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    Big Snake Deep In Ass


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    This video is of about 16 inches of my ball python slowly crawling out of my ass. I tried to film the insertion, but it was too hard to hold the camera and shove him up there at the same time. I'll try again later.

    Uploaded by lkyle · Rating: 4.2 (292 votes) · 60189 views


    Awesome clip, nice audio and squeezing! I love the clenching anus.

    jayko, posted

    One of the best videos here. I wish i could have been tongue kissing your pussy as that snake was sliding out of your ass. Keep up the fantastic work!

    njk9guy, posted

    This doesnt hurt the snake at all, in fact he likes it because its warm he doesnt show any signs of stress or discomfort and he doesnt even try to get out i have to pull him out.

    lkyle, posted

    hey golddean... go fuck yourself, god isnt real. there is no afterlife. you die, get buried in a hole and thats the end. fuck your false god

    buttfuckacat, posted

    I did that to my wifes cunt once! I loved it, and so did she! Anyone out there like to share animal stories? My email is junglejohn295@yahoo.com. Hope to hear from someone soon.

    junglejohn, posted

    hey look some people like the devils work its quite addictive isn't it... there are people that do these things everyday and like they walk past you on the streets and you dont even know they are on the bus rushing home to go and fuck their snake or dog or cat or fish or even a fucking pet hamster but hey... you choose to watch these things so you are allowing the devil to control what you do i am trying to stop watching animal porn... but its hard because the devil keeps calling me and I listen to the devil all I can say is pray my devil worshipers pray and god might save you from this sin full worship because having sex with animals isn't the way I wonder how do some people end up fucking an animal? well I can tell you its the devil he makes you believe its ok and theres no god loool just pray to god ask him to heal you before its too late we are living in the last days i must warn you pray now

    golddean, posted

    What a ass would love to be the snake

    sweetbaby6820, posted

    Oh, i thought that was a butt~snake! ^_^

    kitten2, posted

    that is so hot. i would love to see you fucking the hell out of that snake . and would very much love some sound. i am inspired by this video. please do more!!!!

    sexmaniac45, posted

    Wow insane

    49erz, posted

    wow, she had ALOT of snake up her asshole! hot!

    jayko, posted


    12186238, posted

    1 metre asshole waaooww

    komunha, posted

    Can I borrow the snake for my ass

    ktim, posted

    so damn hot! my pussy is dripping wet after watching this :-)

    sexypussy4u, posted

    sensational, made me all wet

    waynec, posted

    i cant watch this damn

    mandie12345, posted

    snake loves it as a warmup cause it`s coldblooded

    waffa, posted

    yes,more plesae

    lover29, posted

    Stupid, and inconsiderate to the snake involved. You should be ashamed.

    Desensitisation, posted

    ..can't imagine the stress that put on the poor animal..dogs and horses are one thing, they can choose to lick/fuck..but a snake would never willfully go up n human rectum BACKWARDS, if at all. That is a rather small ball python, being that I have three and to insert that animal backwards must have pulled back on its sensitive coat scales, something snakes find very discomforting.. bestiality is about pleasuring the animal too, and there is no way for a human to sexually pleasure a snake. If it were bigger it'd have bitten you. And I hope one day it will.

    sexsnakes, posted


    starhooter66, posted

    that video was awesome babe! your body is so perfect too! more please!

    guidage, posted

    That was a beautiful video. makes my ass feel empty :(

    hotbitch73, posted

    mmmmmmm fuckk i wana see more!!

    hornyyboi17, posted

    well the video just stoped in the midel .

    samsonsam123, posted

    This is a very hot damn video. This girl had about a foot and a half of her really fat and large snake in her sexy ass. It is so sexy that she got it up in there. I hope she can make and post a few more videos like this one. It made my dick so fucking hard watching this video. A must see for all.

    johntyty, posted

    i so fucken wish this was up my arse

    bootedskinhead, posted

    So HOT! More PLEASE!

    superss, posted


    ttdhabaddestxd, posted

    ur a dirty little slut

    wtflmaolol, posted

    Your my fantasy <3 stroking hard

    illnino1, posted

    Its a Ball Python!

    bluedestiny, posted

    omg this is so hot i love seeing it slip out of her hole, i can not wait to see you insert it deep inside again, you look very sexy and you should try it inside your vagina i came from this mulitiple times

    pooshooter, posted

    BEST vid on this site!

