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    Real Horse Fuck Woman


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    like the titel say: this is a real video of a woman getting fuckd by horsecock! she love's the big cock in & out her pussy! so here man helps here the get the cock all in & ot her juicy pussy

    Uploaded by hellend · Rating: 2.6 (663 votes) · 1380456 views


    god to have a cock that big filling my pussy!!!! jealous!

    tmartin13, posted

    Her cunt took that cock good.

    jenusuallyhot, posted

    would any1 like to c2c on Skype with me preferably a girl also even better if you have a dog :) and im only ok with a guy if they have a dog to. and I am a lilbit younger so I hope that dosnt bother you if any1 is interested please send me a message

    glowstick25, posted

    my name samy i love hot sex you nowww hellp me sex you

    samyalii, posted

    i want me some big horse cock

    lovingthedog, posted

    love to have it in me

    lounelove, posted

    I do like big cock but is this real. If its a dildo then where's the fun. Hell I got that. Want real meat. Let's have some fun. Bigger is better. In cape girardeau mo. area.

    tinypecker, posted

    Great sound WTF

    woolaston, posted

    Why not say 'horse dildo'? That would be more honest...then those of us who can't see the point and would rather watch animals actually mating because they want to, will know....

    humpnfun, posted

    E-Mail me at Pkstormx1@live.com. 16, male and horny!

    pkstormx, posted

    hey i know there is people out there that like animals like me, i was wounding how do you find friends that is willing to talk to you about it. I have beeninto animals for about 16 years now and I dont have anyone willing to just talk to me about it. I know thisis hot topic to talk about men women i dont mind who as long as I can find somone that is willing to sure these feeling with.

    supermankeiel, posted

    ich suche wideos mit Zwerg Pferde, i loocking for videos with Dwarf Horse

    gienia, posted

    Terrible camera angles. No close ups and not enough editing.

    091170, posted

    i like mini horse!!!! nice penis!!!

    gienia, posted

    26f new jersey virgin .... does anyone have a horse or dog i can try?

    inncontrolmale, posted

    Any one from RSA for some pet love? layavade@gmail.com

    Snaucher, posted

    Yes me too so disappointes ?!!

    lovelynana, posted

    raggedy old horse aint doing anything...what's up with the sound...this was a disappointment

    peachesncream69, posted

    Horse isn't fucking her, the dude holding the horse cock is

    Rotgut, posted

    sie hätte sich besser von hinten ficken lassen wenn das pony sie bestiegen hätte...der hengstschwanz war vielleicht etwas dicker aber wenn pony sie gefickt kein problem so lang ist der nicht gewesen.geil...genauso ein minipony suche ich kürzen aber dicken fickkolben *g

    viancaro, posted

    if anybody in melbourne fl. has a well endowed dog. and would not mind me haveing sex with him please message me. ps i would not mind being recorded

    boatman6969, posted

    help me i wanna try this and be fucked by a dog jlh1987@hotmail.com

    horneyzoophilic, posted

    i would love to get fucked by horse dog bunch of guys anything who wants to help a kansas girl out?

    dirtyslut75, posted

    i want to be fucked by a pony too please help my michaellj1972@yahoo.com

    michaellj1972, posted

    wow Ive never done this but would love too.. my pussy gets wet thinking about it

    rachelwet, posted

    nicce message me any one

    haloface, posted

    Woman gets fucked with a horse cock and before she's done he explodes into her vagina with his hot cum!!

    mehoff, posted

    i would love to be fucked by huge horse cock and would like that bloke fucking me with there cock he needs also to fist her pussy... lucky slut

    samantha69now, posted

    Very poor camera work, and there was virtually no sound. It would have been hot to see otherwise.

    mare4me2, posted

    oh i would love to find someone that can help me out with a cock like that :) my pussy would love to swallow that cock. :) i miss thefeeling of a dog tongue inmy pussy too. anyone wanna help me im in south dakota

    cumplay696988, posted

    vid sucked culd hav been a good time if all were ready to play

    MISSBRANDY, posted

    C'est un petit poney, pas un cheval...et c'est vraiment "pourrie" comme vidéo !

