• Nice girl with her black dog 2 - Nice girl licked in her her chair upskirt. enjoying the black dog in her home and getting amused. Black dog is willing. friends dick too from behind.

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    any one in jake AL with a dog to fuck email me soulessnine@gmail.com

    deadvoice, posted

    if you want to fuck my dogs and pay or you wannna be a porn star...contact me now temmyvicent@yahoo.com adult only please

    mamaooo, posted

    if anyone is in dove creek CO and has a gril dog and are willing to let me fuck her plese e-mail me at redbig10@hotmail.com im only going to be here untill friday morning.

    ghantry10, posted

    Well I loved it and would give anything to be able to try this just once. In my life

    tbailey61, posted

    Videoing this was a waste of your time and mine.

    ou81288, posted

    I liked it! Loved watching her ass cheeks jiggle while he fucked her. Also liked her belly hanging down and bouncing around!

    Bigeightincher, posted


    kaidutran, posted

    If you can not do the dog,woman, and video at same time, do ONE or the OTHER. the video was worse that amature!

    eebrown, posted

    the three of them seem to have a good thing going in this one. but the camera work is shit, almost makes it pointless to watch. but one can kind of get the idea of whats happening, which in reality is a little arousing.

    browneyedog, posted

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    man i thought she was getting nailed by the dog but in a way it's a threesome i kept watching and watching but in a way the dog was playing clean up in there if he was given the chance to get down with her it would have been a little more exciting to watch i believe if he were given the opertunity he would have lick and licked and probably screwed her socks off and i would like to see it done again but with more work with the dog and less from the dude well maybe they will make one or two more pictures with the dog be alpha male and and the guy just filming i would love to see her sxy ass in a film again she is sexy as hell ill seach and see if there are any more great film post more for you fans with more action next time

    jook123, posted

    Good movie bit bad camera angle but still good to watch. very arousing would like to see more from the three of them and a bit more of the lady from better angles. maybe the gent should star by filmimg the 2 of them first then join in would be good to watch but just an opinion. Sound was a bit dusapointing but can be worked on overall an Exelent video well worth a watch would like to see more like this. Love the legs spread at the begginin could of got camera right under there so we can see what the man is entering

    benxx1991, posted
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