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    Sucking Dog Dick


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    In this episode a girl is drinking dog cum from a black lab she had just given a long and gentil blow job to. The dog finishes cumming in her mouth then she starts sucking the dog dick again.

    Uploaded by michelleinbrem · Rating: 3.5 (115 votes) · 79715 views


    This is only 59 seconds of a movie that is about 45 minuets long. If you can find other parts of it the action is a lot better. I had this movie on VHS tape at one time.

    dude4mk9, posted

    Very bad quality and little action. She mostly just lies there with it's dick in her mouth.

    whiteslaver50, posted


    harderthannorm, posted

    So Hot!....Can I help? LOL xoxoxox

    Bigalanguy, posted

    I love nice yummy dog cock in my mouth.

    tgirlwhore, posted


    Doglovinwhore89, posted

    hmm very awesome,but i wish it had a better quality

    screamo, posted

    Seriously lacking and staticky...meh, boring.

    jayko, posted

    These two are doing it the right way. Someone to hold the dog, while the woman drinks the dogcum. You can't see her swallowing, but bet your life the dog is cumming in her mouth. Mostly as soon as a dog has a hardon, he starts cumming. She is either drinking sperm or else his secretions. @ L A T E R ! ! ! 0103 animalpsychologist 3.

    cleclego, posted

    It's okay, but I wouldn't know she was drinking dog cum if it weren't for the description. She is just laying there passively with the dog's dick in her mouth. You don't see her throat or cheeks moving which would indicate she was sucking or swallowing. But it's still a hot position to be in because if he is cumming, it's all going straight down into her mouth.

    mrcinym, posted

    She seems to have a gun pointed at her, LOL

    aloisius84, posted

    not enought action

    dennis6977, posted

    This is the most passive head I have ever seen. Where's the passion and enthusiasm? Something missing here...........

    yorktown, posted

    When my wife sucks dog dick she says the cum has a metal taste to it! She drinks it anyway like a good slut-wife should!

    Bigeightincher, posted

    Very nice movie with a pretty girl sucking her dogs cock. She really looks like she's enjoying having this dog over her, and can see her throat muscles moving as she is surely swallowing her doggy lovers precum. You can see the hungry look in her eyes as he pumps into her mouth, she certainly isn't shy in front of the camera or her lover who helps to keep her dog in position to pump his cock in her mouth! A very good video for those who enjoy watching a pretty girl suck some dog cock. I give this movie a thumbs up, and rate it a definite must watch!

    puddman, posted

    this video starts out with a young skinny girl lying on her back on a bed, the sound is very distorted and unclear like there is interference, the dog is standing above her looking towards her feet and is being held in place by a man, the dogs cock is hanging below him and the girl is holding the tip of the cock in her mouth and sucking on it every now and then, over all its not a wonderfull video, its only a minute long and not much action occurs, the cameraman could have zoomed in a little more on the action too and the sound was terrible, only a 3/10 for me

    gary1bawn, posted
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