    EvilWolf, posted

    uh... its "faucet" not "fosset", mr. high school drop out. lmao!

    jayko, posted

    Hey lkyle, awesome job! Very hot, keep up the great work.

    jayko, posted

    Wow. That's an awesome clip. And I bet it felt great. It would have been nice to watch the insertion, watching the thicker getting body of the snake slowly stretch her asshole open. But just seeing it come out suffices. It wasn't her cunt twitching, it was SHE pushing the snake out. THAT's what made her cunt move. Nice ass, nice cunt, nice legs, nice belly and nice boobs. And it was amazing, how much of that snake went in her bowel, coming out clean. She must've really cleaned it up in there. Even shoving a hose in your ass, turning the fosset open, doesn't make it spic and span in there. L A T E R ! ! ! 15@animalpsychologist.

    cleclego, posted

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    freepot718, posted

    jeez lol. that was too hot.

    rwv, posted

    Wow that thing WAS deep!!!

    dogomatix, posted

    that was simply delightful, thank you for sharing it w/ us ^T^

    Dr.Eel, posted

    man that was deep and thick xD

    Jordon, posted

    now that was awsome please let us see more

    dbeausly, posted

    hi babe,im 16 year old,and im really horny and i can show u my dick,my skype is ziro995 or my yahoo is ziro258,i really hope 2 see u ;)

    ziro995, posted

    Oh wow! Truly amazing, I really hope you have the courage to make and post more! I'd rate 7/5 if possible!

    Halfsight, posted


    lovelymale, posted

    yum yum yum

    Belinda402007, posted


    shadow222, posted

    That`s so awesome! very nice

    freefox, posted

    hi babe,im 16 year old,and im really horny and i can show u my dick,my skype is ziro995 or my yahoo is ziro258,i really hope 2 see u

    ziro995, posted

    Cool but i hope it not will bite you :)

    peterspole, posted

    wow id hav luved that up my arse mmmmmmmmmmm fucken hotttt

    bootedskinhead, posted

    I would to be there to hold that camera so you push in more that was hot

    kinky9865, posted

    Oh man

    ggggtttttt46, posted

    ohh nice. more please.

    Humboldt, posted

    Oh, yeah, that was really deep, yeah! How many times did it curl up inside? It must've stretched her bowels for her. Stretched her bowel, stretched her asshole, I think, next time, she's gonna shit, she'll shit a turd thicker than a horse's dick. Beautiful body, beautiful cunt, beautiful tits. @animalpsychologist12.

    cleclego, posted

    If the snake is a male, can you may make a video with you sucking his cock?

    DragonLover88, posted

    fucking brilliant. this is one of the hottest (if not THE hottest) video on this site.

    WildTheory, posted

    ich stehe überhaupt nicht auf frauen - aber ich muss echt zugeben: "verdammt geiler clip !!!!!"

    PinkSheep, posted

    that was hot i want to lick your pussy and asshole

    b16_ser, posted

    fucking awesome!!

    bigdamo09, posted

    wow would love to try that

    stevv, posted

    Wow. That's an awesome video. And it looked so fun And I bet it felt great. Thanks for posting

    hugek9fuck, posted

    I want to Fuck your pet can any one help me on this I in Suffolk email on davidhw@hotmail.co.UK

    lookinside, posted

    wow thats hot xD

    Jordon, posted

    HOT DAMN!!! was that horny to watch, bet it felt good, would love to have been there to follow up after the snake went in and out a few more times. maybe even try it in mine a few times, good stuff, thanks for posting!

    browneyedog, posted

    need to put him in your pussy next time :)

    omfg9999, posted

    HOLY HECK!! That was outstanding!

    heatherjack09, posted

    this video was pretty good stuff.it would have been nice to have watched the insertion.especialy to see just how much was inside to begin with.certianly watching the thicker body of the snake slowly stretching her asshole open would have been much more erotic.next time {and i do hope there will be a next time}perhaps using a tri-pod would make things easier and free up her hands to play with her clit and maybe working the snakes body in and out of her cunt as if fucking the snake.would like to have seen more of the snake around her tits and maybe the snakes tonge coming out towards her tonge.the video over all was great quality and a great view.would also have liked afrontal angle as well as different position,like doggy!maybe having a playmate to share the hot exp.with?!all said and done this video was really very good and definitely left me wanting to see much more.thank you for the shom!

    dwntwnguy54, posted

    It looks like you are the skin the snake is shedding, and watching your hot pussy twitch with the snake is incredible. I'm going to go pleasure my self now after watching this.

    becauseican, posted

    Please repost at any time, you included three things I enjoy. Snakes, sweet looking pussy, and a well stuffed ass. My cock is about as big around as your snake so if you would love to be stuffed by it I'm in. You have a hot looking ass, pussy, and great tits. I would love to pleasure you after that in all your holes. I would love to hold the camera to catch the insertion along with the pull out and then we can get to screwing after that because I would be completely hard and ready to bang the hell out of you.

    becauseican, posted

    this has got to be one of the best clips i have seen on here,well done and thank you young lady,more more.

    lookerlooking, posted


    majster, posted

    i wish

    wantcock40, posted

    Exquisite! 5 Stars! ***** More, please!

    dirk20200, posted


    easyride69, posted

    i would love to fuckk ur ass after that,, u in kansas

    easyride69, posted

    that must feel good for the cold blooded snake

    gearbox, posted

    super hot more please and you have a hot pussy and ass!!!!!

