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    Teaching Dog Fuck


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    Boyfriend helps a girl to be mounted by big black horny dog, and the sister is watching the excellent dog fuck of the another sister.

    Uploaded by djorion · Rating: 3.7 (267 votes) · 68267 views


    That was lovely watching her sister being fucked by the dog then anticipating her turn for some hot hard K-9 cock! Had to watch it again!

    breeder09, posted

    That was nice he just mounted that pussy and took it and she was his bitch!

    breeder09, posted

    mm would love to have a dog pound my pussy like that :) 17/f message me ;)

    insominac69, posted

    And a good time had by all.....;P

    tkk1959, posted

    really family fun.. love to join in..

    FunBrenda, posted

    I lov te placement its hot t watchthe wole gang. we all know the other girl is waiting her turn

    MISSBRANDY, posted

    This is pretty decent, and I like the aspect of the younger girl smiling and watching.

    jayko, posted

    more like this

    hunting626, posted

    more like this

    hunting626, posted

    Again, another old, dark clip but worth a watch. I love watching a master train his dog to fuck bitches. Once the dog has had some guidance from his master on how to mount a willing woman, instinct takes over and he is happy to mount, pound and blow his load in any woman that will bend down on her knees and raise her ass. The younger girl watching is a nice touch. You can see that she is shy but smiling. She has probably never been beast-fucked but you know that she wants to try and have her turn next. I am sure that the big dog will give her a good pounding and she will squeal with pleasure! I know I would.

    hollycumlately, posted

    Sisters time now!

    DaddyDJ, posted

    hum...wow..super video.... moi g au quebec ouvert a tout..├ęcrivez moi

    Nickstfelicien, posted

    grandisoso, una toma muy exitante.

    loreni, posted

    bin 20 jahre und interessiert an weiblichen tieren wohne nordth├╝ringen schreibt mich an

    phantom1991, posted


    jayko, posted

    the guy helping the pooch get into position is fine, becasue once hes on he humps away and the guy stays out of screen, hands off. the vid quality is really bad, but has sound. i like that the younger girl is looking on, that is a bit arousing to me. she seems kind of embarrassed or shy to be in the room, watching, wonder if shes got next? lol. for a homemade, older seeming, short vid, this isn't too bad.

    browneyedog, posted

    This is a good clip. The dog is helped initially but then realizes the great pussy his is getting. What is really sexy is that it seems the room is full of other women. One woman helps the dog mount and another woman is sitting right next to the action. it would be great to see if the other girls are fucked too. This is an amatuer clip shot in someones home. The lighting could have been brighter. The is very vigourous in pounding his bitch. The sound could have been better. It is shot from a very good angle, so you can see all the action.

    kennedyxiv, posted

    The clip is a bit dark but interesting. You can't see much of the woman being fucked though she's getting it good and hard. There is sound and you can't hear her moans though you can hear a t.v. in the background. After the guy guides the dog in and the pumping starts, the camera pans away a bit to a young woman that appears quite bemused as to the goings on. It's difficult to tell if she's enjoying the festivities or not though she's certainly not looking away. Maybe she is next and she's thinking about what to expect? Hmmm.

    farrunner, posted
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