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    First Time Dog For Hot Wife Enhanced


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    Really hot wife first time doggy style with her dog. Film by husband. Video quality and audio quality is very good. Look like dog knot here but no closeup.

    Uploaded by digit23 · Rating: 4.3 (322 votes) · 40090 views


    "oh my god...he's in me!" the surprise and excitement in her voice is worth the whole video.

    kurtbaby21, posted

    love it when she's surprise by a dog cock in her pussy. love to see a longer video

    hardbang7001, posted

    Very nice!!! Hot, well done...lighting is not perfect, but audio is excellent!!!

    jayko, posted

    I love this...so hot

    86max90, posted

    Please do a longer one your wife is one hot hitch

    alanjohn, posted

    mmmmmm wonderful

    puccipucci, posted

    more of this but lighter

    scotthughes20, posted

    Great but needs to be lighter and longer with this HOT Girl! AAA+++

    Racort, posted

    great vid, pity it is really dark

    dballzz, posted

    sweet wife.

    digitallover, posted

    ummm go to tvse1,blogspot,com

    femalezoo, posted

    What a ride.

    Knuclehead, posted

    the woman really enjoyed the dogs big dick. hope to see more

    teddybear2, posted

    so cute. but very dark.

    Humboldt, posted

    oh very nice. i love how she squeals when he enters her. hope to see more...

    sincitykitty, posted

    This turned me on so much that i cant wait to see her in action again...Biggest turn on when a woman gets filmed fucking a dog for the first time and being vocal...Nice job sweety hope to see more of you some time soon..xoxoxo

    playwithme63, posted

    That was very exciting! I loved watching this several times. Awesome.

    1of13c, posted

    omg.. yes!

    kitten2, posted

    She was beautiful and that was hot I have precum drippiong out of my erection.That is five stars!*****

    breeder09, posted

    Im a 17 year old male looking to try my first beast experiences, mainly with female dog's or female barn animals. If anyone wants to help my dream come true please contact me and we will talk furtherIm a 17 year old male looking to try my first beast experiences, mainly with female dog's or female barn animals. If anyone wants to help my dream come true please contact me and we will talk further

    rickyoungry, posted

    good video needs a close up

    programmer, posted

    for this to be me would be great

    teamsimple, posted

    If you have this on mute this clip is terrible :/

    gearbox, posted

    very hot hearing her yell "OMG He's in me" and then later hearing her moan with pleasure having a dog cock fuck her pussy, If anyone enjoyed this clip and wanna chat about ur experiences message me please I am soooo horny after watching this...

    lovink9, posted

    I am not sure I am buying what is trying to be sold here... is he in you? Maybe, maybe not, seems like a lot of talk and acting but who knows. A lot of people here like this vid for some reason :/ Can someone tell me why women are always dressed fully in a lot of beast vids, other than not wanting to be scratched?

    browneyedog, posted

    This is nice, but the camera work is kinda dark... greta content, however.

    jayko, posted

    Komme aus Deutschland, wer Lust auf SpaƟ hat soll sich bei mir melden. zip.sp2@web.de

    kcnckcnc, posted

    I could watch this over and over

    stmichael1, posted

    dam that was great hes in me real clear needed camraman tho

    drifter63332, posted

    She's cute, hot, and so fucking good: Holy smokes, indeed.

    Odinz9, posted

    "oh my god, he's in me!" Sounded like she enjoyed getting fucked by the dog as much as I did watching it ;)

    dsbarber, posted

    I think she liked being filled with dog dick. mmmm Nice

    petewantsu, posted

    I was thinking... the other woman, who was fucked by a dog and who kept saying: 'he's fucking me! he's fucking me!' sounded a hell of a lot better. But 'Oh my god, he's in me!' will do too. L A T E R ! ! ! 23 animalpsychologist 8.

    cleclego, posted

    Oh my god! He's in me!

    mantich92, posted

    Love first time vids! Love hearing the audio of the women exclaiming once they realize just what they got themselves into. And I like NOT seeing any dudes in the video, just her and the beast!!

    StrangeMange, posted

    Sweet! Sounded like fun!

    harleypoor, posted

    Im a 17 year old male looking to try my first beast experiences, mainly with female dog's or female barn animals. If anyone wants to help my dream come true please contact me and we will talk further

    bigcaboom1, posted

    good content, pity about the lighting and camere person

    Kerryman2, posted

    workmenship on this clip is sub-parr. If you can't hold the camera still put in on a tripod or get someone else to shoot. Also the subject should have been in the lighted area, not the dark.quality recording is more than justpointing and pressing the record button. take lessons!

    eebrown, posted

    oooh god he did me. epic moment

    marc20, posted

    I like it

    taffylovee, posted

    who wouldn't be?

    yestotallyweird, posted

    Nice one! Great to get the full audio of her first-time dog cock pleasures. I'm sure she's hot to get mounted and knotted daily by that stud.

    regitmail, posted

    lovely when the dog is fucking that bitch. I would be glad to come in her.

