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    Dog Knotted Blond


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    Big dog is quickly fucking a young blond girl with pretty good ass on the sofa. The frictions are extremely hard with big knot and quick, and they are happy.

    Uploaded by djorion · Rating: 3.7 (269 votes) · 54626 views


    Nice I would love to get taken just like this too.

    geemlister, posted

    I really wish I had a dog that would knot me like that.

    fcornell85, posted

    I want to taste her now!

    gwenwalker69, posted

    That was hot!!! He was all over that pussy not to mention being in it and showing her whos bitch she was!

    breeder09, posted

    Thank you the dog was taking this beautiful blonde to be his breeding bitch He got what he wanted and the other girl too ;)

    mehoff, posted

    nice movie loved it anyone wanna cam on skype add me luk3y167

    luk3y167, posted

    MM, very nice doggy fuck. Shes cute and she has an awesome bod, her squeals show her appreciation.

    jayko, posted

    MM, very nice doggy fuck.

    jayko, posted

    is husband around should be to watch her. more like this real living room doesn't look staged. could be my living room my wife

    hunting626, posted

    is husband around should be to watch her. more like this real living room doesn't look staged. could be my living room my wife

    hunting626, posted

    This is an absolutely fabulous clip! I love how her dog has his front legs wrapped around her slim waist. You hear her exclaim, "Oh!" when his big, hard, doggie-dong slips into her hot, wet, excited pussy and you can see how excited he is to mount her and pound her. He is just so excited to fuck her! You can also see when he climaxes and ejaculates, filling her pussy with his cum. He stops pounding her and you can see his body jerking as he blows his load inside her and then dismounts to reveal her delicious ass. She is happy and satisfied to be fucked and filled and she praises him. It is a great clip for me to masturbate to because I don't have a dog but would love to be fucked like that and I am a petite blonde like her so I can imagine that it is me being fucked and filled by that good and well-trained dog. She needs to fuck him several times in a row so he doesn't cum so quickly and she can get a longer pounding. It would also be nice to see her sucking her husband's cock while she is being doggy-fucked! The ultimate experience to suck the master's cock like a slut and fuck his beast like a bitch!

    hollycumlately, posted

    what a good boy!!

    gayboy88, posted

    this is called animal cruelty

    1mommy23, posted

    I love watching some extra slutty blonde take on the hard cock of a willing and well trained dog. This movie does it for me! Thanks for sharing! Please share more, more often! Time for more Kleenex!

    pullatrain, posted

    This is perhaps the luckiest dog in the universe to be fucking such a beautiful girl. This babe is absolutely the kind of girl I would crawl over a half mile of broken glass to just smell the exhaust fumes of the laundry truck that took her panties away!!!!!--well maybe a slight exaggeration, but she is extraordinarily pretty and a perfectly sculptured ass!!! More please!!!!

    kaaty, posted

    Love this girl!

    macten10, posted

    yap it amazing good looking girl and the dog sure know how to fuck a women.

    samsonsam123, posted

    WOW! thank you this dog has a good taste in women ;)

    mehoff, posted

    love it!

    brandimarie81, posted

    excellante vidéo ca .. bravo a toi !!

    cool_zxcvbnm, posted

    Sweet! Her pup gave her a good pounding! She enjoyed!

    harleypoor, posted

    mmm dat is geil de hond gaat ervoor

    kangeroe, posted

    exellent dog Cum

    barny44, posted

    any one want to cam add me budge2k12@hotmail.com <msn

    budge12345, posted

    bin 20 jahre und interessiert an weiblichen tieren wohne nordthüringen schreibt mich an

    phantom1991, posted

    Well... at least she made a little noise....

    jayko, posted

    meh, vid has a homemade aspect, which is what i like. doggy really wanted it... but nothing actually seemed to cum from this. but if you think about what's going on, it's kind of arousing, i mean the dog is trying to wildly hump the woman and plant his seed, even if he never accomplished it.

    browneyedog, posted

    Wow, this was hott!! She has,a nice ass and they both seemed to enjoy it, just watching it made me want to cum, i liked it when he knotted,but just watching her take it and enjoy it made this a very goid hott sexy video. it was quick but worth watching. The camera could have been a little closer to get a better look at her sweet asd and pussy and to see his dick up close and personal but it definately got me off seeing the whole body movement as he quickly fucked her swoll pussy and filled her with his cum

    tekiila21, posted

    This clip is quick but it's a hot one. It's starts off with the dog already penetrated and fucking just wildly. I like a dog that is a good humper and this has a lot of energy. The woman is a beautiful blond with a very sexy body though you don't really get to see her face and much of her body till the end. She's clearly enjoying the good fuck and I'd bet this is not the first time she's been in this position. The clip is a little grainy but clear. Very interesting that the dog kind of matches the 60's retro couch. I got a big kick out of that. You don't hear the girl much till the end until she briefly says something a bit inaudible to the camera. Overall, I enjoyed the short clip.

    farrunner, posted
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