• very cute girl play with her pet. nice video very short but i like these stuff. the girl is very beautiful and hot, a real sexy bomb. i hope you like

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    awesome video! Message me to talk sex! Into anything. or email fullylaced@hotmail.co.uk

    fullylaced, posted

    nice video! If anyone wants to chat utter filth email me: fullylaced at hot mail. co. uk incest, animal or pretty much anything! :-)

    fullylaced, posted

    great bod wish she would do more with dog

    houndog69, posted

    would have the dog fuck you, then my turn.

    adiace, posted

    great body this bitch has.

    jayko, posted

    Would love to fuck them both

    1billy4unow, posted

    Amazing body on girl giving a dog a HJ

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    oocumoo, posted

    The Duck demands more!

    rontheduck, posted

    very cute girl and I like it --- loved to seen her fucked

    aleksander1, posted

    any of you lot got any real videos u could send me to my email? if so my email is lewis-1991@live.com

    lewisj, posted

    waste of film unless theres a longer clip that shows that puss. a knott, doggy cock, anything LOL!!

    bigdamo09, posted

    Girl you need to lose those panties and put that cock in you!

    mehoff, posted

    Is there a longer verison?

    johan84, posted

    she's very hot, has she done any more !!!

    satman, posted

    woman has a fine out-standing body. loved to seen her fucked.

    1robert, posted


    hiqwe1, posted

    this is hott! :)

    john325696, posted

    love ths she fit swell

    jim07725582209, posted

    i really doubt this was worth watching!? i'd still like to know what's wrong with this girl. i will not make fun of those that are handicapped... so, she seems to always be clentching her fist like she's have spasms and nearly fell over at the end of her vid. if she has MS or something thats one thing but if she's just higher than a kite and doesn't know what to do with the pooch thats kinda funny!

    browneyedog, posted

    love them both would fuck her and suck him

    readyforthis, posted

    very nice! ^_^

    kitten2, posted

    this girl its from romania.the land of all nice women

    djidji, posted

    The dog was like " stop teasing & start pleasing !

    bryandavis, posted

    ohh yes nice stuff

    lovemydogknot, posted

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    wow great video wish i could be there and help you. only if i was there. great quality and great music in the back. keep up the good work girly and i hope for move videos to come! also your very sexy and we should 3 way i only wish that your videos were longer so i could enjoy them alot more. yes yes yes yes yes yes need more videos of you and your dog maybe you can suck him off and get him to ride you also? only giving you suggestions. i still wish i could be there in person and what camera were you using? only just wondering beautiful.

    wrhtwgrr, posted

    This is one of the hottest women I have seen on a beastiality website. If you watch all of the 5 videos you will be hooked. I wish I could find more videos of this girl. She reminds me so much of my ex-girlfriend. When i watch this video I pretend it is her. The only thing this video is missing is her getting down on her hands and knees and taking it "doggy style!" The way she masturbates the dog is great though. She really puts her whole body into it. I just want to see her put it into her whole body.

    365mam, posted

    Really Hot young girl. Could do with her taking off thoese clothes tho!. Plus it would be good to see if you would do anything with the dog, exspect wanking it off. For example letting it lick her out maybe? Or just general fuck her. Would be great if all the videos off her would be like that, as the ones that i can find are all of her doing the same thing which is a shame, not many fit young girls doing this kinda stuff on here so would be great to see them doing even more! Haha hope to see it soon.

    sadsadasw, posted

    This is not good at all. The girl needs to be more involved with the dog. Her hand touching the dogs cock is not even visible. I suggest she gets on her hands and knees wets her pussy or asshole and lets that pooch slide his cock inside her and get nice and knotty. More action from the beautiful blonde I says! None of these 15 second movies are even worth clicking on. Why bother upload such a short clip when you can just keep it nice and long and flowing? This is a girl that could reel in thousands of views if things were more tasty to view. And the same goes for hundreds of other tiny clips! Get it together people and share the animal love that every animal lover deserves to see.

    sergeantp1, posted

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