk enough to pull out. Susan immediately got down on the floor and started cleaning the dog cock. She licked, slurped and sucked the dog cock for a good 15 minutes. She smiled at the camera and told us the show will continue. Susan leaves the room naked and returns with 2 more dogs. One is a Dalmation, the other is a Jack Russel. Both dogs are already excited, their cocks showing. Susan gets down on all fours across the bench. Both dogs start licking her from her ass through her slit, finishing at her clit. She is moaning and panting just like a bitch. The dalmation pushes the Russel away and mounts her. She reaches back and guides his hard doggie cock to her opening, which is super wet. She calls the Russel to her and she gives him the command to mount her at her head. She is at the perfect height and the dogs cock is aimed at her mouth. She takes the dog cock into her sweet lips and moans in pleasure. Meanwhile, the Dalmation is hammering her cunt. She pushes back want ing the knot. All of a sudden she yelps as the knot goes in. The dog she is sucking starts pistoning in her mouth. Susan controls her gag reflex and deep throats the dog. She grunts with every thrust of dog cock in her pussy and mouth. You can see she is really enjoying herself. The guys watching can’t believe how much she is enjoying the doggie performance. Finally, the Russel howls and starts shooing his cum down her throat. She sucks greedily, swalloing all of his hot cum. The Dalmation is now short stroking her. The Russel gets down and cleans his cock and then lays down. Susan cries out how deep the dalmation is in her and how big the knot has gotten. The Dalmation howls and Susan goes wild with orgasms as his hot cum splashes her insides. Susan is locked to the dogs cock and she cums constantly. 20 minutes later, the Dalmation shrinks enough to pull out. Both dogs proceed to clean her as the cum pursa out. She grins into the camera and says she needs a little break, but there are still more dogs to fuck. PART 5 While susan went to cleanup and take a break Us guys sat around having a drink and talking about susan and the dogs. The guys were amazed at how much she loved sex with the dogs. The doorbell rings and I go to answer it. It’s Rosie, the girlfriend of one on the guys. She tells me she came over because her boy friend had told her about Susan and the show she would be putting on. I wasn’t to happy that he told Rosie. I let her in thinking she would only stay for a few minutes. She said she wanted to watch, that she was curious about sex with animals.I hesitated, then relented. Susan re entered the room with another dog. This time it was a Brindle. Susan started off playing with the dog’s sheath. His cock came right out due to his knowing he would get some good pussy from Susan. Rosie was surprised when Susan got beneath the dog and took his cock into her mouth. Rosie’s eyes were glued to the screen. Susan sucked the dog with a passion only a dog slut would have. I mentioned that this dog was her favorite because he could go on for at least an hour and mount multiple times. Rosie couldn’t believe the size of the dog’s cock and said so. She was mesmerized by the scene unfolding before her eyes. Susan got on all fours and the dog started licking like it was his last meal. Susan had several orgasms. This was his signal to mount, which he did. He plunged that big cock into Susan and she let out a little yelp. Rosie was now squirming in the chair and watching the screen intently. She panted she had never seen anything so hot. I told Rosie she could play with her pussy while she watched Susan take the dog on. Susan got up and removed her skirt and panties. Her boyfriend smiled as she sat and draped her legs over the arms of the chair. This exposed her cunt, with it’s swollen lips. She started rubbing herself and whispering, “I wish that was me”. Susan was by now screaming because the dog was hammering her so fast and hard. You could see the knot going in and out with every stroke. The Brindle stopped his stroking and Susan had her best cum of the day so far. The dog dismounted, his cock sliding out of her cunt. Susan scrambled around and took his cock depp in her mouth, drinking the cum still shooting from his cock. She swallowed greedily, not missing a drop. She looked at the camera and smacked her lips. Meanwhile, Rosie had taken a beer bottle and was fucking herself with it. I asked Rosie if she would like to join Susan and try a dog. She moaned she would love to try that and something more. I told her to go join Susan and do whatever both of them wanted to do.

    stawali, posted

    This movie was excellent. I like to see that total penetration and such an eager dog. It may not last that long buy the little muts enthusiasm must make a gals pussy ignite with pleasure. Just seeing this video makes me want to treat my hot wife to this erotic adventure. When she saw it she became very wet. She said she liked it best when that girls pussy became dripping wet with doggie cum. I'll be on the look out for a good dog. They all can lick but to find one that isn't neutered. This movie was well done and had good lighting. That's important when there's a clean pretty pussy being stuffed with dog cock. We loved seeing that doggy cream pie. The messier the better. Good show!!!

    maxpower2727, posted

    In this clip, the dog has mounted the woman from behind and the camera is positioned fairly well to capture the entire action sequence. While the camera does appear rather shakey and doesn't quite capture the action at the start as the woman's hand positioning the dog's cock covers the initial thrusts and penetration, you see very clearly each thrust after that the dog makes into the woman's pussy. The true payoff is the sight of the juices running out of the woman's engorged pussy as the dog withdraws on its last few thrusts, it really does bring the whole clip together and makes it all together enjoyable. Well worth watching.

    newguy134, posted
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