    martial27, posted

    I must agree with generaluser & Browneyedog. The act of mating between a human and an animal must be of complete love and relationship. I did not get the feeling the Pony was 100% on bored with what was going on here. :-(

    CaballoAmor1551, posted


    hw13177370331, posted

    terrible, bad bad bad video...looks like it was made in the '70s but even vintage animal sex movies are better than this shit..they guy looked like Al from Home Improvement..betchya this wasn't done in the states.

    bigkat010, posted

    Well, it's not fucking as much as it is jerking a horse cock in and out of a woman's pussy... and the audio is annoying, make sure you turn the volume off.

    mrcinym, posted

    WTF IS THAT SOUND AHHHHHHHHHH SHOOT ME NOW!! i keep getting this screeching sound

    shadowmarka, posted


    alneek, posted

    wy no cum ;(

    blixa, posted

    Whats the matter.. is she pasted out and can't do it herself? spam!!

    kitten2, posted

    Like browneyedog wrote; True beast "love" is beautiful, but only if the animal is as willing as the person... My dog walks over to me and puts her wagging tail in my face, 'cause she wants it. This poor pony- didn't even show his face...

    generaluser, posted

    It dont have good video or sound and the whole video doesn't play.

    89blaster, posted

    que pendeja pelicula

    albertoalcala, posted

    wasnt clear not tempting!

    sana23, posted

    sloemam wrote i want to see more of girl and horse please.

    sloeman, posted

    I actually enjoyed the fact that he was guiding that massive horsecock in and out of her pussy... its hard to get a good angle when you're playing by your lonesome.......

    kateyclit, posted

    Disappointing video due to the hand held "vibratory" nature of it, the poor video quality, and whatever bizarre sound that was.

    bloodfury, posted

    I love this stuff! I have played with horses too, and so had my wife. If anyone wants to chat, email me at junglejohn295@yahoo.com.

    junglejohn, posted


    1108, posted

    I saw a sf-movie once, in which big (humansize) insects were working in a lab and talking to each other which strange clicking sounds. Those sounds I'm hearing in this clip, from beginning to end. That hairy pussy swallowed that ponycock easily! The girth of a pony or horsedick is often no problem for a woman's pussy. Why is it, that whenever they're filming human-animalsex, men feel compelled to do something in it? I think the woman was capable of manipulating the pony's cock all by herself. The guy didn't need to get on film. And anyone with a brain can see, they're forcing the pony. And then the guy found it necesary to scratch her cunt. Did he have to do it on film? Where we don't want to see him? He can fucking do it all the time, whenever he wants. All in all it is a poor display. No wonder its a free movie. @ L A T E R ! ! ! 1802 animalpsychologist 3.

    cleclego, posted

    this is one of the worst vids iv seen on here pony wasnt in to it and why was the man in picture at all ??

    oger7635, posted

    the video technology quality was shit not clear and far from the pussy too can not see it happening.

    samsonsam123, posted

    yep, totally agree, vids with forced animal sex is not a turn on at all :/ Any time a hand is on a cock, like a dildo it's not fair to the animal, what's sexy about animal abuse? rape is rape, i guess those that like this shit wouldn't mind seeing their girlfriend, wife, sister or mother get fucked over and treated like nothing more than a cunt by a sick and twisted stranger? think about it you dumb asses! true beast "love" is beautiful, but only if the animal is as willing as the person, enough said.

    browneyedog, posted

    Been pony fucked better than that by accident.

    bredmare, posted

    Any one in Suffolk got a pet I can Fuck

    lookinside, posted

    Just a lame pony fuck. I'm sure glad video technology has improved so we don't get poor quality shit like that any longer. We want to see that fucking clear and close and wet and juicy yes yes yes cum all over more holes more cum more thrusting yes yes yes.

    alifealife22, posted

    hell there si one on here a man actucally gettin fuck by horse and he takes lots and horse shoots gallons of cummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

    lilcock1, posted

    Why is it that whenever they are making these videos, men feel the need to talk during them? Totally spoils the mood! And I think the woman was capable of manipulating the horses cock - the guy didn't need to get in the video... UGH!

    scoobydoo808, posted

    very nice the way he helps her with it

    fettezitzen, posted

    No wonder its a free movie..really bad

    Okfarmgal, posted

    That hairy pussy swallowed that pony cock so easily,nice!

