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    Cam Girl Pees While Dog Licks Her


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    Hot cam girl with wonderfully swollen clitoris sits on floor on her special padding. Her black dog patiently waits for the fun to begin. Cam girl inserts hairbrush in her vagina, and soon starts pissing. Then the dog moves in start lapping up his mistress' salty delight.

    Uploaded by bad_woofie · Rating: 4.4 (264 votes) · 60620 views


    So hot and sexy watching her squirt and seeing the dog licking it up ........made me wet and horny. That is not pee , she is squirting .........I squirt like that all of the time !

    Litka25, posted

    OMG, I love this! Made me so wet.

    laceadams, posted

    Damn, looked like a 40mm anti-aircraft shell.

    skeezix1, posted

    That Is one lucky dawg!

    hghjgjhbbhb, posted

    lucky dog to be tasting all that lady cum ! fucking hotter than hott girly !

    ballsblue, posted

    Anyone want to chat or email about this type sex? I love it, and love to share stories. Please email me at junglejohn295@yahoo.com

    junglejohn, posted

    who is this girl? wanna see more that hot material!!!

    naughtyboy93, posted

    i want to get a dog back so bad

    chynch52, posted

    Holy shit, this is fucking HAWT!!!

    jayko, posted

    this is sooo butieful i would love to to that some day mmmm.

    sexxy80, posted

    Fucking nauhgty! We want more peeing with dog ;)

    naughtyboy93, posted

    Yes it is true she is coming, my partner had her first experience last week and did the same thing, fucking hot!!!!!

    waterdawg12, posted

    Wot ignroant sod posted this video she is not peeing she is squirting duh!

    blackkinkybitch, posted

    She is so sexy

    slacker420, posted


    lillyfrench, posted


    lillyfrench, posted

    mmmm that was hot

    gabriele40, posted

    I am stroking my hard dick as I dream of her pussy juice squirting on me and I wish I could drink her juices.

    chrisindu, posted

    oh love this...especially when you piss straight in your dogs mouth...you have got to have a full bladder then just piis long and hard in your dogs face...see if he can keep up lapping as you do...this is how I like to be treated..as by my email I am a human dog that needs humiliating in this way when used to orall satisfy...great vids sexy girl keep them cumin.

    husky777, posted

    LOL at "piss"... That is not piss, its a shame people don't know the difference between that and female ejaculation

    omfg9999, posted

    Yeah, she is squirting, lucky dog!

    hidden4ever, posted

    That looks like she is squirting cum not piss cuz she is cumming,thats why the dog is lapping it up, he like me knows its sweet pussy nectar! Lucky dog!!!

    pinkspot22, posted

    Nice Clit!

    acDvx400, posted

    that dog gets better pussy then i do no fair

    vampro, posted

    ok rat tuyet

    thichdumoinguoi, posted

    what a lucky dog, who wouldn't want to drink from suck a beautiful fountain.

    luvembig, posted

    I would like u 2 pee on my dick when im n u

    DexterWarner, posted

    Made me so hard

    Diclonius, posted

    im jackingoff. any girls masturbating? inbox me

    oocumoo, posted

    That was kinda hot. Using a hair brush. Dirty girl.. Mmmmm

    charmingpets, posted


    zahaha, posted

    i love this gal's clit & beautiful pussy...please give us more & longer clips!

    deexx, posted

    whats your email address bby? that vid has made me very very wet :)Add mine we can trade vids like this if u would like.alicedoyle55@yahoo.com

    ally87, posted

    i'm about to bust a nut...beautiful squirt job....OMG!!! squirt in my face any day, i'll lap it up like a dog.

    codwod, posted

    mmmm I am game for this any offers???

    Belinda402007, posted

    i like it.

    fuse07, posted

    sex trained dogs free i just have to many 6075911931 the dog named David is amazing at Knotting hes up for grabs !!!!

    1234gats, posted

    it is definitely squirting not piss. i squirt myself and can tell the difference.

    kinkymarie, posted

    i know u guys must be horny but its ashame for the dog!

    mcphee, posted

    Maybe next time you can cram a frozen baby ruth up your ass and shit it out while pissing and cumin. Oh wait, chocolate is bad for dogs isn't it?

    alifealife22, posted

    Lovely clitoris!

    HeikkiIlmari, posted


    lilcock1, posted

    hopefully there are some people around scranton pa..i dont have any animals though up for anything

    supertrooper69, posted

    wow ! i love a squirting gal ! is it pee ? or is it lady cum ? i think its lady cum myself !hope to see more of this hot swollen clit .

    ballsblue, posted

    the clip is really hot, very sexy lower half on this cutie. vid combines a few of my favorite fetishes, so its pretty good. i am not so quick to say it isn't piss though, and lion3, that is a hair brush... and the poster writes the small reviews, larger ones can be added if you so choose to submit one. anyway, most reviews and vids here are crap! but this clip is horny, made me hard and dripped some precum (: only thing negative i can say is she did seem more interested in spraying the "suspect liquid" from her pussy than being licked, that seemed like an after thought to make the mov a little more shocking??? doubt she's a true beast lover :/ but still nice to watch, save cumming over a better one though.

    browneyedog, posted

    This clip rocks, and yes, it is female ejaculate. Squirting girls are SO much more fun! Get out the rubber sheets!(or just head to the shower) Its too cold to fuck outside today. lmfao!

    jayko, posted

    mmm love it. made me hard

    shaggis12, posted

    cammon, who does this stupid reviews? Hair brush? Piss?

    Lion33, posted

    that's not piss. that's female ejaculation....But that only makes this video even better!

    ponycum, posted

    Exquisite! A perfect 10! Woof! Woof! Woof!

    dirk20200, posted

    mmm this made me so horny

    hogwild6969, posted

    Wow! I loved her getting her dog to lick her little tight cute pussy. She used her dogs wet tongue to lick her pussy for extra lubrication. As it started to moisten she pulled out her hairbrush for a dildo. As she pumped the hairbrush in her wet pussy she allowed her doggy to lick her clit as if he knew exactly how to make her climax. As she allows her hairbrush to finish the jobher dog waits patiently for another lick. Her pussy must be real sweet because he waits patiently to lick. As she pushes the pup away she climaxes all over the sheet. She sprays everywhere.

    envydog123, posted

    this is a great video I love piss and dog licking my two favourite things combined... It made me so horny. I hope you make more I loved it and you can tell the dog likes it too! I would have liked more sounds but other than that it was amazing! Great pussy nice lab tounge licking up the piss and loving that pussy lickin. That pup has obviously done this many times before and enjoys it a lot. I love how you open up your pussy and let your dogs tounge lick your clit. This is an amazing video all around.

    hogwild6969, posted

    one of the best videos i have seen on here. not only is she having a dog lick her hot snatch she is useing a hair brush, and peeing as the dog licks the pee up. I wish i could be there. I would suggest everyone watch this video and to leave a comment or review. i give it four stars out of four. if only every girl in the world would let a dog lick their pussy they would enjoy it and find it better then any licking they have ever had. i like how the dog continues to lick as the girl pees and i only wish the video would last forever.

    c_emo, posted
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