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    Sister Licked Out


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    found this video on my sisters computer while fixing it, its a video of her getting licked out ny her dog its very hot enjoy

    Uploaded by davennn · Rating: 3.8 (111 votes) · 18039 views



    twsea72, posted


    SecretMe85, posted

    mmmm fuck shes got a nice pussie would love t fill it with hot cum forthe dog to clean up afterwards...

    gemini69er, posted

    i believe most people do this. it'd be so hot to know for sure though that a family member or friend was enjoying their pet for sex. this clip is awesome! i knew a girl in school who got caught being licked by the family dog, her sister caught her doing it with a jar of pb on the night stand. but wasn't really friends with her, still liked to see her around, made me hard..

    browneyedog, posted

    Oh WOW,your sister is so hot I too am a BBW &,I know how good it feels to get licked out by animals my horse has been licking me out since I was 17,would you fuck your sister if you had a chance if she was my sister I surely would I'm a bi sexual girl & just LOVE chubby girls.

    bigarse, posted

    nice i would love to meet ya sister this is a very good video bbws are the best

    ankal, posted

    Must be a very tasty snatch!

    breeder09, posted

    SO hot ,am a male with a fem dog i love fucking ,i like to share cam with a willing female ,add me if interested seemenx@hotmail.com

    rolrex, posted

    id tell her to let you have a few licks(like an hours worth) or youll show people the movie yummy

    borderx, posted

    wow this a good video. I'd love to meet your sister

    pbhorny, posted

    Fucking disgusting fatass.

    fuckyouasshole, posted

    It would have been lovely with sound!!

    alansimmo4, posted

    looking for female in Florida thats down for dog sex, and maybe horse...im a really attractive 20 year old male in Lakeland,FL looking for a female friend whose into beastiality....if interested hit me up pimpn_ska@ yahoo . com

    lightnin01, posted

    mmm nice bald pussy. the way she keeps rubbing her pussy tells me she masturbates alot. any girls masturbating? inbox me

    oocumoo, posted

    IS she pregnant? or just another fat bitch that can't fuck!!

    harperreese, posted

    Wish I had gone down first and the dog cleaned up the juices.

    bottccia, posted

    Not enough!

    doipoi, posted

    to verver123: I used to live over there...if i still did, i'd be the 1st to help you since i know alot about it.

    AnimalLover2030, posted

    seems like it wasn't their first time enjoying themselves either!!! He really does love your sisters pussy. I love how he just took a lick or two and decided to just lay down and go to town licking her out. Lucky sister you have!!!

    missi35, posted

    it was very hot made me wet just watching that dog enjoy that pussy so much..........

    sexpot40, posted

    lol if i was your sis i would be pisssssed

    shadowmarka, posted

    Im 18, from WASHINGTON STATE, northwest washington to be exact (Seattle). Please message me if you are in my area and can help me out with getting my first doggy dick. Im 5'3, in shape, and i am attractive (just so you know lol). Just send a message my way if you can help me out.PLEASE DO NOT MESSAGE ME IF YOU DONT LIVE NEAR MY AREA OR CANT ACTUALLY HELP ME WITH FINDING A DOG.

    verver123, posted

    mmmmmm Lucky dog!!!! Nice

    oldman60, posted


    ilovedogcack, posted

    This movie is pretty amazing! Not only is it obvious that the woman is enjoying it you can also tell that this dog is loving the taste. He buries his nose and mouth far inside so he can reach deeper and deeper. The woman is in ectasy, though shes not making any noises shes rubbing and squirming from the sensation. I have longed to have a dog lick me like that, shes a very lucky woman. I hope she makes more videos because this video made me want a dog sooooooooo bad! I say this is 5 stars! I do wish she was saying something. Moaning or whimpering (i know i would be). But its still clear that she and the dog really enjoyed this. He almost looked sad when she sat up. I would too if i had a pussy like that to lick!

    kissieface, posted

    this movie is pretty good. i dont like that shes not moaning or anything. but i would love for that dog to be licking my body like that ! shes a lucky girl. can someone tell me how to make a dog lick me like that?! ive never done anything like this, but this video makes it look like its so much darn fun. that dog looks like he would lick her pussy allll the time if he could. the video quality is good. it would also be cool if there was a little more action, i wish she wasnt just laying there silent.

    angeebabyy, posted
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