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    Boar Into Woman


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    female taking it really deep in the ass from a large boar, they seam to have built a table to rest the pig on as it plows into her. I believe the pig is really starting to cum inside her... hes pushing really deep, wish i icould see the pull out. really hot

    Uploaded by lepracon · Rating: 3.9 (261 votes) · 63765 views


    theres a saddle on her, lov cum on her belly

    beastsexbill, posted

    have you got the full copy in this quality there is a realy bad one on here would love to see it all its so horny

    nescafe41, posted

    I would love to be drilled deep by a boar, soo wet watching these videos

    ajielsliub, posted

    schaut gut aus :)

    heinz_ketchup, posted

    WOOOOOO she bein screwwwwd FUUURRREEEKY gotta find the full version of this

    fuzzyfreek, posted

    add my skype for fun im male !! jackjones807 IM UP FOR ANYTHING AT ALL!!

    erertfdgfdgfh, posted


    lor220, posted

    Thats some crazy hillbilly humpin

    Polloni, posted

    MMMM yummmy would love to be under there lickin that pussy n pig cum.... If you can help me find animals to play with please contact me ASAP at fuzzyfantasy@yhoo.

    fuzzyfreek, posted

    would have been nice to see that long twisted prick entering that pussy...... wish i could have that twisted monster in me.....MMMMMMMMM ooooooooo Yeah... however its plain to see piggy it very excited as he quivers and cums unloading all his seed deep inside likewise she is enjoying it also. excellant spot,... a breeding stall, no running away,... just pure penetration n lust unleashed. now id like to see some horses in that stall.... MMM wow,...but most of all I wish I could be in that stall geting drilled n filled.

    fuzzyfreek, posted

    would have been nice to see that long twisted prick enter

    fuzzyfreek, posted

    too fuckin hot........ would love to add a boars cock to my list.....to fuck me....

    slipandslide, posted

    Awesome clip, great footage and audio, lots of porcine puddles!

    jayko, posted

    Thank you! Thanks for sharing

    xq2000, posted

    Thank you! I wonder if she got his mucus plug in her cervix after he emptied his load into her!

    mehoff, posted

    desotodvr, before making a stupid comment, you maybe should read the other comments first, it could save you from making stupid comments. Had you read the other comments first, you could've read virginstilla say: 'To the guy who believes she's fucked in her ass: Buy some glasses.' Might you wonder, who virginstilla is... read the comments! To virginstilla: 'Chappeau!' L A T E R ! ! ! 23 animalpsychologist 12.

    cleclego, posted

    Sweet! lots of cum! Sounded like porky enjoyed!

    harleypoor, posted


    puccipucci, posted

    lol its not in the ass!!

    kalle87, posted


    adddaas, posted

    WOW! Anal pig groove! When you think you have seen it all ? I knew the ladies liked horse and dog sex , this is a new chapter! She has a great looking pussy also-I am shure she enjoys!

    desotodvr, posted

    Extremely HOTTTT ! Love to be her or him !

    Pappster, posted

    Wow- that looks intense.

    metalligirl, posted

    Incredible.....just incredible.

    mavsboy, posted

    I don't think Lepracon I gave you some rights to post it here. This video is made on my Farm with one of my visitors. The device is made to hold the Boar's weight. To the guy who believes she's fucked in her ass: Buy some glasses. The light problem is solved too now. I'm the owner of the "Still a Virgin's Animalsex Farm" with several Animals. I teach women to enjoy the pleasure Animals can give us girls. I also give Live Privat Shows with my Boar. Greetz, No longer a Virgin but still a Bitch

    virginstilla, posted

    I can see nothing. Poor video ..

    denny79, posted


    NeverGive1, posted

    I've been fucked by my uncle's boars and it's a crazy sensation... their cocks grind through your cervix and cum directly into my womb... insanely hot, makes me cum every time

    jessif22, posted

    Lighting could be a littler better but I like the use of technology to build a nice table to get the job done well and often. She has nice parts and I like the cum dripping all the way down towards her breasts. Much better than the same old dog stuff.

    alifealife22, posted

    Hot clip, I like her panting and the boar grunting...that big corkscrew cock must feel awesome in her asshole, and she`s getting lots of porcine semen!

