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    Abu Fucks Jasmin


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    From the movie Aladdin the monkey (abu) fuck the very attractive princess (jasmine) and she obviously enjoys it. the movie isnt that long but its pretty hott, i really loved it.

    Uploaded by mmiller75 · Rating: 3.8 (83 votes) · 28118 views


    LOL!!! this shit is BAD, man!!

    DoubleDude, posted

    i know abu wented to hit her hole

    inuyasha86, posted

    thats pretty hot now if we could just see abu and another woman fuckin jasmine. and then have aladdin takin turns on all of them that would be totally hot!!!!

    sexmaniac45, posted

    Monkeysemen is icky! It's sticky! It's about as sticky as glue. When a monkey cums and squirts, his cum lies in spurts on the ground. If he lifts 1 up, his cum is so sticky, that it sticks to the rest of the spurts, it's in contact with and they all are lifted. In the monkey's case, you really talk about eating his cum, not drinking it. Go to barnlove.com with your petsexusername and -password and look at monkeys masturbating. 15@animalpsychologist.

    cleclego, posted

    You go Abu! you da man =D

    mehoff, posted
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