    breeder09, posted

    This is super lame, lack of volume and action.

    jayko, posted

    Sweet! Looked like fun!

    harleypoor, posted

    mos def wheres the mount??

    anoklahoman, posted

    mos def wheres the mount??

    anoklahoman, posted

    it was good would be better if the horse did the work with no help

    inuyasha86, posted

    Anyone around Scranton?

    supertrooper69, posted

    Crap Crap crap crap crapCrap Crap crap crap crapCrap Crap crap crap crapCrap Crap crap crap crapCrap Crap crap crap crapCrap Crap crap crap crapCrap Crap crap crap crapCrap Crap crap crap crapCrap Crap crap crap crapCrap Crap crap crap crapCrap Crap crap crap crapCrap Crap crap crap crapCrap Crap crap crap crapCrap Crap crap crap crapCrap Crap crap crap crapCrap Crap crap crap crapCrap Crap crap crap crapCrap Crap crap crap crapCrap Crap crap crap crapCrap Crap crap crap crapCrap Crap crap crap crapCrap Crap crap crap crapCrap Crap crap crap crapCrap Crap crap crap crapCrap Crap crap crap crapCrap Crap crap crap crapCrap Crap crap crap crapCrap Crap crap crap crapCrap Crap crap crap crapCrap Crap crap crap crapCrap Crap crap crap crapCrap Crap crap crap crapCrap Crap crap crap crapCrap Crap crap crap crapCrap Crap crap crap crapCrap Crap crap crap crap

    halobladegod, posted

    this video title is misleading. The horse never actually fucked the woman, it was a man, "dildoing" the horse into her. even then we never see the horse cum. truly a waste of credit.. The poor horse, having his thing jerked like that and plus it wasn't even his full length, it was only like four or five inches. This girl is not a true beast girl. If she was, she would have taken the horse better. There are too many people and having the other horse I'm guessing a mare in there was dangerous for the female and the horses, Clearly these people have no idea what they are doing.

    Wolfiekrum, posted

    i like watching a horse fucking a girl but the sounds doesnt help alot. and the camera didnt have a full cover for them fucking the girl so we can watch more closely and the guy touching the horse didnt help alot for a good scene i watch alot some if the animals fucking a man or a woman and they are good but this one uhm maybe more exciting to watch and i didnt enjoy it much i have to say and add some horsey scene to watch like licking the horse tit just like a real sex maybe it may cum very well.

    kimnhea, posted

    The picture was not so clear. The guy was in the way of view. Need a clear picture with horse fucking the girls pussy so hard n deep! Then its big cockk in her wet pussy then in her ass. Try bending her over doggy style on bench. Would have been better if horse fucked her with no help. Like viewing the real fuck from the horse itself instead of getting help from others. People need to stand clear of view so we can watch every second of it..need some hard and deep ass fucking too. Girl screaming for mercy with enjoyment. I want to see more action.

    sexxyy00, posted

    Looking at the video the title is pretty damn true, that is one big horse cock. And this woman can take it in her pussy over and over. Now I havent seen much horse fucking but I can tell you that this is one hot video. Watch the entire thing, this movie is one of the hottest I've seen in a long time. The cock is so thick and wet from the girls pussy. She has a little bit of hair over her pussy which just makes it better! Her wet pussy is just begging to get fucked over and over by this big horse!

    ryuk9933, posted

    oh wow what a video i really enjoyed it i was just curious if that was really yall and oh my wish i was there keep up the good work guys thanks. im very interested in learning how to get a horse to pay. How did yall get him to get hard like that would lov eto play with a horse C***. im just curious if anyone knows of any one in sc that would like to play please let me know and i think you all should rate these people well for such a great video they did a very good job in posting i wish we had more people like this in the site

    2002stallion, posted

    this video sucked you couldnt see the woman and she wasnt getting railed. Also she had a hairy vagina and the horse wasnt giving it to her hard enough.There was too much light in the video i couldnt really see her and a guy was standing in the way most of the time which was gay. And why didnt they bend her over and have the horse really get some instead of that lame video. if i were making the video i would have the horse fuck her for so long so when he jizzed her pussy would be massivly filled up.

    funcat1, posted
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