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    Boar 2


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    Watch as this big horny boar thrusts and pumps the woman under him full of lots of cum, you can see it dripping out of her pussy in copious amounts. Part 2 of 3

    Uploaded by h4rm0n1c · Rating: 4.1 (258 votes) · 64298 views


    If there are any girls in the Austin, TX area... I have a dog I'm trying to train. Inbox me! Or if you're just an exhibitionist and want someone to watch you on webcam or something.

    BeastlySebby, posted

    Would like to suck a big dog dick & feel him squirt his cum in my mouth & down my throat & swallow all of it. I'd also like to Jerk/ Maasterbate him off. Please some one Help ??? Thank You ....... Can any one help ?, Desperate for Male Dog & dog cock to Masterbate and suck if any one can help ??. Also can travel .....all help greatly appreciated.. Please Text Or Call Me On 07500 513084 or add me on skype doglover2012uk

    nigel2012, posted

    anyone in manitoba that has any animals or farm animals I can fuck, don't mind being watched or recorded

    drtydman84, posted


    sasin, posted

    Anyone in the IE

    IECaliGuy909, posted

    so jealous...thou i ws told that when a boar fucks a chick, its corkscrew penis locks into (or at least tries) her cervix like with female pigs ??

    azombiepanda, posted

    damn that was soo good

    sooohorny323, posted

    wow, so nice and juicy.. do me next..

    FunBrenda, posted

    if anybody in melbourne fl. has a well endowed dog. and would not mind me haveing sex with him .please message me . ps i would not mind being recorded.

    boatman6969, posted

    Thank you ! The idea is very hot that a woman and her boar mating with his thin cock in her cervix pouring his sperms into your belly and for us to see that semen dripping out of you is very erotic ;)

    mehoff, posted

    Get in there boy fuck that human sows pussy give her your potent sperm !!;)

    mehoff, posted

    This is so great.. Love to have fun with her after that. You could just slide right in with all that lube in her.

    doitonetime, posted

    haha Mehoff, he's not a man who has to save his sperm to get his Balls swoll up, My Boar his Balls are always that swollen. He can fuck me or other ladies, fill us with 0.5 liter of sperm and to the same some hours later. The lady you see in this movie was fucked 3 times on 24 hours. Think about this: How many time you would need to get 1.5 liter sperm out of your balls? Greetz, No longer a Virgin but still a Bitch - "StillaVirgin's Animal6Farm"

    virginstilla, posted

    Wow thanks! He's been savin his sperm for her just look at his swollen balls that he needs a vagina to deposit them into ! =) The girl is the willing recipient of him ;)

    mehoff, posted

    Love it

    sonnymarie, posted


    sana23, posted

    i wish i could suck some cocks while getting fucked...

    dakoty, posted

    that was a bit...... ewww lol

    charmingpets, posted

    Good concept but cam work was poor and blurred-makes a change from the usual dog ones though-good to see a variety though!Would like to see more but with improved camera work!

    windy1953, posted

    just awesome

    babymaker65, posted

    pretty cool movie. makes a difference from all the doggy one (not that I'm complaining about them!!!)

    4wilddog2, posted

    "great, now I've done the same thing. I entered into a cage and the pig was out. his cock filled me. and strong state."

    puccipucci, posted

    the sperm make me hot..

    fishyfishynice, posted

    Virginstilla I think its great u host a place where women like me can explore these wants and desires. Thank you!

    frogger3699, posted

    @ Dastardly-Dawg: Buy some glasses: The dick is in her cunt. @ all males: No, men can't fuck with my animals and will not be fucked by my animals. They are only here to fuck women. Men can only watch my Live Privat Show with my Boar. @ Browneyedog: She isn't a nasty whore, she's my student and friend. She flew 1000km to get her first experience with my Boar on my Animalsex Farm. And my boar isn't dirty!!! Anyway, I would appreciate it when people stop copying our movies without asking if they may. No longer a Virgin but still a Bitch

    virginstilla, posted

    Very hot to watch! We love all of the sperm that gets pumped into her and how it drips out of her full cunt!

    Bigeightincher, posted

    It's nice how this dirty swine's sperm runs off of the nasty whore's belly... really horny. This isn't a good little Jewish girl now is it? Pork, it's what's cummin in her!!!

    browneyedog, posted

    A boars balls are so huge, it takes a long time to pump all that pigsperm into his willing sow...heheh..

    jayko, posted

    Thank you! Thanks for sharing

    xq2000, posted


    whatda21, posted

    This one is about as hot as number 3. Maybe I should be watching nr 1 too. I like how the boar was breathing so heavy. L A T E R ! ! ! 23 animalpsychologist.

    cleclego, posted

    I am a 16 yr old male that wants to try out my fantasy of this with any Gender animal (pref female) i am danish :)

    mortenjin, posted

    Im a 17 year old male looking to try my first beast experiences, mainly with female dog's or female barn animals. If anyone wants to help my dream come true please contact me and we will talk further

    bigcaboom1, posted

    well fucken hottt, wish iw as taken it, id have swapped places wiv her

    bootedskinhead, posted

    the boar is not moving but her pussy is dippen juices be side the pussy.

    samsonsam123, posted

    To see her pussy drippin with the juices he shot in her ass is something to worth watching ^^

    Dastardly-Dawg, posted

    The clips are only some previews for the DVD we will made with Easter 2012. We know the quality wasn't that good but jeez man, you may be happy that we can make such a clip and are willing to share it with other people. The controll of the camera and also the light will be a lot better in that movie. And if you believe the boar fucked her in the ass then you need to buy some glasses. ;-) His dick was in her Vagina and a Boar does the same thing as any animal: a few strokes to get his dick as far as possible and then he stops moving and start to fill our cunt with at least 0.5 liter Sperm. (In nature, only men have to fuck 10 minutes, when they can hold it, and then shoot 0.5ml sperm) And is it boring when you see how that sperm comes out of her Vagina again and drips on the floor? I do this every week and I bought the Boar 3 years ago, I can assure you: I still love it. And the visitors of my Live Show know they have seen something they will never forget. Greetz, No longer a Virgin but still a Bitch "StiilaVirgin's Animal6Farm

    virginstilla, posted

    Unfortunately I must agree with Windy1953. The change from the usual dog videos is a great concept and could have been very exiting if it were not for the poor lighting and camera work. the video, three parts are often times out of focus, shakey and very dark. The good part is that it is an amature video. I would love to see this video attempted again with better control of the camera and lighting and less excited shaking on the part of the camera man. also better pictures of the woman herself as she gets taken by the boar. Watching a cock go in and out of a pussy, or in this case an ass gets to be boring if that is all yoiu see.

    greg154, posted

    This is one of the few boar movies I have seen. I had heard that boars produce some of the most amounts of semen, and this video shows proof of that. There are some great angles as the camera man get right underneath to get some great close up views of the penetration with copious amounts of boar cum seeping out of this hot babes pussy, and running down her stomach. Between the grunting of the boar, the girl's moaning, and the huge amounts of cum, this movie is an extreme turn on, and well worth watching. I give this a 9 out of 10.

    poolmole, posted
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