    doggie61, posted

    damn that got me going, might come back to finsh ;)

    love_mature88, posted

    15 year old looking to chat

    xxsniper229, posted

    Videos of this quality are a rare sight nowadays. A beautiful and sexy female on all fours, and a horny dog circling her in excitement, a scene full of sexual tension, knowing that it is only a matter of time before he gets to mate with this gorgeous woman. Soon he mounts her and the woman moans and exclaims how he is inside her. The act itself is sort and intense, but very satisfying to the eye. While the video is a little dark and without any close ups, the knotting can be almost be confirmed by the woman's vocal reactions to the dogs thrusting. Considering it is an amateur and a first-timer's attempt, this is an excellent video.

    alabra, posted

    Totally awesome real amatuer love the sounds I would recommend this movie to everyone. Lighting is a problem but the lady really gets into it. I would love to see more of her and her future experiments. I also would like to see the knotting of the two along with a great creampie shot. I wish it was longer too. But a great flick for her first time. Makes you want to wank off every time you watch it. I would also like to get a look at the lady she looks hot adn would like to put a face to it. All in all i get this a strong 4 stars.

    hollywood007, posted

    This was an extremelly sexy movie! I wish the guy filming would have gotten a little closer and provided more of a side profile. Personally the side profile is the biggest trun on for me. I am not a fan of the from behind view or from the from. I want to see the humping action and watch the girl get fucked as a whole, not see a tiny bit of her crotch or a bit of her ass or whatever. The lighting could have been better as well. Over all the video still turned me on really well. I stroked to it and am hard as a rock...It was worth watching several times. I LOVE THIS WEBSITE!!

    schism3737, posted

    Gotta luv her comments! "Holy Shit he's huge!" "He's in me" and more like that really really add an extra element to everything. Anybody know if there are there any other videos of her? It would be nice to see more much more. The sound of surprise in her voice is just lovely. A much longer version or multiple clips would work too. For the video, the lighting was OK but it would have been nice to see more detail. For the sound quality well you can't ask for much better than that, especially with the lines she was belting out!

    Ren2011, posted

    like this video she seemed shocked when the dog entered her pussy. she seemed to enjoy it needed a close up of the dog humpin her and the doges knot. it was a little dark they needed better light. but for her first time with the dog she seemed to enjoy the dog in her pussy. they just needed to lighten up the room so we could see what was happeneing.would have been better if the dog had to have gone more then once.she really enoyed how big the dogs cock was. she seemed to think it was funny when the dog actually entered her pussy. she laughed but then relaxed and really seemed to enjoy it

    programmer, posted

    I have to admin at first I wasn't sure this was going to be a good video because of the low lighting. The light was behind the woman and the camera was shooting into the light. The dog was very active and playful which made this a delight. Once the dog mounted her you hear her exclaim "he's in!". The sheer surprise on the woman made this so much better. You certainly could tell she was enjoy it because you could hear her moaning. The fucking didn't last long but the dog was great and came inside her. I hope to see more of her. Very hot and sexy woman and a dog how knows what he is doing. Overall an excellent video!

    roycorrigan, posted

    Wonderful real life action. It reminds me of my last girfriend who could not get enough of her dog. Not only would she put peanut butter on her pussy and asshole so he would like them she also would suck his huge cock till he came and would drink his cummm.She and her sister loved playing with his huge cock. I once took bot of them out into the country where there were many horses, they were lucks it was mating season and a number of the horses were matting. The sisters could not take there eyes off of those huge horse cocks and I am sure had they had the chance they would have sucked the horse cocks.

    pam64078, posted

    in my opinion this is my favorite video it is nice because it is so clear in sound and u kan tell that she has never done this before but i think she could do more and do it very well so all i have to say is keep the videos comeing please and try to get closer with the camrea it make it all the beter and the enhaced sound did make it good the dog did a good job to he stayed on untill he came never dismounted or anything best video in all of the site so yeah

    dope124, posted

    not a bad video all though had a hard time seeing it the lighting was not very good and you could not make out the woman or what she looked like at all they could have turned on the light to give the viewers a better look if they were trying to be anomalous all they would have to do is put a mask on or pre haps a pair of cheap sunglasses for that matter you don't really have to see her face just the actions of the dog on/in lol her and of course the money shot

    csd01, posted

    Another amazingly hot first time video, only thing that ruins the quality is the angles, shame there is no close up. However still a videos worth cuming to, although lighting is dark husband films his wife sreaming with plesure as she takes dog cock for the first time, souunds like shes having fun in her skimpy little skirt as the dog penitrates her and she give out her scream of joy :P dog seems to love it as much as she does and quickly finishes off leaving her on her knees driping dog cum down her legs, hope all enjoy :D

    woofsexx, posted

    Fantastic clip well worth a watch, the shock followed by the ecstasy is brilliant. Seems to me like this lovely lady has been waiting for this opportunity for quite a while, and just needed the right guy to help her along. Sexy lady fucked by dog, seems to be messing about a little at first but when the action gets underway the sound is fantastic. Our heroine cries out in shock but those cries are soon followed by moans of pleasure. Only downside to the clip is camera location, maybe a few closeups would have improved the watching, but still good enough to get an 8 out of 10. Have a strong feeling the dog will have gotten some extra action in the weeks that followed this recording, and hope to see many more videos in the coming months.

    enigmatastic, posted
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