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    Bear Rapes Girl


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    Bear walks in girls room, while she don't pay attention, the bear lays on her and starts to fuck her. As the bears pleasure is going higher and higher, the girl screams alot. When bear is enough satisfied, he cums into the girl.

    Uploaded by Deimoz · Rating: 3.7 (131 votes) · 46954 views


    @cleclego, actually you are kind of wrong about the size of a bear's penis. It mostly depends on the bear but typically a Bear's penis can be anywhere from 7 1/2 inches to 12"+ when fully aroused.

    ppjsy, posted

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    Krissy47, posted

    I know this is kind of sick but I like it

    kerstingirl, posted

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    williamc, posted

    This time it wasn't Chuck Testa.

    freddy47, posted

    I like 3d clips best. The sounds were great

    Michii, posted


    etto555, posted

    The elf's got great legs, a great body. The bear is not really raping her. She stood there, waiting for him and made no attempt to escape, when she saw him. Bears don't have such big dicks in reality. In fact, humans have bigger dicks than bears. @ L A T E R ! ! ! 1802 animalpsychologist 5.

    cleclego, posted

    u got problems with vids ?

    dareeo, posted


    destiny54, posted

    Elvish woman always go for the bear cock in the ass. She should take it in the mouth, while a horse crams his up her ass while some trolls eat our her cunt.

    alifealife22, posted

    Well, she could have fought a little more...and maybe some better sound? Otherwise it's pretty good.

    redtulips3, posted

    Me likey....breed that elf bitch good!

    jayko, posted

    now thats great bear sex

    inuyasha86, posted

    woman seems to be waiting for something based on her garb and how shes positioned most likely for her lover or husband. she appears to be a elf based off the ears but that hasn't been verified. the bear walks in slowly from behind stands up then impales her pussy wile pushing her down on the bed. the weight of the bear keeping her from running as he fucks her pussy good and deep. thankfully this one has vocals and not annoying ones either. the bear ends up cumming deep inside her then pulling out his still dripping cock from her pussy and walks away. decent 3D worth a few watches.

    Bellcross, posted
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