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    Women Fuck Dog 6


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    Dog is fucking beatiful women, she is accepting his big dick in her awaiting pussy, the dog is cuming a lot of jizz in her womb

    Uploaded by salax · Rating: 3.0 (154 votes) · 72354 views


    Any girl in hickory,NC up to skype or meet up to have some fun?

    dogwatcher420, posted

    This was definately oral POV but very good oral,I'll bet the lady was happy!

    breeder09, posted

    pretty sure the title is a little off....least she was hot...but could people please stop wasting our time with these misleading titles. There really annoying

    Estiouss, posted

    I want to hang out with these people, they know how to have fun.

    becauseican, posted

    Nice....but want more!!! Care to talk about animal sex? Email me at junglejohn295@yahoo.com!

    junglejohn, posted

    The dog is happy, eager, but does not know, what to do, so he just licks that cunt, he's smelling. I think, I've said this before: dogs don't see with their eyes. They're not blind, but they don't see the way humans do. Humans can see something and know, what it is. Animals don't. A dog could see a cunt 100 times and still not know, what it is, if he doesn't smell it. A dog can see the difference between a naked body and a clothed body. The naked body does not entice him, but it can bring memories to his mind of him fucking that naked body. That's what could arouse him. Does he then get a hardon? HAPPY NEW YEAR and a PROSPEROUS 2012. animalpsychologist.

    cleclego, posted

    Sweet! a good start!

    harleypoor, posted

    need more light on the subject

    sugarmath, posted

    wonder the true intent for making these vids, are the girls paid to perform, do the ones filming provide the action if the woman is willing to be filmed? i like true homemade, single girl action much better, but still the dog is furious in his licking and the girl seems to enjoy it. tell more about the vids, your descriptions are not valid.

    browneyedog, posted

    Awesome!! that pussy looks so nice and jucy I wish I could watch more of this. I would love to see you cum and watch the dog lick all of your jucies off. Please upload more videos!! we need more good quality stuff like this. I love watching the dogs lick asses I think it is so sexy and the woman seem to really love it. Maybe something of him putting his cock in your ass as well. and you sucking his huge cock. Again great video keep them cumming please! I love stroking my cock while watching this and I wish i had someone to lick up all of my cum

    johnnysmith6891, posted
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