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    Girl Loves To Suck Doggie Cock


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    she is very hot

    Uploaded by tankervic · Rating: 4.4 (281 votes) · 37668 views


    Gag, you little dogwhore..at least she doesn`t waste any precious semen!

    jayko, posted


    flynewguy, posted

    I love this. Makes me wet every time!

    sweetk9girll, posted

    that is aweseom. i love the sound: gagging on that big dog dick. I had to give it 5 I don't know why, it's just hot.

    tonktaf, posted

    ne geile sau

    ponystosser, posted

    this girl is truly a dog-dick fan...what a lovely sucker.....and she enjoys it sooo much!!

    fredog51M, posted

    she has another video of her sucking the same cock, its much longer and more hotter

    teachmebeast, posted

    Man who is this woman and how can i get in touch with her!!! She sucks some good cock!

    rebel1901, posted

    Just a great and horny blow-job

    cybersexpunk, posted

    this is an excellent k9 sucking slut

    VooDooPriest, posted

    sexy hot n i love the gagging sounds would love 2 c her perform in person

    aguerria, posted

    I`m still loving this hot doggy sucking girl.

    jayko, posted

    Quiero a esta tia sobre mi polla ya. Asombroso

    satanicapita, posted

    watt to go anybody here from florida?

    alq27830, posted

    Hot video. I love it

    doitonetime, posted

    Love how deep she takes her doggys cock

    evebound, posted

    great movie...:) i think i have a longer clip with the same girl,send me a message if you want me to find it,and upload....:)

    guffeluffe30, posted

    I love this flick and have cum to it many times....she obviously loves pleasing her pup, and she doesn`t waste one single drop of dogsperm.. yummy!

    jayko, posted

    so hot, she makes it look sooooo delicious!

    littlelana, posted

    this is a good one. she takes that red cock deep in the back of her throat!

    Jackal_, posted

    wonderful showin how much she loves her dog just like most of us do on here

    pamperk, posted

    just so fucking hot

    ...what, posted

    This is one of the better blow jobs to watch because you feel that she really loves to suck her dog's cock. Those glasses are sexy too!

    kianosh, posted

    i liked it i wished it was me her n a mouth full of doggy cummm yummm mssxymexslt on yahoo too cali here...

    mssxymexslt, posted

    she definitely knows what she's doing! I wouldn't mind taking either of their places for a bit

    chickenchaser, posted

    Bravo! Love that you are gagging on his cock. Damn you are sexy girl. Keep it up!

    Malepuppylips, posted

    cute girl and she love,s dog cock

    freelander2007, posted

    This girl sucks that cock with true love and adoration.No licking for her. Thats how it should be done. Would be nice to see her take the load in her mouth and swallow. She is great

    sildolan, posted

    can i try. any guys from ohio here

    eager, posted

    lovely.. like that alot :p

    nippel61, posted

    who is this chick :'(

    Zinex, posted

    hottnessess. however, O.O she looks like my teacher

    Zinex, posted

    THAT IS SO PERFECT!Nice deepthroat.

    jayko, posted

    awesome!!! this girl is too nice!!!

    aaamarco, posted

    wow.. that looks so good.. I have wanted to do that for a long time.. ..love when she pushes the whole cock down her troath.. Im so jealous!

    CoupleStvg, posted

    Mmmmhhh,sehr lecker und sooo geil! Das Mädel kann bestimmt nicht nur Tierschwänze so geil intensiv blasen und zum Abspritzen bringen!

    sadfuck, posted

    Love watching her pump his cock for cum!

    mehoff, posted

    WOW...........she is hot really want to see more of this lady's oral talent. Please post more.

    arrdee, posted

    Oh my god! She Deep throats the knot! So insanely hot! Everyone should rate this Awesome, because I have hardly ever seen a woman be able to deepthroat a whole big fat dog knot, it's incredible!!! DEEP THROATING IS THE BEST! 5/5 Stars, AWESOME RATING!

    Deeke, posted

    wow this is the type of animal porn i like to see a hot gurl like that suck a dog jsut gets me so horny

    bboy422, posted

    i love watching her take it all the way in, especially a girl as hot as she is. very fucking sexy

    concave_scream, posted

    To the model...if your reading this...please post more...would love to see you more and more in action! :O) Great stuff...winks!

    cheekymonkey, posted

    Sweet! Girl has skills!

    harleypoor, posted

    Nice to see a woman who doesn't just let it drip out of her mouth,, she swallows it for all its worth and likes it.. good girl, truely loves her dogs. Nice

    freakie, posted

    very nice vid

    emmavictoria, posted

    If Yesilovedog sees a dick that is ulgy I guess she/he would rather do without than to fuck or suck the dick. I myself could care less how the dick looks as long as I can fuck it or suck it. I think the girl is in love with her dog because she is making love to it dick and she is enjoying it.

    ultralord, posted

    i wisch i was the dog :)

    stroman53, posted

    yes its dazed and confuzed from shocking tube!

    nathen12, posted

    wud love to see more of her

    tricky, posted

    is that dazed and confused from shockingtube?!?

    thedude20002, posted

    agreed, really good at it she is

    mangler510, posted

    Wow nice sucking skill, hmmm that dog dick is kinda ugly XD

    Yesilovedogs, posted

    God she's so sexy doing that, even trying so hard to fit it all sucking it mmm delicious.

    Namsar, posted

    she is good at sucking cock

    pickman22, posted

    WOW! This lady really loves sucking a cock. I don't know if that enthusiasm is just for sucking dog cock or cock in general. I can almost feel her working myself. She is amazing. I would love to see more of her. She is relaxed and thoughly enjoying what she is doing. This is the stuff that makes for good video. Where can I find more video of her. It is a shame that this is such a limited video because I am sure this dog is enjoying this job just as much as she is. I would love to see her get the mouthful that she deserves and this dog is no question going to give her

    Justdoitt, posted

    Quick and easy way to give any video like this what it deserves is to rate it 5/5. Really great video, you can tell this girl loves what she's doing and is incredibly good at doing so. Audio is good, you can hear her breathing even! and the way she deepthroats that k9's cock is going to make any man's cock hard as rock. (or any woman's pussy flowing juices like a fountain!) There is a good reason this is one of the top rated videos, and that reason is because it doesn't disapoint. I love this video, the rest of the world loves this video and i can garentee you will love this video too. this video will be (and has been) fapped to across the world! 5/5

    fapforlife, posted

    what a movie! this girl is super hot at giving a long teasing deep throat blowjob to her rather well hung doggie. the camera angle isnt that great but the quality is good for a web cam vid. Her dog is very accepting of her affections and its easy to see she loves giving him great head and she is very well practiced too, a few times taking him so deep she gags a little, no doubt taking his knot into her mouth too which is no small feat as he has a rather large looking cock. all in all an exceptional amateur vid which gets the juices flowing.

    sophiemay, posted
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