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    Very nice plump "camel toe"...love the little girl look of that beautiful shaved pussy...where's "MY"...."Daddy's Little Girl"..would love to see spread open and lick her clit :-)

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    That was a nice licking and he knows what that pussy is for! He was looking up at her as if to say cam I have some of that now!

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    Mmm...that girl has got one of the tightest and best pussies I've ever seen...I'd absolutely love to see more of that delectable little beasty girl in action.

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    too good, what a great idea ,waiting to see more of you

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    Id suck them lips till that cherry clit showed.

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    Wow! You have a very pretty pussy! (: It's one of the hottest I've ever seen! (: nice vid!

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    Very nice! Please post more, & when you do, SPREAD THOSE nice lips apart...love to see that juicy clit get licked! Mmmmmmmmmm

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    I didnt hear anything...you know I hafta have audio to rate anything.

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    wish it was longer fuck

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    very nice..more of that please !! :-)

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    That's a nice pussy, being licked by that 'webcamdog'. And though 19 sec is not very long, I must say, it's quite long for a free movie in petsex. I've seen them shorter here. The shortest 1, I've seen was a 2 sec clip. Next time, I'll see it again, I'll remember the title, that goes with it. 1 more thing: the pussy and the leg were beautiful and the dog licking that pussy was nice too and the licking itself too. Made me hot! HAPPY NEW YEAR and a PROSPEROUS 2012. animalpsychologist.

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    Ich liebe dieses video, jede sekunde ist ein genuss. Eine perfekte pussy wie im bilderbuch!

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    Luving that pussy

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    yes! i've been wanting to find a girl like this to play on cam with me. so, this vid is a real turn on. tell me, where did you get this clip?

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    Was that it? Okay, it's a beautiful pussy, and a goodlicking dog. But before you get into it, it's over. THE END! animalpsychologist.

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    a very pretty, shaved, young pussy being licked by a shepard in a black and white clip. she is standing over him as he reaches his muzzle upwards to receive his tasty reward. as he licks her, you can almost see her shiver with pleasure. too bad the clip is as short as it is, as i'd like to see her reaching her muzzle upwards to taste the dog's dick in return of his earlier favor. hopefully, there are other clips of this young woman in action on the site, because i'd also like to see what else she was up to with this particular dog.

    hamslam11, posted

    Wasn't really sure what to expect upon clicking, but after watching I had found the video to be quite arousing. Beautiful clitoris, and just the way her canine companion ravishes itself on her aroused lady parts was more then enough to get me in the mood. If I had to bring up any faults I had with the video would be that it is no way near long enough. Definitely a good start for someone just starting to experiment with this genre of entertainment. Looking forward to future videos featuring the same two again. 7.5/10 (The shortness really could've bumped it to a 8+. - FrozenApple

    FrozenApple, posted

    This is a rather short but sweet clip in which a girl eagerly lets her dog lick her pussy. There is no sound and you cannot see her face but it is still good. The movie is so good because her shaved pussy is so nice which makes up for it not being long and having no sound. The dog seems to really enjoy what he is doing and doesn’t need to be prompted with any kind of food which normally takes away from authenticity. I rate this video average and work the 20 seconds a longer video with sound is encouraged for a higher rating.

    Ramijames, posted
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