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    Bbw Sucking


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    A large sized woman is laying on her bed. She has her dog right on top of her face. She pulls his penis right into her mouth and suck it dry.

    Uploaded by david79 · Rating: 3.6 (254 votes) · 79793 views


    shes good no great !

    dogsucker666, posted

    id let her handle me anytime she wants to!

    midnite3, posted

    good girl mmmmmmm

    gemini69er, posted

    Sweet love to fuck her and help her suck that cock!!

    jdwedeez562, posted

    great to wath mmmm wish i can see this for real

    gemini69er, posted

    nice tits

    tartisdriver, posted

    if anybody in melbourne fl. with a large dog and will let me have sex with him this will be my first time with a dog. i will let you recorded it.

    boatman6969, posted

    I don't care if she's fat or not, just watching her suck a dog cock makes my DICK HARD

    bitemebigtime, posted

    would love to see her fuck that dog

    punkdude1445, posted

    It never ceases to amaze me, the amount of women that readily/willigly suck a doggy cock,........just wish I could find such a K9 queen....she should suck doggy before she fucks him.....get a face mount and a throat full of doggy seed. I have to agree with animalpsycho on this....doggy didnt enjoy it....

    fuzzyfreek, posted

    The dog was not into it at all. He was not hard and she didn't know how to suck it. She is a hot BBW but if she isn't any better with a man than she was with the dog. She isn't worth the time.

    illvpabdc, posted

    Komme aus Deutschland und suche Gleichgesinnte, meldet euch! zip.sp2@web.de

    kcnckcnc, posted

    Very good movie. I want to be part of it.

    gkhushi, posted

    i jus want to lick ur pussy out n tite while u suck the dog..i am a 23 old female..damn u have a hot body

    p3p3p3, posted

    Oh fuck yes!!!!! I love this shit! Email me at junglejohn295@yahoo.com. Anyone!!

    junglejohn, posted

    OMG, her partner must LOVE her!! She is such a sexy slut!!

    gwenwalker69, posted

    Great Video!

    kalrev, posted

    a dog cock feels great down my throat

    tgirlwhore, posted

    Okay, the bbw is beautiful, but what was she trying to do? Trying to let the camera see her suck the dog's dick? That's not why she should suck his dick. She should suck his dick, because SHE likes it. And she should be aware, that the dog does NOT like it. So she shouldn't do it too long. Unless she knows, what she's doing. And from what I've seen in this clip, she doesn't. And all the stupid people commenting, how hot it is, what she's doing and how good she's doing it, know shit. So DON'T listen to them. They are stupid and they want you to be just as stupid as they are. Misery likes company. Btw, what she was sucking on the dog's dick is NOT where his pleasurepoints are, is NOT his erogenic zone. animalpsychologist.

    cleclego, posted

    Very smart lady and this is her usual work

    dregasesty, posted

    what the fuck !

    tj123456, posted

    yum yum yum what a good bitch she is

    Belinda402007, posted

    I love big chicks. Always have done and always will.

    bitchboy, posted

    davidhw@hotmail.co.UK I want to Fuck you bitch any one near ipswich suffolk want to help me

    lookinside, posted

    very very nice

    massarihadji, posted


    ballsblue, posted

    wow...a gr8 bj....and WHAT a Hot Body...yummmmy many tnx for posting!

    fredog51M, posted

    BONDY, it tastes good.

    brokenstraw, posted

    what did it taste like good or bad

    bondy246, posted

    i wish i was that dog atm

    Mroakley, posted

    cool. like that her bf was into what she was... oor vice versa.

    lollipop987, posted

    I fucking love fat girls. they aim to please

    dirtyslag, posted

    I like that she was so eager to get it in her mouth. Real hot. ( I hope she swallowed)

    ynnel, posted

    One thing of the many that i love about this clip is that there's a man (hubby or B/f?) helping her. I find this so erotic as he wants her to have another kind of sex experience. Kudos to all!

    ashleytakahama, posted

    well, david your other clip was much better than this one, even if it was so much shorter. the dog here didn't seemed to impressed with her fondling his dick. wonder who made this clip just for the show of it?

    browneyedog, posted

    i wish she would suck meee.....oh how i would love to eat her pussy and suck those lovley tits

    lilcock1, posted

    Wow! Exquisite! Wow! 5 Stars! ***** Wow!...Nice! She's so hot!

    dirk20200, posted

    BBW made for love making.sweet.

