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    Pretty Girl Gets Humped


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    Pretty blond girl lets her dog lick her while she is on the phone. The dog then gets to mount her from behind and screw her until he cums in her while she is still on the phone. The dog cum falls on the floor and then the dog pulls out and licks the girl clean.

    Uploaded by michelleinbrem · Rating: 4.2 (587 votes) · 86675 views


    I keep sending her my phone number...but she never calls :)

    ThisMan, posted

    Guys that like BBw's, which is a misnomer and too general of a term, like BBw's because pretty girls like this won't give them the time of day. Feeders are sociopaths with poor unhealthy judgement.

    KennyCopafiel, posted

    MMM want that dog!

    cookie1213, posted

    Lovely to watch, especially the doggy spunk running out of her

    simonslut, posted

    What a good boy, so well trained he went right for her every time. I wish a dog would fuck me like that.

    Fireflozer, posted

    Very hot

    dogslickmenow, posted

    Holy Hell thats an old phone.

    TheHydrag, posted

    Good Dog! Get that pussy !!!

    ewilson, posted

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    Sexywolf30, posted

    That's doggy style! truck87@inbox.com

    19dog52, posted

    Superb video. Fabulous lick. Very hot.

    wayne4fontana, posted

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    anaughtyguy22, posted

    I would love to be the person she was talking to...and damn, what a fine pussy on this woman!

    junglejohn, posted

    I love this girl.....any girl who let herself fuck by a dog......wanna join in with her.....

    phillip477, posted

    Such a hot clip!

    GSD777, posted

    i wish i had a dog to do that to me!

    lillygee, posted

    yay that was my first dog/girl video I watched ever since it made me wanna get fucked by a dog

    dam0555, posted

    an amazing video, that dog pounds her hard! anyone wanna talk read my profile then message me

    bigcaboom3, posted

    If you're a woman from wolverhampton,uk. and like dog fucking with you, welcome. I'm a male and have a, husky boy.

    FURRY5, posted

    Best video posted by far

    thewoolsh, posted

    I wish i was that dog

    petsss1864, posted

    Still one of my favorite pieces of all time.

    ArtisticBeast, posted

    jerry seinfeld called......he'd like his phone back.

    k9allthetime, posted

    Anyone in or around Canton, Ohio that has a mare or any other female animal they would love to share with me? I'll gladly play with you as well, you can fuck my big fat virgin ass or i could fuck you! message me for more info, i do not have a car and cant drive, will gladly stay over for awhile though and pay a fee with my lubed up ass

    bigcaboom1, posted

    Make seeking female to have fun with my dog message me for details

    bianca18, posted

    anyone in washington? 26/m/

    shovelhead1313, posted

    Horny 16 year old girl here. I need a girl to have some sexy fun with :3

    nyancat356, posted

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    reaper93, posted

    ... yeah ! ... for free ... just nothin special ...

    cases972, posted

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    young_one_65, posted

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    coryhogan, posted

    ik wil ook

    marcel123, posted

    LUCKY DOG 8===D~ O

    farsd5, posted

    anyone from fl message me!

    luv2belicked, posted

    16 year old girl, looking for a chat message me :) xxx

    gewgirl, posted

    That is one lucky dog!!! Nice body nice tits nice ass got to be great pussy

    babygirly, posted

    i need a dog ASAP

    lovetoto2, posted

    This lady is soooo hot she positions herself to allow him access to her gorgeous pussy,then it shows him nailing her good with all that sweet puppy juice draining from her sweet satisfied pussy. She is so hot and beautiful. Five stars *****

    breeder09, posted

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    GeilerHengstx3, posted

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    leppy103, posted

    This was one of the first animal sex movies I saw.. I showed a girl and she liked it as well. How lucky..

    egonsol, posted

    anyone from minnesota message me!

    Todma, posted

    that's what a roommate is for.. a nice hard fuck.

    FunBrenda, posted

    Seems like true phone sex.Would love to meet these two anytime.

