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    Women Fuck Dog 13


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    Dog is fucking beatiful women, she is accepting his big dick in her awaiting pussy, the dog is cuming a lot of jizz in her womb

    Uploaded by salax · Rating: 2.9 (384 votes) · 58345 views


    Im interested in doing this. 30 F Florida

    bfw2284, posted

    What a lucky dog, wish I was him, I want to be reborn a dog so I can fuck hot chicks. steve_111264@hotmail.com Alberta, Canada

    steveace, posted

    What's with he false advertising? These reviews should e made acessable before you burn points up to se it's what others said. No "fucking" at all in this clip. Just boring licking. The difference is more than just the first two letters in the word used to misrepresent this clip.

    KennyCopafiel, posted

    lies! there is no fucking here - only the most hated licking

    qhuma4321, posted

    Sizzling hot K9 licking. She has a beautiful pussy I would love to lick to an orgasmic eruption. Many thanks for sharing this ripping video.

    wayne4fontana, posted

    Great video! I love the pussy on this woman! Would have liked to hear her more than the TV, but still a good clip!

    junglejohn, posted

    Great licking video and a very hot pussy. Loved it!

    petlover8888, posted

    I just got so wet!!!! Mmmmmm that is sweet!!

    8n8n8kitty, posted

    So much for pussy waiting for the big dick, and squirting!! All he does is lick. Give me a break!!

    hornyxx100, posted

    lucky dog ! i'd like to lick that ass and pussy myself!

    poetd, posted

    i love how she spreads herself for the hot tongue lapping away at her-FUCKING HOOOOT!! Id love to lick that cunt while the dog licks my cunt

    montrealteen, posted

    im male 19 looking for anyone that does beasty on webcam

    reaper93, posted

    only licking in this clip,

    dogirl100, posted

    i wish i could find some one male or female or both that had animals that they play with and would like to have me join them im open and very willing to do any and every thing i have no limits please help im in desprate need of being used for a sex slave for real michaellj1972@yahoo.com

    michaellj1972, posted

    woot go packers

    lunaritar, posted

    It's always so hot to see a lovely woman recieving oral from a special pet.

    breeder09, posted

    Sexy babe I'd fuck anytime,would love to taste that cum soaked pussy.

    1billy4unow, posted

    licking does not equal fucking....

    satin3570, posted

    i like how theres a dude all casually playing madden mootball or whatever game...imagine calling on the phone, hey whats goin on man, oh nothing much just playing madden football..oh whats tom and jenny doing, oh their filming the dog eating her pussy again nothing real exciting goin on here...ok ttyl bro.. lmao

    sycojoe, posted

    Your description is fucking retarded. The dog does none of that.

    nemoboy108, posted

    wish i had a dog to do that to me

    honeybunstori, posted

    god she is hot

    dogvet2765, posted

    God I want a puppy to lick my pussy sooo baaad~

    newbeastieslut, posted

    i want to do every thing that dog just did just beter make you scream :) hit me up

    haloface, posted

    What a beautiful woman. Willing to do that for her dog while her man watches and all you can hear is the stupid TV blaring in the background. That TV would be the last thing I'd want on. She is amazing.

    BiJack55, posted

    Wow I am masturbating hard now. I would love to slide in and cum in her tight pussy for her dog to lick out.

    chrisindu, posted

    damn i'm jealous da dog gettin to munch this sweet tight pussy down & i'm sittin here wit my tongue hangin & no pussy lickin.......can she help me out! :0)lol

    blackice4you, posted

    should be dog blows woman, no fucking in this vid

    dtguy, posted

    who won the game

    madcyril, posted

    it good to see young girl like this like the dog licking her pussy.

    samsonsam123, posted

    very nice pussy...lucky dog

    6mustang5, posted

    Come on show your face! Nice puss!

    jackf9, posted

    No he's not!! He's licking her awaiting pussy!! False advertising! Nice pussy though :)

    aussie1313, posted

    She dose not fuck him he licks her! not to great! She gets licked a good bit but never gets fucked. so if you like to see a girl get licked by her dog this is your movie! She is fairly good looking and has a very nice pussy with nice lips! Personally I want to see her take a big cock not just lay there and get licked you can't even tell if she is enjoying it or not.I bet if she did fuck him she would not be so calm and she would may a little noise! But this is not one of the better movies I have seen with a girl and a dog.

    bamadon, posted

    Good movie.. B+ Hot sexy fit woman being eaten by a big dog.she has a really nice pussy too. if i was the camera guy i think i would of joinedin, but very good movie will make you cum.guaranteed or your money back. anyonew would enjoy this movie, you all should really watch and enjoy it and write a review if you do not like it, but i really enjoyed it. upload ur movies today on petsex.com and you could earn credits also. upload ur movies today on petsex.com and you could earn credits also.upload ur movies today on petsex.com and you could earn credits also.

    rancid123, posted

    OK, we have some false advertising here my horny friends! Not that the video is bad, it is not. However, there is no fucking going on here! Maybe after the camera went off, who knows. The woman has a smoking skinny body with some nice hard nipples. There is a good size black lab and we see him licking away at her nicely shaven pussy with well defined lips. She has sexy black boots on and she is well manicured. She starts feeling the sensations of the dog licking away and lets out some sweet moans. She's fully enjoying this! Than she starts to finger herself while the dog goes up to her head and they do a nice tongue kiss. She loves her lab! Whoever, these folks are, we know they are Packer's fans because the game is tied and Aaron Rogers is celebrating. Pretty funny!.

    farrunner, posted
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