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    Wife Gets Licked!


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    My wife gets her beautiful pussy licked by our female lab! This is my first post so any feedback will be appreciated, i have more vids of her and our male dane to come soon!

    Uploaded by ZzXxCc · Rating: 3.9 (185 votes) · 67611 views


    Hmm yummy pussy

    okkos, posted

    that is one disgusting pussy

    perfectkitten, posted

    Wish I could feel my cum pumping deep into her pussy.

    ewilson, posted

    Blimey, that vag looks like a road accident. It's hanging out all over the place... Ewww!

    221b, posted

    cant tell yu how lucky are, that pussy of hers is amazing. more please and thank yu.

    failed, posted

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    LesbianRiley, posted

    Very very nice and so very hot! MMMM! I'd like to lick and suck her sweet wet pussy too! Love you honey! You're the best! MMMMM!

    DogHorseSukr, posted

    Läckraste fitta jag sett på många år! Hoppas jag blir en kåt hanhund i nästa liv

    horsepowerman, posted

    Your wife has a really hot pussy. thank you so much for sharing. Would love to see more.

    rushman34, posted

    this was really hot but needs to be longer ...where can u find long movies ..?

    bigpun1, posted

    thats one nasty ass pussy lady ...turn off

    areiella, posted

    i'm sorry, but i think that's one fucking gross pussy

    concave_scream, posted

    a big pussy would like to see how big it reall is

    teethmarks69, posted

    uhhh geile, klaffende fotze

    dejavu74, posted

    Her pussy seems pretty big, no wonder you bought a great dane. lol that said love the vid so make more x

    debs, posted

    Her clit was jumping which meant it felt really good!

    Doglovinwhore89, posted

    this is amazing, makes me soo horny!! luv it, please more of your beautiful wife and her amazing pussy!

    pukabhuu, posted

    Looks like her pussy is worn out...your wife might need a break. Her pussy grossed me out.

    sallysuzy, posted

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    esparco, posted

    Having been licked to orgasm by my dogs, this one may be worth because if you watch closely, you will see the involuntary waves across her pussy as she cums. . .mine does the same. . .so I have to star this one since I believe she is really appreciating this licking (I know I would've). . .

    morgan_faye, posted

    i want to lick that pussy myself : ) so wide and fine :)

    mafakka, posted

    nice pussy

    mafakka, posted

    push push your pussy so sexy open pussy i love her pussy nest time put fist in her pussy ale let dog lickit her pussy inthe same time good mowie sweet pussy

    usa26, posted

    so sexy pussy so open and wet i wish to see fist in her pussy and dog licking her inte same time i love her pussy good job with move

    usa26, posted

    hi:) how do we find people in our area???

    KINKYSWFLA, posted

    I have never seen such a red and open pussy in my life, obviously your wife enjoys it very very much. I cannot believe how much her pussy looks so open and receptive to it. Keep up the good work x

    debs, posted

    im wet too now

    Nefala, posted

    that's how MY girl likes the dog to lick her...lying on her back with her legs spread as wide as possible,with her hit,pink pussy gaped wide open. It's such a sight to see her lying there mauling her big tits and whining for me to let him fuck her. Ooooh,and I love the way she takes that big knot in her cunt. She whines and moans and rubs her clit while the dog pumps her full.

    shadow_insights, posted

    she is good

    bigmike1975, posted

    lick it!!!

    petsexrex, posted

    love it. love the look of your wife's pussy too. post more

    DirtyDan1952, posted


    tazman99, posted

    That is the HOTTEST,WETTEST and PINKEST pussy I have seen!!!! Getting licked by a dog makes this vid. one of the best! Keep them cumming!!

    pdboy, posted

    Your wife does have a sexy pussy! Does she let him knot her , (: HOTT!

    purpleonion89, posted

    Awsome pussy

    mistyS9, posted

    Beautiful pussy! She take that K9 in her cunt too? If anyone out there likes to share stories on animal sex, email me at junglejohn295@yahoo.com. I would love to hear from anyone, especially women or couples!

    junglejohn, posted

    i wish there was more. That's a beautiful pussy.

    doggy_curious, posted

    delishious cunt nom nom nom ;D

    foxface, posted

    That is afine, gaping, wet, juicy, pussy, it made me instantly hard! the clip is arousing, if not a little too short. I love that pussy. It looks like she's got something big in her pussy and she's pushing on her abs (bellymuscles) to get it out of her cunt and that big thing is pushing her cunt outwards and open. But it looks succulent and I so would like to smell and lick it. @ L A T E R ! ! ! 1802 animalpsychologist 4.