    1billy4unow, posted

    Sure would like sound. It'd be great to hear her telling her boyfriend what was happening!

    nosrednehjr, posted

    I sure would like to hear what she is saying on the phone! Wonder if she is telling someone how she is getting fucked by some K9 cock! I love sharing stories, so if anyone wants to chat or email, hit me up at junglejohn295@yahoo.com

    junglejohn, posted

    Oh you lucky dog you what a sweet sweet beauty!!!!!

    fidos_ladi, posted

    wish there was a dog here that would fuck me and make me his bitch

    honeybunstori, posted

    Mmmm very nice clip My pussy is very wet now, Where's all the NZ guys with dogs at

    imaslut99, posted

    my clit is throbbing im 14

    xxxxjojoxxxx, posted

    hi am leonie from scotland im 14 and looking for a bf with a dog so we can do all kids of stuff<3 message meh xx

    popsadoodle, posted

    omg Im so wet, my little clitty is throbbing...god I need to find a secret friend with a dog...

    newbeastieslut, posted

    i would love to serve a k9 such as this and give him all the attention he requires

    slavetok9, posted

    Nice clip loved the action and him breeding her like his bitch as he fills her pussy with his hot puppy seeds !

    mehoff, posted

    Mmm wish that dog would fuck me!

    subinxxx, posted

    Great vid but why do people post without sound......the sound is a huge part of what makes i erotic!!!!! wtf??

    666pedro666, posted

    Mmm wish that dog would fuck me!

    horneyhoedown, posted

    i love that chick....that dog knows what hes doing.....that camera angle from underneath is awsome...my 2 dogs would enjoy her.....one would be licking her pussy as that cum was pouring out of her.....that bitch knows hoe to spread her legs as shes being eaten....

    xxcu33, posted

    the title says it all, but why the telephone? go to www.pet-animal-lovers.groups.live.com for more contacts

    hamilton2, posted

    She is very beautiful and he is a lucky dog ! She has guts to be naked and be critisized by others who probably never even done it with an animal let alone make a video of their love making ;( I love this woman and would be proud to be with someone like her :)

    mehoff, posted

    HOLY FUCK!!! XDD That dog is the luckiest dog EVER!!!!! She has a nice pussy that would make ANYONE want to fucck her over nd over. I would that's for sure. Keep 'em cumming

    Digijovamon, posted

    I love how she's on the phone while she's getting rammed. It's like "Hey girlfriend what are you up to? Me? Not much. Just getting fucked by my dog. Whoa... Yeah its hot. OH FUUUUCK, he just came in meeee... Hell yeah it feels good. His cum is so warm... You should try it too!"

    guest10001, posted

    waO ,,o'sum

    cresida, posted

    That was an amazing video.

    guthlix, posted

    image is good, with sound would be glorious

    MasterRecruits, posted

    wish i was fucking that ass and cunt, i can see why the dog couldn,t get enough.

    dragon147, posted

    Holy shit, what a horny clip! No fail attempts. Just the successfull ones. The woman has a beautiful body, with beautiful tits and a wonderful cunt. She made me so horny, the way she let the dog fuck her. And the way the dog was so eager and kept on fucking her. Reminds me of a German girl. I taught her how she could let her dog fuck her. And she was so ecstatic one night, when she told me, that the dog had fucked her seven times that night. @ L A T E R ! ! ! 0103 animalpsychologist 2.

    cleclego, posted

    The DOGS great! But she's a dud! He may as well be boning a mannequin for all the involvement she shows! A bum fuck!

    harperreese, posted

    Would have enjoyed the sound if it were available, otherwise the clip was awsome. Thanks GK

    motorcycleguy, posted

    Great video of a cute girl. I find it humorous how she is on the phone whilst this is all happening. I am disappointed however, as this video has no sound, I would definitely want more from this girl if there was sound. I do love the camera angles and how well the dog is trained in fucking her. That dog has no issues mounting or missing. I would have been nice to see some foreplay for the dog and for her as it just started after he had been aroused. despite this the video quality and camera angles were amazing. without the sound this video gets a 4 out 5.

    Squid_Masta, posted
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