    jayko, posted

    I myself never had sex with a pig, but growing up on a small caribbean island, I had neighbours, who had 3 little girls, and all 3, being young teens, had sex with their boar and they told me, that having sex with the boar was very hot; his dick was very long, became very stiff and was very hot, he cummed a lot and totally filled their cunts with cum, till it ran out of them and his cum was about as hot as his dick was and warmed their belly for them. But he would also try to bite them, while fucking them. That is why this woman's got that hing on her back. For the biting and the sharp hooves of the short legs. L A T E R ! ! ! 15@animalpsychologist.

    cleclego, posted

    oh my god... headphones..

    yestotallyweird, posted

    hello,..why shouldnt girls enjoy having sex with boar pigs?..I love having sex with sows,and there is a young neighbor girl who lives near me that enjoys very much getting bred by boar pigs.she does it in missionary position,and i get to watch her sometimes.Very hot,very very hot!!!..Sure pigs are dirty smelly animals,but she doesnt mind and neither do i!..her boars are usually muddy cause they are outside all the time.

    sixpack666, posted

    She certainly seems to be enjoying that pigs cock and little wonder if she likes cum as there is a gallon of it running out of her. Strange how may girls seem to like the idea of being fucked by a boar pig, perhaps it's because they cum so much--can you reply to this girls???

    kaaty, posted

    oh yesss my god

    lillyfrench, posted

    i love pigs... i wish i could get fuck in my tight pussy by a pig... barb cocks

    samsamsam00001, posted

    started out good but the rest was too dark to see anything. sounds like both were enjoying it thanks for trying.

    1robert, posted


    bigdamo09, posted

    My god she is getting so much cum in her. You can just see it running out of her. I bet it is so warm and wet. That is the greatest part of the animal, all of his cum that is.

    jamieboxer, posted


    tonktaf, posted

    Wow! Thank you! She's getting the filling of her life!

    mehoff, posted


    lilcock1, posted

    wow,...a woman bein fuckd in what looks like a breeding table,..good thing too, this protects her from hooves n teeth, but also gives piggy his ultimate screw, cuz she is there till he is finished, no bullshit here just deep penetration, passionate lust and a nice pussy ooozing with piggy sperm. This looks like a nice fat boar cock.....must feel SOOOOOO NICE as it drills its way deep n fills her with loads of cum, about 2 cups as I hear. would love to see the full version. as piggy mounts and dismounts her,...I just love that twirly cock. cant wait to try one.

    fuzzyfreek, posted

    Damn so deep in her ass. I love it when you see the cum driping from her ass. I would have loved to have been there to see that and hear the beast grunt with pleasure, and clean up every drop Very hot! I had no idea that would be so hot, next time you want a fat one in the ass find your local boar. I hope they put more videos like this up very soon. I would love to see how much cum dumps from her pussy when the boar is done. I also bet that sexy asshole is gaping wide.

    jhembrook0901, posted

    Great Close-up Anal Shot of this chick getting fucked by a boar! Boar is fucking her ass and you can see the cum running down her pussy onto her stomach. Very HOT scene. Unfortunately it is not the clearest at the beginning of the video but clarity does get better. Would love to get to see how Large the boars dick is before it was inserted into this lovely ladies hot ass. Also would of loved to see it cum. I got so wet watching this video i had to go play with my wet pussy and make myself cum. One of my top 10 favorites!

    petcurious1974, posted

    Very good movie, still too bad it was hard to see, love the sound of them both, they must enjoy it alot, still anal is nothing for me so i cannot get too turned on by videos like that, but moaning really turns me on if something, especially when both of them do that. Still kind of better than the dog movies where it seems to be too monotonous, love that the pig takes the lead and fucks her instead of the woman putting in the boars dick inside her ass, she can just stand still and enjoy of the dick cumming into her

    Perse92, posted

    this is one rare movie, but extremely hot, you could see they have prepared everything very well so she wouldn't get hurt for the big animal. Also you can have a look at his big full balls, so hot!!. Then another view where you can appreciate her juicy pussy dripping cum already and his dick buried into her ass. The most erotic sounds are in this movie, you can hear the animal moaning and groaning, he is having a great time. I wish it was longer but as I said it is extremely hot and made me wet and I cum really hard

    malu2, posted

    beautifully filmed huge boar plows in to the tight ass of a sexy slut bent over a home made metal table... you can clearly hear her moan so she is enjoying his swirly cock deep in side her tight ass.. he fills her to the brim then you can enjoy his hot cum pour out of her as he keeps cumming even after she is been filled to the brim.. she is the luckiest woman ever what i would not give to feel him fuck my pussy and my ass must feel great.. this is the first great pig video i have seen in a really long time

    sweetwishness, posted
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