    cleclego, posted

    awsome clip Z , ur wife is smoking hot n wow her pussy is fabulous ! ur a lucky man , thankx for sharing n hope to see more of the MRS N DANE WOULD BE GREAT

    ballsblue, posted

    i would love to try this tongue

    clitlicked, posted

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    1234gats, posted

    I would love to lick that pussy,so meaty.

    girlgonebad, posted

    Anyone I. Nw indiana wanna try some cool shit w me?

    nastyshit77, posted

    Thats make me wanna try that..

    jellilee, posted

    Guess there was something tasty in that guys cum. That pussy sure had a work out from the looks of it. So swollen and red and delicious.

    alifealife22, posted

    Anyone near scranton pa

    supertrooper69, posted

    Lovely licking so glad more to cum x

    debs, posted

    The most beautiful pussy. I bet she can handle a dane. Can,t wait!!!!! Thanks

    flatnose, posted

    What a beautiful pussy and what a lucky dog!

    breeder09, posted

    geezus!!! wow, what a torn up, gaping, wet, juicy, pussy, very sexy! and what a lucky doggy to get to lap and sniff on it, arousing vid if not a little too short. and ha, ha, DINGGGGGGGGGGG!!! it's dinner time!!! good vid, hope to see you share more of what you've got.

    browneyedog, posted

    what a nice pussy mmmmmmmmmmmmmm

    happynono, posted

    I thought it was great she has the perfect pussy it instantly made my juices start flowing. Keep up the great work! :)

    nykkole, posted

    seriously fucking hot. made me instantly hard. I love your exposed pussy, just open and full of lust, wet and delicious. All that was missing was hearing you climax.

    shaggis12, posted

    An amazing worn out used pussy! would have loved to have seen it take the dog's knot slammed repeatedly in and out of her. She'd be great with a horse cock!

    knotme2020, posted

    Exquisite! A perfect 10!

    dirk20200, posted

    Wonderful beautiful pink pussy. Looked like the wife enjoyed the licking and I might be wrong, but I want to think that the photo showed that some of her juices were flowing. Continue the great work, you have done very, very well. Will wait to see what your dane will do with the wife and how she likes dog cock and the knot.

    dipswitch69, posted

    i would have loved for this video to be much longer, it was a huuuuuuuuge tease. the camera was in the perfect place for a perfect video shot. The lighting was good as well, showing that fat pussy glistening with sexy wetness, longing for more. It was a huge turn on watching the tongue glide in and out and up and down, on that fat pussy. I wanted more. I wish that dog was here at my house so that it could wet my pussy with its tongue. gliding in and out and up and down my wet fat pussy.

    glamrs1, posted

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    netsurfer1, posted

    Wife gets licked was a really good clip. The doggets all into that pretty pink pussy. Her pussy looks so tasty. She spreads her legs open nice and wide allowing the dog to have good excess to her pretty pussy. As I watch her getting her pussy eaten it makes my pussy wet. Just to imagine how good that feels. I'm wondering if she had sex before she allowed the dog to finish her up. Her pussy made this clip so good because its so pretty and cleaned shaven. I can imagine how sweet her pussy must taste because the dog enjoyed it because he kept lcking her.

    envydog123, posted

    Very good movie not bad i love how the dog kept going at the pussy and she sounded like she was enjoying it i hope you guys enjoy this movie like i did and the dog looks like a big dog i wish she would let him fuck her that would be amazing cant wait and i would love to find a woman that would be down to beastlity in cypress california other than that im happy to have watched this movie cant wait to see more from this person :_ so everyone have a good night and take care and have fun with your animals ookay

    mafiakid96, posted

    This video was near perfect. The womans pussy was exceptionally photographed so as to see the very, very pink lips and the wetness that many of the videos do not show. The dog was eager to demonstrate that it loved to lick sweet juicy pussy as can be seen when to tongue attempts to penetrate the vaginal canal and get the womans juices. At the end it is apparent that the woman enjoyed the licking as it appears ti the viewer that her juices are coming out of her pussy. The sound track could have been better so as to her the woman moan when being licked. The video is excellet, the photography terrific and will anxiously wait for more videos from this woman.

    dipswitch69, posted

    I thought it was great she has the perfect pussy it instantly made my juices start flowing. She looked like she had been knotted shortly before the black lab started licking her but, that was nice it was prolapsed and juicy. The moaning was just an added bonus to help me climax it would have been nice to see her climax. I hope to see more movies from them in the future it's great to see such willing participants. I would love to see the videos he mentioned about the great big great dane. Now, Those sure would be fantastic!

    nykkole, posted
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