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    Hot Woman Breast Feeding Puppy


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    A cute puppy suckling attentively on a hot woman's nipple. The video is a little grainy at times but the sound is good you can hear the puppy making all sorts of sounds.

    Uploaded by bellshot · Rating: 4.2 (172 votes) · 22170 views


    Beautiful woman and a sweet puppy doing what comes natural. Very sexy. We should have LOTS more vids such as this one.

    Pisiw, posted

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    diespielerin, posted

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    reaper93, posted

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    nastynick45, posted

    yes I would be a bitch dog if she would breast feed me if you need breeding sissy for stud dog video I stay in heat cfrey83@yahoo.com

    shepussy, posted

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    cold12345, posted

    What an amazing bond they will have.

    laceadams, posted

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    gewgirl, posted

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    EpicHorse, posted

    Everything about this vid turned me on! Very nice!

    Womens, posted

    so nice, would love to see these two when the puppy has grown up ;)

    love_mature88, posted

    The hottest girl on here.

    dolphinsex97, posted

    Wish I could lactate and do this. . . Anyone know how?

    x116, posted

    Suprisingly this got me very wet!

    Dozenus, posted

    this is so f**king awesome, luv it and would luv to experience this someday

    kitten2, posted

    Anyone know if she was speaking English?

    Camstr321, posted

    Mmmm very sensual video of a good Mommie Bitch feeding her liltte one....

    missi35, posted

    a beautiful woman im wondering if she really has milk or just dry nursimg the pup?! that is one lucky puppy! i hope she dont stop nursing the pups and makes more vids! it would be fantastic to see her nurse 2 pups at the same time too.

    Bedspread, posted

    lekker hoor

    cyberbart, posted

    zalig om zo aan je tepels te laten zuigen mmm

    kangeroe, posted


    tonloc173, posted

    As a woman, I think that was a very sensual clip. You can tell that the puppy was actually feeding. It was so sweet to see the puppy almost going to sleep, then waking up to suck full force!!! Also, it made me all wet and tingly........

    k9lvr2b, posted

    I think that Gotrooper1 is right on the mark. Follow the story of the Dog doing his Lady Bitch, and then to her as she enjoys breastfeeding his natural litter (maybe feeding several of them at once), then followed by the Dog pounding into his Lady Bitch again to portray the growth of the true familky unit.

    Sandi9947, posted

    Personal opinion I think this feed's into a lot of women's fantasies of having a litter of puppies like their dogs true bitch that she is I think there's a lot of women that fantasize the same thing. I truly happy to see at least one woman indulging in a small part of that fantasy. Too bad we didn't get to see the puppies daddy doing is bitch. All in all a little grainy libra very very good

    Gotropper1, posted

    i guess it's just me... but not arousing or even sexual at all. but hey, each to their own, looks like the puppy wasn't hurt, so get your kicks outa this you sick fucks! LOL

    browneyedog, posted

    love it! especially the puppy's soft innocent whimpers. look at how long and thick that nipple is!

    Angelmilk, posted

    That puppy doesn't want to let go of that tit and I don't blame him/her!

    tsmith5143, posted

    Freaking hot woman and one lucky dog! Nice rack and legs honey!

    jackf9, posted

    Lucky puppy. I would have loved to be suckling those beautiful tits myself.

    wineman123, posted

    nice looked like the puppie was really liking it

    tlfowler54, posted

    One lucky puppy, those are some AMAZING tits and nipples!

    becoming, posted

    AWSOME OMG I sure hope the girl that made the vedeo reads this . Hunny you are the hotest woman I have ever seen in one of these videos . I hope you will answer two questions for me . One , Have you recently had a baby or do you just natuerle have milk ? ( I know some women do ) I could see the puppy was obviously enjoying his lunch . Were you enjoying it as much as he was ? I bet you were . It was makeing you horney as hell wasn't it ? Do you plan to give that puppy some pussy when he grows up ? he has sure earnd it . If you do , please , please , please send us a video of it . You are a gorgeous woman and you obviously love dogs . I wish I could meet you . Thank you for shareing that vedeo with us , and please send us more .

    houndog69, posted
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