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    Girl Fucks And Sucks 6


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    a girl with the mask fucks and sucks her dog. the video was taken by her boyfriend who helps dabble in the canine friend. is a series of videos not bad. I hope you like it.

    Uploaded by Cluuuuu · Rating: 3.7 (255 votes) · 62934 views


    Very young......veey yummy! The younger the better!

    666pedro666, posted

    Bardzo ladnie

    Dracopawel, posted

    I love when grls wear masks

    Victrola25, posted

    she's very eager sucking but no fucking. she sure is a beauty with a well hung dog . hope to see some fucking soon.

    1robert, posted

    its ok, I would like it more with audio...

    jayko, posted

    cameraguy sucks donkey balls

    k911, posted

    fucking amazing

    ballsblue, posted

    That is some awsome oral hes getting.

    breeder09, posted

    Message me if you're near Scranton pa with a big pup or horse

    supertrooper69, posted

    Nice job masked lover.

    1billy4unow, posted

    love it

    haloface, posted

    Tell the guy with the camera to piss off.... let the girl find a decent camera operator.... Jeseu!!!!

    chaucer, posted

    love the way she sucks that cock would love to be by her si´de so i could have her dog fuck me while it is hard

    amanda16, posted

    This is slightly better than the other one they did...if I was there I`d punch that non-camera operating fuck and take over.

    jayko, posted

    i need more!

    qwertyuioplopol, posted

    Mmm, sooo sexy, so erotic, sooo mouth watering!

    gwenwalker69, posted

    hum..wow sa semble a sucer...moi g au quebec ouvert a tout..écrivez moi xxx

    Nickstfelicien, posted


    Ourweb, posted


    oocumoo, posted

    any girls masturbating? inbox me

    oocumoo, posted

    vere nice suck cock

    hseen_113, posted

    She is SOOOO Naughty, I love it!!!

    gwenwalker69, posted

    been there myself

    chili900, posted

    Donovan, it's so strange, but I am a guy, and get messages from guys using girl's names, and then they don't ever get back with me if I ask them if they're really girls.. I am a guy, Charlotte, NC area, who's looking to HELP a girl with her dog, and will do anything SHE WISHES so she TOO can get a little stimulation,, 282287@gmail.com girls, couples and can help with your OWN dogs if two girls are playing the "two" balls, one knot, back pocket,,, heh heh heh,, May just as well have a little fun ! I'm waiting girls.. no pushing,, unless it's YOU who's backing into the knot,, lol.. Be sweet ladies.. Greg

    jgol, posted

    Why do so many guys on here have a womans name.

    donavan, posted

    i love it what i would do for a girlfriend like her

    capriman, posted

    molto bello ,peccato che non beve la sborra del cane

    roby1456, posted

    Damm she's hot. I Love her eyes & the fact she swallows that cock down to the knot. Hope to see more from her.

    imfucked, posted

    Wow, what a lucking friend

    cattleslinger, posted

    I like, nice mask and tongue,hot bod...

    jayko, posted

    I love it! Nothing better than watching a woman and her favorite K9. I used to do alot of this with my wife years ago. I still like talking to anyone about it, especially women. If any one out there would like to talk about experiences and share some fun stories, email me at junglejohn295@yahoo.com. Hope to hear from anyone soon!

    junglejohn, posted

    decent enough i guess for a simply sucking vid :/

    browneyedog, posted

    Sweet! They both enjoyed!

    harleypoor, posted

    :) good

    love_mature88, posted

    Pure beauty! Pure passion! Pure pleasure! 5 Stars! ***** More, please!

    dirk20200, posted

    This video was decent in how it was captured but all I could hear was the dog panting. Other than that I enjoyed this video. This video was exactly what the name says she sucked the dogs cock hard but she never fucked the dog. The mask wad a good touch to hide her identity and to keep some dignity. This is a good way to keep a relationship going between her and her boyfriend. It is pretty much a win win situation for all three of them. She got to suck a cock, the dog got his cock sucked, and the boyfriend got a good show from it.

    RazielRaumFrost, posted

    It is very hot seeing the women submissive to her dog, and the dog likes the hot mouth from the women on its penis. also its great that she also deep throats the dog and making it cum everywhere. Once things were heated she should have to the penis and stuck it in her butt and pussy. It looks like she is an older lady that has a real deep fetish for dogs. I wish we could c her face to see how pretty she looks. The tits are amazing also.I would love to see the women suck a dog and have sex with one at the same time.

    capettig, posted
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