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    Pitbull And Pussy


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    me and my pitbull having a little bit of fun :) licking my pussy and making me cum on my bed still having fun god damn i hate doing this description lol just watch the vid

    Uploaded by freakaleak23 · Rating: 2.9 (76 votes) · 41080 views


    Any one in Suffolk got a pet I can Fuck

    lookinside, posted

    Unable to enjoy

    Queenbee3, posted

    That is HOT :)

    lc1971, posted

    Outta ALL the breeds out there, i prefer to be licked by a pitty.... Their tongues are unique compared to other breeds an in my opinion, feels the best while being licked.. hmmmm... sure is a lucky lady right there!!

    FlickLickMyClit, posted

    Outta ALL the breeds out there, i prefer to be licked by a pitty.... Their tongues are unique compared to other breeds an in my opinion, feels the best while being licked.. hmmmm... sure is a lucky lady right there!!

    FlickLickMyClit, posted

    I LOVE pitbulls. They're gorgeous and fierce and there are only a few breeds that I would prefer to be dominated by.

    Decemberist, posted

    That fat, pretty pussy and moaning made me wet and touch myself. I wish it was much longer though.

    baseballs27, posted

    @ browneyedog i made a mistake on making my profile , ima girl & this is me in the vid lol ..

    freakaleak23, posted

    Oh YES! I'm so wet .....next time PLEEEZ make the vid a bit longer (but still free) Fantastic vid!!

    littlemongeral, posted

    i posted my comment below before i saw that the profile who posted this vid is of a guy... wonder if its just a rip and post mov or if the girl used the guys profile. hmmm... so sick of unoriginal vids, hope this isn't one of them, if it is, then just lame, lame people :/

    browneyedog, posted

    really, no discription needed. your pit looked like it knew what it wanted, loved your scent and taste and went and got it. good pooch! sure you enjoyed the attention on your nice and wet/horny pussy, must have if you came. i thank you for the post!

    browneyedog, posted

    im lookin for someone in Denver co area has a doggie that would like be my freind and lick my ass... and maybe ill get nerver to let fuck me

    lilcock1, posted

    yeah I know that nice rough Doggie Tongue feels sooooooo good :)

    lilbeaver, posted

    nice vis. let him fuck you in your shithole.

    mosquiller, posted

    this video was so good makes me wanna go out and film some of these movies with a girl and a horse see how much the human body can take its amazing to see a girl take all that dick amazing to see how much the human body can stratch and it just seems that these movies really turn me on haha this site is really good but i thought it was going to be free but it seems either i make movies and stream them or i become a member to get credit . to get my credit am writing this dumb ass review to watch atleast one movie to see how much i like this animal sex. well ill let you guys know once i see one of these movies ill write another review to let you guys know if i like or didnt like .

    ernie100, posted

    It is a lot of licking which is good. But then again i am the type to prefer penetration. The pitt is enjoy every last bit of that pussy though. Definitely not his first time. I would love to be there, wish I had a pitt of my very own who could pleasure me like that.But I would include mounting. Licking is hot, but mounting and knotting is a hell of a lot more hotter! I bet he has a huge knot, and fuck that would be awesome! There, that pretty much sums up that video. Can not write too much about a 22 second licking, right?

    Stew1234, posted

    This is a perspective shot clip and a girl being eaten out by her pitbull. The audio and video are good quality, and the dog is well trained. Could have had a better perspective and somemore words on the part of the girl. Also, most videos fall into the category of uneventful in that they are only showing the act of sex or in this case being eaten out. One of the markers of a good video is to have a progressive build up as part of the video. The girl in this video has a nice pussy and we'd like to see more of it and hear about what she is doing and feeling. It makes the viewer even more part of the experience. If we could see how you strip down, attract your beautiful dog, and then have him eat your pussy out followed by a nice climax if you get there.

    sssss12345, posted

    This movie is of good quality with clear video and audio however it is very short. I would like to have seen at least a minute or more of the dog pleasuring her. It is hard to tell if she was enjoying herself as she was not making any indications either way. It's a shame that a dog as powerful as a pitbull was just limited to tasting her pussy as I am sure he would have much rather been entering her and sinking his knot deep into her. I am hoping the author decides to upload a more complete version of this video with a bit more action in the near future. It has potential and could make for a hot watching experience with just a little more length and action.

    joel2243, posted
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