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    Lady Fuck Boar


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    Beautiful women is fucked by imens boar, he is cuming in her eager pussy a lot of cum and she is waintin his cum to make her happy hith a big belly of piglets A good video

    Uploaded by salax · Rating: 3.5 (253 votes) · 73115 views



    yzmtl, posted


    paulbaby_01, posted

    What a filthy fukn whore....love it!!!!!

    666pedro666, posted

    brilliant i think!

    melvin88, posted


    shitbag1978, posted

    if anyone in melbourne fl. has a well endowed dog. and would not mind me haveing sex with him please message me. ps i would not mind being recorded

    boatman6969, posted

    amazing! BRAVO BRAVO

    goldguy, posted

    Thant is the nicest pussy he will ever get in his life !!

    mehoff, posted


    hw13177370331, posted

    what happened to the light other than a few flickers.

    st_benard, posted

    wow this was fuckin hot!!! it sounded like he was pumping gallons of cum in her.

    spartan6996, posted


    12186238, posted

    well it stop in the 0.5sec so nothing to see.

    samsonsam123, posted

    to cleclego: You can find my entire story, just G..gle "No longer a Virgin but still a Bitch" and you will find it on BF. But that was only the start for my own Animal6 Farm with 2 or 3 dogs, the Boar and a Pony Stallion. The woman in this Video is one of my visitors who flew 1000km to come to my Farm. The device is to protect us for his weight, 350kg, and of course his legs. He's not wild, he's trained. I let him breed me almost every week. His dick is +/- 1.5 cm thick and 37cm long. He fils me with +/- 0.5 liter sperm. How it feels? FANTASTIC

    virginstilla, posted

    amazing wish i was there

    bobfrost, posted

    more more more

    k911, posted

    more please! :D

    someguy_75, posted

    Oh yes. I loved it very much, that was so hot, just wish it was longer

    joec1959, posted

    ohh.. nice.. full video..??

    Humboldt, posted

    I wish I could find fun like that instead of watching vids.

    wezweasel, posted

    lickmyasshole the full length vid would not be free anymore. Why don't you think, before you write? jamieboxer, how stupid do you need to be, to think, he's in her ass? Read virginstilla's comment! By the way, virginstilla, I would love to hear that story of you and that man by the woods and that GS. This movieclip is very arousing, to see the pig's dick inside your cunt. It looked to me, that the boar was quite calm, docile. Mostly they are wild, want to bite. What's that thing on your back? To keep him from biting you? To keep him from scratching you? His legs are very strong and his nails very hard, they can cut your skin open. Tell me about his dick. How does it feel inside you? animalpsychologist.

    cleclego, posted

    how about the full length vid?

    lickmyasshole, posted


    lizzylizard, posted

    I love to think about how much cum is going in her and how it must feel, pulsing in her and dripping out down her thighs. How deep in her ass he must be.

    jamieboxer, posted


    woairmb, posted

    hey you should post that video but it will full charge there

    hogareo, posted

    wow that boar whit is corckscrew penis and a lot of semen in that pussy thanks for this video

    orchidee8, posted

    @ Massage101: it's sad when a man doesn't know the difference between a cunt and an ass. ;-) @ shadow83blk & lilcock1: I bought a spotlight the day after, so the next vids will be much better.

    virginstilla, posted

    want moar

    funo02, posted

    wish bettter light

    lilcock1, posted

    How can anyone make this out, it's only a black screen with a few microsecond flashes. Anyone ever heard of lights?

    shadow83blk, posted

    she was penetrated in her ass. even a pig would not get a bellyful of piglets from that.

    massage101, posted

    this is sexy

    demonllama69, posted

    this video doesn't belong to you. It's made by a visitor with his wife when they came to my farm. It's my boar in my stable. Men can watch Live shows, women can have their first experience. Just send me a mail. MR. Salax is not a visitor of my farm.

    virginstilla, posted

    If you are a man and you want to see the live show on my farm: send me a mail If you are a woman and you want to have the same experience: send me a mail Once I get your mail you will receive the conditions virginstilla@gmail.com

    virginstilla, posted

    Thats taking the Bacon

    smooth11, posted


    puccipucci, posted

    U gotta make a a full vid for this. Wanna see everything.

    Ryanw29, posted

    I agree post more, very nice shot of her being penetrated and Bred by the boar!!

    St88man, posted

    NICE! pls post more...

    akasam, posted

    A beautiful girl is fucked by a boar, she writhes as he pumps his cum deeper into her pussy. She tries to withold but cannot stop the cum from rushing out. She loves each and every inch of his animal penis and longs for more. Erotic to say the least, this video shows how an animal and a human can unite to form a bond so strong, interspecies mating does not hinder them. Beautiful video, exotic sex. Erotic scene. Something no beastiality lover would ever want to miss. You might’ve seen a horse, a bull, even a camel but boars in beastiality movies are rare to find. Must watch.

    sharpshooter09, posted

    Nice shaved pussy getting stuffed with boar semen. Seems the pig is enjoying her tight insides just as much as she is enjoying his length and width. The video is overall alright, didn't really get me going would've liked to have seen the boar in action, you rarely see this type of videos of boars screwing human girls. I like the angles, perhaps a little more lighting in the crotch area wouldn't have hurt. The camera flashes were too bright, maybe even a shot of the girl's face would've made things a little better. Like I said, nothing like seeing the animal in action, looks like this girl was really enjoying her meat. No pun intended. ;)

    massive02, posted
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