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    She To Suck Doggie Cock


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    she is hot

    Uploaded by tankervic · Rating: 4.4 (298 votes) · 40808 views


    I still think she`s one of the best dogcock suckers out there!

    jayko, posted

    trained dog for sale- $2500 large dog short hair 18 months old.

    saggy123, posted

    In my opinion, the best thing about this movie is that she truly seems to be enjoying it. Often we see this sort of thing where the woman seems noncommittal at best.

    huntandpeck, posted

    she does a very nice job for such a young dog whore

    doasurtold, posted

    Whata hottoie, gerat tongue too. I love how she sucks up and swallows every drop of dogsperm she can!

    jayko, posted

    shes been to specsavers!

    wuffy, posted

    bet shes been to specsavers!

    wuffy, posted

    Very hot. I would love to join her and help her on that cock.

    sweetk9girll, posted

    Very HOY vid.. Wish you would post more.

    Justdoitt, posted

    Very hot, i love chubby girls, shes so good at sucking, wish i could get sucked off like that.

    HowlingMoon, posted

    Hot, would have loved a cumshot, though

    danythdevon, posted

    female curious and wanting to learn in Indiana

    freemee, posted

    The only way it could have been better if if our k9 friend had blown his load!

    different, posted

    that girl looks like a pig herself, perfect match

    Number1000, posted

    Great job! Kudos to you dear. Excellent video and great blow job babe.

    Malepuppylips, posted

    my fucking god this is hot,hot,fucking hot!!!!!

    cockhound5150, posted

    Very nice, i wish that was me. Any Ohio guys here?

    eager, posted

    Oh yeah, another woman who loves sucking dog cock. Good vid, she takes it all in.

    Jillnjewels, posted

    I agree. This woman is a great cock sucker. Loves her doggie and shows it. Terrific sound

    sildolan, posted

    wish i could find more vids of her

    mickfoot, posted

    WOW!!! She is a PRO!! Keep up the great videos

    Buzz6182, posted

    She is such a cutie pie !! So pretty.

    dogman1234, posted

    i love that girl omg chubby ftw but so fucking sexy

    dogpink, posted

    soooooooo hot anyone from western australia on this site

    bisex8, posted

    that girl is so hot sucking that dog cock..i love the way she takes it all the way....gay male in so fla...would love to learn to suck a dogs cock...i need a tutor...email xdxsx2@aol.com

    dogcock67, posted

    mhmhmhm schönn! ! ich möchte auch mal wider einen hunde pimel lutschen

    raphael33, posted

    Northern IN bi male would love to suck a dog's cock like this. Please help - email: khogg@yahoo.com

    mmmgulp, posted

    i would like to french kiss her once she is done! does anybody know a DVD were she is on?

    Abadago, posted

    Very good oral. I would have liked to see some cum. But nice!

    chopper73guy, posted

    It's wonderful... I just love that girl!!!

    alex_cur, posted

    i love it

    sinni, posted

    She is Beautiful. I have seen her in a couple other vids, and they are always awesome :D

    edbebop, posted


    aaamarco, posted

    awsome footage

    jennyboo, posted

    it doesn't play -.-

    BENJI2, posted

    Yes, the deep throating is hot to watch. But it's not that hard to learn to do! Relax your throat, and push it down, a little at a time, then again, deeper. You will soon get to love it.

    johnbyron, posted

    Oh my god...this is one of the hottest blowjob videos ever! She DEEP THROATS a dog cock, a rare feat indeed, and she suckles the cum right out of the hooked tip...my god...that's so hot! This woman deserves to be a star, literally. If I could, I'd pay her for this! I love it so much that I'll literally come and rate it "Awesome" every day, heh.

    Deeke, posted

    if your free movies dont play . does any thing else work?

    augestjj, posted


    pakung, posted

    All it fucking does is continually keep buffering. I barely get to watch the film.... buffer buffer buffer, thats all I keep getting!

    DoggyCumSucker, posted

    she sure knows how to suck cock! LOVE the way she takes the entire length and teases the end both. very hot! watching this video makes my pussy throb

    concave_scream, posted

    you can see the intensity of the moment in how she deep throats and then sucks the end to get the cum drippings

    RBS, posted


    artemisa, posted

    Best video on this site. Thank you, tankervic. vin.

    vinmic, posted

    bet shes been so specsavers! nice vid too!

    wuffy, posted

    oh,yea great head here you go girl.nice deep sucking wish I had your doggy or lived near you. nice touch girl I dig your nakedness,see you around. keep it up ladies I want to see more of you making puppies, moresa44c

    moresa44c, posted

    OOOO you sexy bitch ...damn you are an awesome cock sucker...luved watching you...if you live close..I would be delighted to share your toys grins you sexy lady ...Robin

    sharintoys, posted

    she is passionate about swallowing.. very nice.

    freakie, posted

    Sweet! Girl has skills!!

    harleypoor, posted

    She deeply sucking for the cream filling!

    mehoff, posted

    rodlive111 keep it to the gay section...

    grotsoppa, posted


    rodlive111, posted

    wow let me suck the fucking cock

    73loverofdogs, posted

    lucky dog ;)

    sapphireailish, posted


    sjacker, posted

    hottest video on this fucking site...

    nathen12, posted

    the girl is fucking hot

    desert_rat, posted

    That was very impressive,now if I could get an example would be well worth while ;)

    DogGone09, posted

    I want to be her dog. I was impressed with how she was (even though it wasn't that big) she was throating the dogs dick and how she was also sucking on the head of his dick. It would be great if she did more movies. I also wish I could get my free credits back that were taken away from me last month.

    ultralord, posted

    she is fugly

    nocturnal123, posted

    i wanna be a dog now >.>

    Razorbeast, posted

    great video -- she does a great job

    turry5b, posted

    WOW i wud love to of been that dog

    littlephil20, posted

    this video, is amazing. the way she sucks the dogs cock makes my mind orgasm. if i were to describe this vieo with only one word it would be the word, epic. i have found four videos of this girl one this site, and this one is my favoriot. i wish i knew this girl in person. infact she looks like my ex which i hope she isnt. but this video is amazing. i believe it to be the best video on the site. and i also believe that we should have more videos of this chick on the site.

    Zinex, posted

    Good movie about a girl giving a dog a blowjob. Its very hard to find a good movie where the woman actually looks like she is enjoying it, but this one fills that role perfectly. I highly recommend it! There are also 2 more videos from this same user. One is pretty good but the other one is a little dark but it is still enjoyable. The blonde in the movie has a real talent for blowjobs. If i had to give this clip a rate i would probably rate it at least a 8 out of 10. Could easily be a 10/0 with a little better lighting. But cant expect too much from a home made movie.

    daniel21484, posted
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