    danir1904, posted

    beautiful! thanks for the movie. Can't wait for more

    yoitsdisguy, posted

    Wow that is.... amazing... :o

    at4simmons, posted

    flipping heck, that must av been a good 15 inches in her arse...more....head 1st next time

    smooth11, posted

    Holly S....

    ceeside16, posted

    OH YEAH!!! MORE VIDEOS FROM U SEXY LADY!! please and thankyou :)

    argonian, posted

    moooooore of this pleaase

    beroistbass, posted

    Yeah..not something I would do

    NeedsIT69, posted

    now that is hot

    ryuzokin, posted

    I really liked this video! I've never really looked into play with snakes before and this was an awesome first time experience! I think it looks really sexy slowly slithering out of you, very hot. I would think the scales wouldn't react well with lube. I wonder if it hurts the snake at all? Does your buddy seem to mind having that done? I'll definitely take a look into other snake-related videos in the near future. I hope that you'll submit more videos like this. Maybe you could get a camera-person to help out next time! Very good video I liked it a lot.

    niggerlolcat, posted

    wow... i never thought how deep can someone do anal . the worm feeling of your body with the coldness of a snake body ............its rare. you must put the insertion / it will make it one of a kind movie.. when you see the slippy body of the snake you don't imagine how how long he can penetrate such a holly anal hole..........really a wow video...looking for more. i am afraid of snakes but this video makes feel like you want more and more deeper and deeper like it will never ends .It would have been nice to watch the insertion, watching the thicker getting body of the snake slowly stretch her asshole open. But just seeing it come out suffices. It wasn't her cunt twitching, it was SHE pushing the snake out. THAT's what made her cunt move. Nice ass, nice cunt, nice legs, nice belly and nice boobs. And it was amazing, how much of that snake went in her bowel, coming out clean. She must've really cleaned it up in there. your perfect ass do it the one of the best.

    niza23, posted

    This is a great video, the way the snake let her put him up there was just truly amazing... I know some people don't like this stuff, but i apparently love it! Also the girl had a very very nice rack on her! Snakes are a great way to pleasure yourself, if the snake doesn't mind being shoved in various holes like this one, it didn't have a great in the world! it actually seemed to like the warm feeling of her bum, as if it were an incubation light which most reptiles need. Overall an awesome video to enjoy! i hope many more find this amazing clip on the best site of this sort, what site is that you say? Why, PETSEX.COM of course!:D

    zach6465, posted

    Nice work, unfortunately I was unable to get the video to load for quite some time. Despite that, it was amazing that you could do this! It would not be easy, and this kind of stuff is rare. The video quality was rather amazing, and the thumbnail of this video was just perfect! I will probably watch this video a few more times, its incredible. This video should be on the sites homepage. Keep up the great work girl, I would and I'm sure many others would like to see your great work, keep it up. I'm proud of you sweetie!

    Snakesarehot, posted

    vrry good i cam to this i loved it carera was great the snake went reall deaep!! mmmm verry goood!!! i will watch this over and over again!!! a litttle short but its fine and what she was doing was good and her expressions were dead on im a member and i know good stuff and this my friends is realy good come watch this and blow your load.... and for the girls dont use snkes use my dick instead lol so with that being said im pretty much done here oh and her pussy was nice and clean and ripe i mean i would tearr that shit up!! i mean it is just fucking finee i will eat that then fuck it!!

    mehhhornaa, posted

    Wow, I like it. Isnt that is scary? Im a boy and even for me it looks scary. Or you are a orofessional?. He is very deep i guess. Haha. Nice video. I hope u make some more for us all. i enjoy'd This video even it is short. That snake is really really big. Green. Ahahah. Where u bougt him. ;p. And how y did get a idea to do that with a snake! XD. But... A very nice and deeply xD video :) We want more! We want more! we want more! Aha haha hah. WE - WANT - MORE - ! - ! - ! XD. Snake girl, Didnt he bit you?

    GiovanniDogger, posted

    That video was hott,when I read the headline I had to click it. I never seen anything like that before and I have to say that I got off really hard off this video. I want to buy I snake now because that looks like so much fun and I know that had to have felt good!! You had that that snake really deep in your ass! I loved it. I wonder if I have a snake like that in my ass and I was getting fucked at the same if that will feel even better! If you do that please upload it and share. :-)

    mistrezz1, posted

    Good, hot, i like the snake and your pussy so so hot i came while whatching, i love this and youre snake, thats just so hot i mean god i wish that were me taking that snake because its sooooo hot, the movie had the snake coming in and out, and her pet loves her, enought to go up her ass and have a good time himself, overall great, the girl and the snake, kudos to her and every one who picked this movei at depressing moment when you're falling asleep and you realize you have 3 textbook chapters to read.

    Chloe.cat., posted
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