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    Nice Girl Black Dog 2


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    Nice girl with her black dog 2 - Nice girl licked in her her chair upskirt. enjoying the black dog in her home and getting amused. Black dog is willing. friends dick too.

    Uploaded by rektor · Rating: 3.6 (127 votes) · 40000 views


    ai se meu marido topace queria esta no loga dessa mulher ooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

    adely, posted

    really attractive,down to earth white 20 yr old male in FL looking for female whose into beastiality, hit me up im interested in finding someone to have some fun with, i have a big dick too... pimpn_ska @ yahoo . com

    lightnin01, posted

    What the fuck is so nice about a fat bitch with her huge stomach taking up at least half of the screen?

    myfusion, posted

    vilken vrålkåt knull

    henric69, posted

    Sit on his cock facing out and lean back then fuck him and enjoy the ride and licks

    BiJack55, posted

    would like to be with a gal and our male dog. she would be soo worn out when we got done with her....

    wannabethere69, posted

    sweet that would make cum so much !

    ballsblue, posted

    Nice camel toe!

    Bigeightincher, posted

    reverse cowgirl works alot better to have your pussy lick while screwing. then the guy get to enjoy his balls being licked also.

    raven678, posted

    not bad.

    jayko, posted

    it's kind of a hot threesome, kind of. the guys dick should be a lot harder than it is though. mine would be if I was getting to enjoy the two of them... just sayin'!

    browneyedog, posted

    This is a very interesting video. The gal is being fucked by her boy toy as. You see ( it seems that he is also the camera dude) and then the dog comes up and joins in to make three. The way that the dog licks is interesting as it changes between the mans cock and the gals pussy (I'd say its more pussy) as for looks you can't see the gal except for her pussy and tumny and you can't see the guy except for his cock but it does not really matter but the bigger question is is this a. Lick video or not? But either way its ok I give it a seven out of ten

    jessicazoosex, posted

    This one is major league arousing. This is part 2 and much better than the first. Here, we have a close up of a hairless pussy fucking up and down on top of a rock hard cock. You can hear the squishy noises, very nice. Than you hear and see the black dog come over and start licking her pussy vigorously. After some more hot fucking, the guy reaches down and better exposes her clit and the pup bears right down on it. Very hot and than she starts fucking again. The clip is very clear and very close up and very exciting. One of the more interesting one's I've seen. Would like to see many more from these two.

    farrunner, posted

    Nice, very nice. Although I would think the guy's dick should have been harder, the overall clip was quite entertaining. Ex used to do this, let me fuck her from behind while our dog licked her, was very hot. She told me that after our separation she discovered that letting the dog lick her was almost as good as when I would lick her. She then invited me over for a fuck where I watched the dog lick her to multiple orgasms. I then pulled her to the side of the bed and started fucking her, the dog then came up and started licking both of us. Needless to say, we both came VERY hard. Wish I could find someone willing to let this happen again.

    bowshooter48ga, posted
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