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    Girl Knoted


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    girl being knoted by her dog, the video was taken by her boyfriend, he help to take the knot out of girl pussy enjoy the video and listen how she cries

    Uploaded by mclur · Rating: 3.4 (259 votes) · 81496 views


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    hotrod167, posted


    cumdog56, posted

    my wife would let our labs fuck her pussy while i would watch and jack off and film.when my labs would pop their knot out i would stick my toung in her pussy then slid my dick in her throbing fresh dog fucked pussy full of dog cum and fuck her untill i came in her pussy

    getdownonit, posted

    I would seriously LOVE to taste her after that!

    gwenwalker69, posted

    Sehr geil, ich schiebe meinen Schwanz hinterher. Anschliessend lecke ich sie sauber.

    dog9898horse, posted

    She reminds me of my friend daughter who is lots younger

    snugglebear69, posted

    Would've liked to have seen the mounting and humping. Otherwise nice.

    scooter206, posted

    i would love to see a chick do something like this in person. if anyone knows a girls who would in Maryland please let me know!!!

    harddock101, posted

    Very nice. I would love to see that in person.

    switchback, posted

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    ray8110, posted

    wow...nice ass

    duderino69, posted

    Poor video quality and perspective.

    surfsock, posted

    Can I fuck her next

    gotafuckadog, posted

    Some people need to learn how to use a camera

    shadow83blk, posted

    Wow la chapis...creo q anduviste por sexosintabues jaja...me encanta tu video y tu gemidito es mortal!

    Cureoseando, posted

    This is a decent short clip showing what we all live for- getting the dog to mount and penetrate us deeply and long enough for his knot to form and remain inside as he squirts his precious cum in us. The man pulls the dog's tail up to reveal the knot plopping out of her pussy. A larger knot would have remained inside the woman. Or, she needs to work on those PC muscles so she can grip harder. All in all a nice video.

    marthap, posted

    dayummmmmmmm that was hot

    fullload232323, posted

    You have a sexy ass... make more videos... would love to lick ur sexy pussy

    310310tt, posted

    mm I would love to clean her up

    Belinda402007, posted

    awesome, I loved it;)

    CherriesD, posted

    really... just no comment :/

    browneyedog, posted

    I think that doggy cock was in this girl but way to dark to know that for sure. Nice sounds coming from the lady and a good sized cock attached to this dog. Needs work but could be a winner with more light and length.

    kaaty, posted

    in maine and i need my tight ass fucked

    summitkid96, posted

    too short did not get to see dog enter her

    x_pac6969, posted

    A short clip, but it is a GOOD one! She is a girl being knotted by a medium-sized dog, while she is on all fours. Her perfectly round and ample butt looks shiny with all of the dog's juices, too. Her boyfriend records the knotting, and even helps the dog getting his pulsing shaft out of her hot opening. The girl moans really loudly and clearly, and I am sure that her boyfriend is enjoying himself, too! (I mean, looking at his chick on all fours, getting fucked by a dog! Yeah!) There is even a great slo-mo at the end of the vid, and they even kept her sexy cries in it.

    horseluver6996, posted

    A large, brown dog has already finished having sex with the woman in the video and has knotted her. The woman cries out in pleasure as the dog is filling her up with his hot semen and begins to get caught on the knot. This video is shot from a first person perspective of what appears to be a male, and this person helps remove the dog's penis from the woman's vagina, since it has knotted her and won't come out on its own. This action prompts a bit more of a response in the woman, and then the man plays around with her ass a bit, showing off what the dog has done.

    mitzelplik, posted

    This was a really good and hot film about how hot the dogs knot popping out can really be and how her boyfriend ( and or husband ) helped her out by popping that hot thick dog meat from her pussy and how much of an impact it can really have on the female as far as pleasure ( or pain ) can go in their reactions and their wellbeing as a whole and how much it means for a guy to just yank that big peace of meat right on out of a female and or lover. This connection with one another means alot to some people but people don't get the whole "Oh my gf's fucking our pet ew " factor to the whole if she wants this lets her do it and it's sad people cant see this as an act of passion not perversion for one and more over just fun

    shade222, posted

    The girl, filmed by her boyfriend, get knotted. when her boyfriend helps the dog to get the knot out, she moans very nice during that. The dog has a nice big knot, thats why the girl enjoys it so much. The girl obviously likes it because she moans very nice during the vid. Afterwards there is a slomo version of the knot popping out her sweet drippin wet pussy. I self liked it because the moan itself was very realistic, it was real no fake moan, i like real no fake stuff. It made me all horny just by watching the vid once

    lolzcat, posted

    This video is awesome! It is so hot watching her get fucked by that dog. The one thing that would make it better is if the chick took in the dog's cum, and had him cum all up inside of her, that would have been really hot, and sexy, and great to see. I hope that behind the scenes, that chick and her dog got it on, and I hope that I can at some point see that! this video is so epic, I think I came a little, and I'm pretty sure tons of people would say the same thing, also, I wish we could have seen it from some other angles, and seen the chick cum all over the dog, and then play with his penis some more.

    KopB, posted

    very sexy pussy being drilled deep by her dog..what a lovely big cock the dog had to make her moan..just wish it was me who could have been behind him helping to get his knot in to her sexy pussy..we didn't get to see any of the dogs cum,but it sure did get my cock nice and hard...well worth a wank...just a shame i've no dog here to lick me off as i cum..i think i'm going to have to watch this film over and over again..if anyone has a dog free for an hour send her this way..really want to try sex with a dog,the closest i've got is getting licked by one..

    catfart, posted

    Thought it was hot! Nice size dog cock, personally would love to feel him knot and cum in me. Would have liked to see the long version if there is one. Like the way they used the slow motion feature as you can see the dog cock sliding out of her wet pussy. I think it would have been even more arousing if we could have seen some dog cum at the end. That really kind of puts the icing on the cake for viewers who partake in that the first time you experience dog cum it's a real pleaseant surprise when you experience how hot it is literally. Annie

    hotwifeannie, posted

    needed better lighting in the beginning, but overall worth the watch, love the knot popping out of that lovely ass. would have liked to see the sperm running out of it as well. i did like the submissive pose, it looks like she has done this before and the animal was well behaved and very well hung. i think it would have been better to have shown the womans facial expression to go along with the sound so you would get the overall affect of the shot, like they say a picture is worth a thousand words and if she looks like she is enjoying it the sounds would surely sell it that way

    dragonsclaw73, posted

    i herd on the internet that girl love having sex with dog i diden't beleave it so i said to my self i have to check it.holy shit there iis thousand of it i cliking on all it then i came across girl notted i got so horny that i had check it out that when i came across girl notted then i got realy hard as rock when i saw dog dick going in and out fo the girl pussy then the slow mo it was so good watching the dog dick coming in and out slow i just sat back jerk off watching it over and over .

    sub06, posted
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