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    this is another clip from the video of the very sexy girl looking girl with the large black great dane doing it doggy style she loves it

    Uploaded by smgma · Rating: 3.0 (136 votes) · 40067 views


    good doggy

    Graysky, posted

    Thank you!Good boy get that beautifull pussy make her your bitch ;)

    mehoff, posted


    tadek1699, posted

    I get the feeling Great Danes are terrible at sex...

    BeastyDemon, posted

    Female from Russia, searching zoosex talks and advices.

    milena1980, posted


    wirsuchen, posted

    That was beautiful attempt,too bad he didn't get to sink that long cock of his into her waiting pussy,oh well keep on practicing it will work out for her.

    breeder09, posted

    well she was beautiful and sexy,but that stupid dog don't know to gave her hot cum, if it was me i surely gave her hot hot cum in her vagina.may be baby well come.

    samsonsam123, posted

    ...good movies are made of this - suspense...I am sure everyone who watches this waits with heavy breathing to see the huge dog dick enter the pussy. the fact that it doesn't enter is perhaps better than if it did because it leaves what happens next to the imagination of all dogfuck enthusiasts. I am sure we all have a perfect ending to this clip in our heads...

    kay-nine, posted

    the dog miss the hole

    tinyheavy6, posted


    sercom, posted

    I really like this video

    dudue34, posted

    Girls in Iowa or Nebraska message me

    doglover0869, posted


    sarutul111, posted

    Money buys you longer videos, what do you expect out of 41 seconds?

    sexyjenny16, posted

    That poor fellow couldn't find her sweet hole.

    breeder09, posted


    bashaj, posted

    This is why you don't get my money, petsex. Your standards are shit.

    ou81288, posted

    Man, if she would have juss stick her ass out a little an actually get on her knees, he would have knotted her very quickly... you can see he wants to pump his seed inside his women... so im kinda disapointed with her!!.. the dog juss wants to love his mate.. an she teased an denied him the whole way... Shame on her!!

    HoneyMaster, posted

    good movie. gal was willing. must be young dog. he'll be a winner with age.

    1robert, posted

    yes not to bad need to pratice more

    x_pac6969, posted

    That hurts when they are just jabbing at it but not going in get that lovely ass of yours up and reach back and help that hard ready cock in that sweet pussy and soon you wont have to help him he will be like a magnet attracted to steel

    fidos_ladi, posted

    Not bad. Definatley beginners

    Chauser, posted

    guess he ll learn later

    shaggabut, posted

    The dog got in her but was just stabbing into her!

    mehoff, posted

    screen capture... hmmm... be better if it wasn't, no?

    browneyedog, posted

    This girl obviously love the big dogs, the black Dane in this clip is huge. However, I must tell you that it is a poor transfer from some other medium. I think it is a video, of a old film because you can hear what sounds like a projector in the background, and you never hear her or Fido at all. The action is ok and the woman knows how to take a big dog on all fours there is no denying that. Problems with this video are the sound, and poor video quality, probably from transfer from different media. That being said, for a short video this little woman is amazing at taking on a big dog.

    knotnormal621, posted
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