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    A Nice Dog Fuck


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    Here the woman first get mounted by the dog following by doing the "manual" missionary position with the dog although the clip is in black and white I think it gives it a extra "touch".

    Uploaded by Kvotroger · Rating: 4.0 (47 votes) · 8112 views


    I can`t rate this high due to the lack of volume....

    jayko, posted

    The woman knew what she wanted and wasn't stopping until she got his hot seed deposited in her ;)

    mehoff, posted


    shellom, posted

    That beautiful babe got her some good cock;)

    CherriesD, posted

    Too good

    ASHOKUMADAS12, posted


    Prasak, posted

    wish it had sound

    ajbowen, posted

    nice woman an dog wish i was with them

    oo9az, posted

    This is a classic dog fucks girl movie with first the girl teases the dog until he's arroused, then a short time of the girl playing unavailable and intriging the dog until he mounts and copulates with her. After the initial orgasm and knoting of the dog he dismounts and she uses his organ again by manually inserting it into her pussy. Well done and a little rough but good. Unfortunately there's no sound but the girl is pretty and blonde and very willing. She's done it before for sure and that adds to the excitement. There was no oral play between her and the dogs organ and I think the film could have been longer to include other aspects of the dog/girl union.

    motorcycleguy, posted
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