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    Girl Gets Humped By Dog In Ass


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    girl gets humped by dog in ass, found this click on ytube was surprise by it, very short clip, she had her cloths, but the dog manage penetrate her

    Uploaded by grgfur12 · Rating: 2.0 (133 votes) · 63209 views


    white sissy bitch want stud dog to fudk my ass for video and let me give him blow job and i will lick his cum out of pussy ass

    shepussy, posted

    bad quality. really.

    kitxchan, posted

    People don't know the meaning of words. They heard them used and want to use them too, so they say the most biggest crap and bullshit. (actually that's a tautology). To 'hump' is thrusting without a dick entering a warm body. Female animals can hump too. 'in' means something going or being inside something else. Hence 'girl gets humped by dog in ass' means... HAPPY NEW YEAR and a PROSPEROUS 2012. animalpsychologist.

    cleclego, posted

    terrible quality cloted nothing here but a joke

    SteveMiller71, posted

    Nothing happening here. It's too short. And the people are not so dumb and not so blind. They did see, that the girl was clothed and that penetration was out of the question. animalpsychologist.

    cleclego, posted

    Meh, nothing exciting here. Poor quality and too short to really see anything. Again, great idea, just not enough of it.

    dsbarber, posted

    Nice idea but to short to make anything out of it..

    jardypop, posted


    zexa, posted

    The quality was quite bad. Hard to see the "penetration", to me it seems he gets into one of her holes and she laughs and pulls away. But nothing to serious.

    Bilete, posted

    IN the ass with pants on... you could clearly see that the dog penetrated her... Either you are not a very smart dude or you are let's say about 9 years old??? Good find Buddy!!! ha ha ha

    browneyedog, posted

    No he didnt dumbass!! She screamed because his claws were digging into her hips. No dog can penetrate through clothing.

    killemall, posted


    jrapp666, posted

    One of my earliest memories was when mom and dad would take me to the zoo, where we’d ride the train. I think my grandfather was there. I’m not sure. I don’t remember much of him. Every few years, we’d meet together at the zoo, looking at all the changes to exhibits, new animals, cages replaced with glass walls or open roaming areas. The train gets polished up, repainted. We took my kids there. We’d ride, look around. So many changes, so many things stay the same. The monkeys, the giraffes, the lions. The memories, as we all ride on.

    andrew93, posted
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