    digitallover, posted

    me and my girlfriend love watching this lady, such an amazing turn on. Shame the video isn't longer as she seem to know what she is doing and gives good head. Hopefully she gets on all fours and lets the dog mount her as he deserves it. Would be good to see more video from this couple. Very enjoyable all round i am sure everyone else would agree once they have seen it. We are new to this but watching videos like this makes my wife want to try rather than just watch. We would like to see her take the knott as this is something we would love to try ourselves very soon

    buckdart, posted

    Great video quality. The Stud was exceptionally well manned. Nice to see for a change. He needed no handler other than the Bitch sucking his cock. She did an excellent job. You could see her cheeks contracting when she had him in her mouth. She really was sucking dog cock and appeared to be enjoying it. My only criticism...The video was to short. It would have been nice to see the Stud actually breed the Bitch in true dog fashion and maybe some comments from the Bitch on her love of animal sex. 3 1/2 Knots out of 5 Knots Cougar47

    Cougar47, posted

    This video was overrated. The girl was pretty much just laying there the whole fucking time! I wish it was a more active video such as the credited ones instead of a girl pointlessly standing or laying i should say not even entertaining me. I would rather find another video that is twice as good in the credit videos they actually look pretty hot but thats just my opinion on the video if you wanted to truely spice it up do it doggy style! man that stuff is amazing in my opinion and maybe its good in other peoples thoughts too just trying to help out you know well thats my review on this video so yeah bye

    james.zdvsb, posted

    This woman clearly loves to suck the dog's cock. I loved the way she took his balls and cock in her hand and guided it into her mouth. She allowed him to literally fuck her mouth with his cock. There are plenty of video's like this, But she seemed to want his cock in her mouth as much as he wanted it. She worshiped his cock with her mouth, sucked it lovingly and with passion. If this is something you enjoy watching like me then you will love this video. It is over all too soon but nothing is perfect, she grabbed a hold of him and massaged him until he was hard enough to fuck her mouth. I loved this video and i would rate it a solid 7 on a scale of 1-10. If it were longer i could have easily rated it higher.

    danzilla007, posted

    The lady starring in this clip seems to really enjoy sucking the cock of her German Shepard. If anything, she almost seems to worship the tip, using both her tongue and mouth to perfection as she caresses this dog cock slowly. When she sucks on the long pink shaft, her love for this beast is apparent. Her every move is slow, gentle and totally focused on bringing pleasure to her animal lover. We do not get to see the dog cum but one can imagine some of the milky white liquid leaking from her lips as she tries to swallow every drop. Followed by a big smile as she uses her tongue and fingers to gather the overflow and fills her mouth yet again.

    babysan48, posted

    This is really good, i just loved it, it is fun and gets you very wet, sometimes you wonder if kissing your dog is good, this videos makes it good, it looks so yummy and delicious. For anyone watching this, go and undress, stick your dick high or hands in pussy and masturbate to this, its so good, or go and get yourself a dog so you can do the same thing this video and then upload it to here. its so awesome. Who ever made this video, i just love you, you made my day today, i love this website and this video gets a ten out of ten, it made me cum all over my screen

    dollstoya44, posted

    The camera angels need to be worked on, I couldn't see her really sucking the dog's dick. Other than that this was one hot little movie and I wish I could join in. Her orgasm would've been monsterous with my tongue all over her pussy. I got off well with this film. The dog looked like he was having a great time. Sure makes me wish I could have one. She was gorgeous, full figured and ready to be fucked. I wanted to stick my fingers in her cunt badly. I also would have liked to see more from the other angle, so I could see her wet pussy and a better angle to watch that hot dog dick being sucked. I liked this film and would watch it again and again.

    readytofuck, posted

    Thank you for that. As a new member, I'm just beginning to feel my way around and I loved watching her suck that dogs dick. I found it very hot and eroticaly charged! I would love to see more big girls having fun like this! I'm looking forward to trying something like this very soon. Guess I need to find my self a new boyfriend to experiment with! It's always great to see other people in the shots as well. I love how she doesn't mind having someone watch. Lucky girl! Can't wait to find one of those myself.

    rayvenbloodwing, posted

    This video opens up and we see a very sexy looking lady, she is on her back, we see the girl start rubbing the dogs sheath, a hang comes in and helps. The dog gets hard and we can see that it has a very impressive cock, the girl leans foward and starts licking on the head of the dogs cock, she takes his big cock into her mouth fully and starts bobbing her head up and down, moaning occasionally. she reaches a hand and caresses her very large breasts while sucking off the dog cock. i would have loved to have been there and masturbated while this very sexy girl sucked off this very large dog cock.

    beastlover1029, posted

    this movie was so fucking awesome.. i wish i was that girl she was hot as heck.. My dog doesn't lick me he's old... you're lucky! I'm really jealous anyway yeah best one so far...! I't made me so horny.................. sooo sooo soo hornyyy..............I want you're dog to come do that to mehhh! mhm best one so farr... thedogs cock wasbigtoolookedsoogooodddiloveditsomuchso so much sooooooooo much i just can't stop thinkin bout it thats how hot is mannn mhmmmmmmmm wish i was youuu..! 5 stars just 5 stars. This was like 200%.. made me so hornyyy..!... okayy well im going to watch it again and again and again for the next week to help me get horny...! post more videos..!

    wobrooke123, posted
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